Medaka Box – 04


「どっちやねん!!/願いがあるなら」 (Docchiyanen!!/Negai gaarunara)
“Make Your Choice!!/If You’re Going to Make a Wish…”

A wild bishie has joined the party.


The first segment of this week’s Medaka Box brings up something rather interesting. Is there such a thing as geniuses and talent? Medaka claims that there is no real difference between people and that the concept of natural talent is false. I have to disagree with her though. Fundamentally, talent, and with it geniuses, exists. The reason why society has developed in such a way as to have specialized fields is for this exact reason. Certain people are capable of understanding certain things better than others. This much is undeniable. Yes, you can get there through hard work, but this can also come naturally to some. Just how does it occur naturally then? That depends on the activity in question. There could be a whole range of physical and mental factors at play, and a person with the right qualities would naturally have an advantage. As a stereotypical example, it is more likely for a tall person to excel at basketball, which would then be perceived as talent. Things do get a little blurry when it comes down to mental factors, but that’s unavoidable since we understand so little about how the mind works.

The second segment of the episode brings us yet another request, as well as Medaka stepping up her skin exposure levels. It was obvious where things were headed from the beginning though. You should never ask someone else to write something as important as a love letter for you; that’s just demeaning and insincere to both the recipient as well as yourself. As Medaka so aptly put it, what truly matters are your feelings. If you truly have feelings for the recipient, you shouldn’t even be worrying about fancy and sophisticated language in the first place (but proper grammar is still a plus). I suppose Yatsushiro’s excuse is that she’s so stupid she didn’t even realize this much common sense. I would have facepalmed, but she headdesked for me, so it’s all good.

Next week, we pay a visit to the swimming club.

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3 Responses to Medaka Box – 04

  1. Valence says:

    I was always confused by the ‘there is no such thing as geniuses’ bit because Zenkichi just defeated Akune despite having no experience whatsoever. Any point they were trying to make seemed to just have been overturned.

    What was amusing to me this episode was that the student council appeared to accept pretty much anyone who applied, almost immediately.

    Also, Medaka’s glorious skin exposure.

    • Rakuen says:

      Medaka’s framing her argument as a horse and carrot scenario. If you give someone the right motivation they will improve more quickly and succeed more often, regardless of predisposition.

    • Smiley says:

      I think she was trying to explain to Nabeshima how Akune (a Judo genius) could have lost to Zenkichi (an amateur). If there is no such differentiation, then it’s not too surprising to think that the latter could have won at some point, despite previously taking a beating.

      The student council accepting any request is one of Medaka’s “presidential promises”, so to speak. It’s like those things that candidates say in public speeches and can’t back off from as a result. In this case, though, I don’t think Medaka would even have any intention of going back on her word. You have to remember that she considers herself a sort of “tool” for helping others, and the rest of the student council is just there for the ride (albeit with their own personal reasons).

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