Sankarea – 05

Obviously Rea doesn’t quite have the whole zombie thing down right.


Can’t say that’s a bad thing though, or Wanko probably wouldn’t have survived the episode in one piece. Plus, we get to see some glorious fanservice instead of a gory mess. In all seriousness, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Rea instinctively saw Wanko as food, thus answering our question from last episode. After all, she very deliberately gave Wanko a good sniff and taste. All that was left was to take a bite. This depiction would seem to suggest that zombies in Sankarea act less like mindless cadavers and more like wild animals. Interestingly enough though, apparently some part of their humanity still remains.

Well perhaps the usage of the word “humanity” is debatable, but it certainly looked like Rea recognized Furuya, as she did use her mouth for purposes other than eating him. It would also appear as if the zombies in Sankarea are intelligent to an extent. Unlike the stereotypical zombies who can only manage the most basic actions such as stumbling around, Rea was able to surprise and pounce onto Wanko. Yet more evidence of their feral nature, I suppose. Combine this with superhuman strength and speed, and you practically have a predator on your hands. Obviously Rea will have to work to suppress this side of her if she still intends on living “normally”.

In any case, the jig is up for Chihiro, what with Wanko screaming bloody murder. I’m sure that Mero won’t be too surprised to find out about Rea since she’s been suspicious of Chihiro’s actions for a while now, but it would be interesting to see how their father reacts given his position as a priest. On a more important note, it’s also hinted that there may be more to Chihiro’s grandfather than meets the eye. It’s easy to brush off his words as a consequence of his senility, but I suspect that some of it may just be an act. You can tell there’s some intelligence in his eyes, after all.

Next week, Rea cuts back on the protein and turns to vegetarian options instead.

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5 Responses to Sankarea – 05

  1. lvlln says:

    Sankarea has really dialed up the fanservice! I thought last episode’s paizuri was impressive, but this one had it beat. One criticism I have for this episode is that Ranko’s discovery of Rea should have been handled much better. It was a great opportunity to build some tension, have her barely miss finding her a few times, have us guessing just how the cat will get out of the bag. But it was wasted.

    At this point, the show is throwing so many signs that grandpa is actually a zombie, it would be more of a twist if it turns out that he’s just plain old senile. I do appreciate that the hints have been dispersed via seemingly random comments instead of them being beaten over our heads, but by now it’s obvious what they’re going for.

    • Smiley says:

      I’m sure they could have dragged out Wanko’s discovery of Rea to make it more dramatic, but perhaps the way they cut to the chase may have been appropriate in portraying the feral nature of zombies in Sankarea. I don’t think a predator would just sit around and watch its prey when it’s right in front of it.

      As for the grandfather, I’m not sure we can jump the gun and assume he’s a zombie just yet. For one, he doesn’t appear to be rotting away, and I think the rest of the family would probably notice if his body were dead. It certainly looks like he’s dealt with zombies in the past, though.

  2. Im kinda annoyed at the ending I really wasnt expecting that nor I actually wanted it to happen, I really really wonder whats going to happen next now that Ranko that noisy girl knows about Rea. :/

  3. raisuke16 says:

    rea is really lovable 🙂

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