Sankarea – 04


「普通の…女の子…」 (Futsuu no… Onnanoko…)
“A Normal… Girl…”

Achievement get! Zombie Girlfriend!


I must say I quite like the approach that Sankarea is taking. On the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness, it has some characteristics of both hard and soft. The question of making a zombie in the first place aside, I like how they’re emphasizing the after effects of keeping a zombie around. In sci-fi, there have been many categories of zombies. These can essentially be narrowed down to two main types though; the traditional resurrected dead and the viral infected living. Resident Evil is a good example of the latter, while Sankarea definitely falls under the former.

The advantage of the “viral infected” method, of course, is you circumvent the questions of how the zombie is even able to move in the first place. Rea, on the other hand, is most definitely dead, but instead of brushing off the issues of having a corpse walking around, Sankarea focuses on them. With rigor mortis setting in, Furuya may have bitten off more than he can chew. Quite obviously, keeping Rea “running” properly is going to be more complicated than he had anticipated.

Despite the slightly “realistic” focus, though, there are still some questions that aren’t addressed. Since Rea is “dead”, just how is she controlling her body? We know that she has no pulse, so her brain shouldn’t technically be working (she shouldn’t be able to blush, for that matter); it’s even confirmed that she can’t feel. Yet, Furuya’s realization that she will eventually rot away into a skeleton suggests that the brain is still somehow integral to her consciousness. We’ve also seen that Babu can eat (and presumably so can Rea). Does this suggest the digestive system is also functional? Or does the food just hang around inside the zombie?

And then we have the elephant in the room. What do the zombies in Sankarea eat? So far, it would appear as if they are vegetarians, but the preview hints at something more ominous. There’s also the reaction that Rea had when she came close to “kissing” Furuya. Obviously, this will be a main point of focus for the show. I suppose it could be compared to the vampires’ need to drink human blood, but with a slightly more macabre tone. Luckily, it would appear as if the zombies in question don’t just mindlessly attack their living counterparts. In fact, all Rea seems to want to do is just live like a “normal girl”. Given the implications of the issue, though, we will most definitely see it elaborated upon.

Don’t be mistaken! I- it’s not like I made those shots of Rea-chan for your sake, baka!

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  1. Omg she was gorgeous! That lucky bastard Furuya gets his fetish, and a completely hot one too. XD
    That was really funny how Rea was trying to figure out how to use a loofah, but at least she made a good appeal in the process. ^^

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