AKB0048 is unexpectedly brilliant

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AKB0048 may have been terribly panned by both critic and fan alike, but these people are all sheeple. Just following along with what others have said or done. But what many of these people have not done is to simply, watch the show for what it is, and then examine what lies underneath its cutesy exterior to come to the unmistakable, undeniable conclusion that the show, AKB0048, is fucking brilliant.

We start the show with a bunch of kids sneaking off to watch a concert. A concert with what seems like the entire population of Singapore present, I might add. What’s so special, you may ask? The show is set in a world where pop music is completely banned, surprisingly not due to how shitty it is but rather how it moves people. Somehow, so many people could turn up and not be detected? J-Pop moving people to do what?Dance or riot? But then again, this is a fictional universe so who knows? I digress. The riot police break in with their technology and weaponry because there’s nothing more dangerous to stop than the pure unbridled power of shitty J-pop music and cutesy moe moe dances.

Watch and despair, tryants. Behold the might of pop music.

But not just that! These shining beacons of hope in this oppressed, 21st Century world break into action! They get on their hoverboards and ….blow up some soldiers shooting nets with grenades. The mecha also crushes the tank. There are presumably no survivors. Hurrah for the freedom of expression and shit! Down with the tryants who banned pop music for some reason! The world turns back to normal again as pop music is unbann-

Oh right, nothing fucking changes as 4 years pass. This is where the show becomes a hardhitting satire of social convention and an imagery-laden psychological masterpiece. Notice the use of obsolete technology. The dark shades of the sky at all times. The dreariness of the class and of the factory. How everyone who’s not a main character has normal hair. Clearly this is symbolism for a world without shitty pop music – shittier. The world is depressing to live in! There is no fabulousness! Fabulousness is a concept lost on the people!

And the perils of being a student trapped in such a world! The daughter of the head of whatever organisation is banning entertainment! How dramatic!  How saddening! How convenient!  Pinkhairchan later runs away from home crying! Truly this is the finest expression of sadness and tension ever! Watch as she sheds tears about how unfair life is – how terribly unique is that? Yet people panned this for being common? Nonsense! Never has such a dramatic and emotional scene been animated before. Her character is developed in the mere span of 5 minutes or so – is this not the mark of a good storyteller? You go on doing that shit, Satelight. Keep on polishing that turd.

More proof of how the show has sought to be art since the very start:

  • The complete disregard for any semblance of plot, logic or reason in favour of poorly animated concerts, shitty art and horrible music: a METAPHOR FOR HOW THE WORLD IS LEFT WORSE OFF WITHOUT THE MAGIC OF JAPANESE GIRLS DANCING IN TUNE TO J-POP. How the world without any of its essentials, such as large groups of girls in costumes culminating in a certain location at a certain time, shitty j-pop music, and the combination of both, would be nothing more than a steaming pile of shit.
  • The pacing – they waste no time dumping the girls into the guerilla idol group at all. It went something along the lines of this: girls see concert, girls want to join, girls cry when they can’t, they run away and they join. The fucking end, ladies and gentlemen. This is  clearly symbolism for how fast the girls have to grow up to face the truth that the world clearly needs more idols, and that it is their destinies to become idols and move the populace to take action against whatever injustice had been laid upon them.
  • The ART- by god, this is clearly the most beautiful art I have seen this season.  It’s heavily stylized to make the girl’s bodies heavily out of proportion in order to show how the girls like in a fucked up world. Where everything is fucked up. Just like how the show appeared to be fucked up. Which is yet another long, extended metaphor for how fucked up everything is with the banning of shitty J-pop as a result of the war over space technology. Which makes no fucking sense- the relation itself being fucked up. Fuckception. And just think about how people have received this show! With fucked up comments about how ‘fucked up’ the show is. Nonsense.

In conclusion, the only way you could dislike this show is if you only followed along with what everyone else has said about the show without actually watching it yourselves. From its high-brow artsy metaphors and hard-hitting social commentary, to its realistic depiction of a post-apocalyptic world and its citizenry, AKB0048 has proven itself to have blown all my expectations out of the water. With all 48 mouths.

In other words, AKB0048 can be pretty much summed up in this music video from Korea. Shitty pop music being banned for some reason, and music being the force that drives the people despite the lyrics or tune having nothing inspiring or motivating. It’s like the worst summer camp ever.

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16 Responses to AKB0048 is unexpectedly brilliant

  1. nekofishie says:

    God bless sarcasm.

  2. chikorita157 says:

    It’s a known fact that I really like the Idolmaster, so I might be hypocritical, but I’m not. It’s of course a game and not based of reality… Second, the characters and the songs were sung by competent voice actresses. Some of the songs in the show and the game I really liked, especially the ones sung my Imai Asami.

    In general, I think the AKB0048 plot is outrageously terrible and I hate idol pop music and can’t stand it. It’s more about pretty looks than the singing talent and somehow, they manage to top the charts every time. Only Nana Mizuki who has more talent managed to top the chart, which is an achievement under the sea of mediocre idol jpop music. Yes, I have actually seen this and it put me to sleep. Also, the dancing CG almost made me vomit since it looked so bad. The only way to watch this is to do a drinking game… and people will probably be knocked out before the episode end. (also, I don’t drink alcohol, so it’s non-alcoholic beverages)

    • Valence says:

      The plot and CG are brilliant, ok. It’s not my fault if you can’t see it’s all done on purpose. The shitty CG is there to represent the morale of the people as falsely optimistic in even such a post-apocalyptic world when they are actually filled with thoughts of suicide, each of them being a mindless drone thanks to the effect of education, like shitty CG characters being replicated.

      And the plot isn’t terrible, they just have ridiculously fast pacing on purpose.

  3. Yamadipati says:

    The little hearts on their eyes disturbs me most… period.

    i have nothing more to say…

    • Valence says:

      It’s metaphor for how being an idol is the apple of their eye or some other misplaced idiom.

  4. Carillus says:

    Lots of hating on this show’s first episode. I wonder how it’ll go from here.

  5. John Sato says:

    This show seems almost as deep as Queen’s Blade Rebellion, and that’s saying something.

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  7. Lucky Joestar says:

    I’ve been following this show myself out of morbid curiosity. For me, this show has kitsch value. The charm I see in AKB0048 is that it’s hilariously stupid, and I keep watching just to see how much stupider it can get. Maybe you’re right, though. Maybe it’s so stupid that it’s brilliant! Unlike, say, Airplane or the Naked Gun, where you know you’ll be watching something stupid well before you enter the theater, this show is stealth stupid by masquerading as something serious, and that stealth stupid is sheer genius.

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