Eureka Seven AO – 03

Eureka Seven ↔ Keanu Reeves


Aren’t anagrams just fun? Anyway, it’s finally confirmed. Ao’s mother is Eureka and that Nirvash lookalike is in fact Nirvash. The lesson to learn from this is, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Inductive reasoning aside, I guess the only reason why I was hesitant to speculate the aforementioned as fact was because of how obvious Bones was making things. It’s like one of those trick questions where the trick is that it isn’t a trick question. Was there a trick in the first place, then? You decide. The only thing left to determine, then, is who Ao’s father is. Oh, that’s an easy one. Must be Renton. I’ll be darned if this is the one thing that isn’t true after all that was just revealed. Plus, it would also mean that Renton got NTR’d. I’m sure heads would roll on account of the fans if that were the case.

In any case, this episode cleared up more confusion on terminology. I was originally under the impression that only children could pilot FPs, which confused me because the mercernaries aren’t children. Turns out they were referring to IFOs, which at the moment just look like weaponized FPs. Obviously there must be something more to them than that though, or the distinction wouldn’t be made. Previously I had predicted that the real hatred was going to be focused on the “foreigners”, and it’s starting to look like that’s the case. The whole isolationist thought process really annoys me though. I’m sure the islanders have been through a rough time, what with giant laser-spewing monsters popping up out of the blue, but their scorn of everyone else just makes it hard to sympathize with them.

Jiro’s words were spot on. They used Eureka and Ao as scapegoats to direct their fear and hate toward, which is really silly. If I had to pick between a giant monster and a green haired girl, I’d say the giant monster is the real problem. Just because the monster’s appearance coincided with the girl falling out of the sky doesn’t put her at fault. These guys need to learn some elementary statistics. They’ve fallen to the logical fallacy that correlation proves causation, which is not true. But, I digress.

I can see things going one of two ways from here; Ao ends up saving the day and gets welcomed back as a hero, or he saves the day but still gets chased away. From the preview I’m thinking the former is what’s going to happen, but either way, it’s a safe bet to say that he’ll end up joining Generation Bleu in their G-Monster busting.

Full-length goodness of Eureka.

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