Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead – 04


「いや、帰れご主人様」 (Iya, Kaere Goshujinsama)
“No, Go Home, Master”

This was a rather uneventful episode.


Not really much to say. There were a couple of references to other well-known anime, but that’s really the extent of things. There was, however, a generous amount of fanservice. It even started to feel a little contrived when it turned out that all of the main female characters were working at the “tsundere” cafe. I suppose you could say that they were parodying the tsundere archetype and how common it is in anime, but I felt the execution of this wasn’t particularly well done.

In terms of development, the issue of Ayumu’s crossdressing/streaking appears to have less and less of an impact, but that’s quite normal. Shocking events start to fade away after a while anyway. I was also hoping to learn more about “yousei-san”, so her lack of appearance this episode was rather disappointing. I guess the only real development was the revelation that “Anderson-kun” is also from the Underworld, but this wasn’t even elaborated upon.

Hopefully the next episode will be more eventful than this one was. I am at least glad that they did away with the excessive doors for the omake/preview permanently. This isn’t Get Smart after all.

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  1. Psycho says:

    I like when Korezon throwing some random comedy episode.
    This anime not really good when trying to be serious. But I think storm is going to come.
    Pink haired little girl and Kyoko still alive, this will be huge storm.

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