Azure’s 1 month (and counting) anime abstinence

Its one of those status update “I’m still alive but not quite alive” posts again. I’ll try to make this relevant. Try.

Back when I was still in the peak of my love for all things anime and manga (which would be way back in 2008), I completely couldn’t imagine not watching anime at least once per week. Its like some addiction: I would be restless for the entire day, humming some silly anime OP under my breath until I reach home and immediately plant myself in front of the PC where I stay rooted to for hours: waiting for the subbed video to finish loading then hungrily absorbing the 25 minute (give or take) long show before vomiting my insignificant thoughts, complaints, likes and dislikes all over the internet.

Those were really good times…

But right now, the situation is sort of like this:

Shameless self promotion, as always.

I never thought I’d stop watching anime. As Justin Bieber says: “Never say never.”

Before anyone thinks I’m saying my farewell or anything like that, I’m not. I’m just taking a well deserved break as I try to find a life elsewhere. Try as I might.

Lets be honest here: I haven’t even completed the first season of Fate/Zero yet. I’m still stuck at that loli Rin episode. I have been viewing every single thing I’ve watched recently with much cynicism and negativity. Maybe its the elitism thing someone brought up a while back.

Having been on holiday since December to April (holding a holiday job for 3 months before sleeping away the whole of March), I’ve had all the time in the world to catchup with backlogs and no excuse to not watch anything but as you can see…

Backlogs aren’t meant to be cleared, apparently.

Right now, I’m actually into my second week of my freshman year in a local polytechnic (studying Mass Communication instead of design for some reason) instead of heading to a junior college because the thought of sitting for another Cambridge paper (GCEs) is horrifying and funnily enough, my bus drives right past Valen’s school every morning. His school’s campus size is amazing, Singapore is tiny and when are they finally going to be done building that train station? The place’s under construction for ages. *cough*

Anyway, thats my current excuse: I need to adjust to my new school life and study something I had absolutely no prior knowledge about so god only knows why I’m even in school. The real truth behind the excuse that twitter and tumblr followers would know the real reason as those 9 goddesses known as Shoujo Jidai to Japan. Well its totally not my fault that they just so happened to top the Oricon charts and appear on Kohaku which I just so happened to catch. Or so I tell people. Seriously though, is it bad that I find those 9 girls more moe than whatever anime has been throwing out? They do have a lot of fanservice and Yuri (no, I’m not referring to one of their names) and even have an actual tsundere…

Accurate depiction. leeegssss

I digress. I’ve actually made it this far without regularly watching anime. I say regularly because I did catch the first episodes of Tsuritama (it was unique…) and Eureka Seven AO (which I actually dropped in mid episode) AND I managed to finish Symphogear somehow, barely pulling through with just pure fan loyalty for Nana Mizuki whom I’ve been neglecting recently thanks to *cough*. Other than that, I haven’t watched anything else which is much more than Valen’s record with his pledge towards ecchi.

The best thing about this is that I completely don’t feel empty or restless and I didn’t break out in hives or go into some withdrawal syndrome. No drama, no nothing. Just pure disinterest and slightly more sleep. Which leads to 3 2 conclusions: either I’m really growing out of it or this break is really well called for or whatever anime thats been coming out recently has been absolute rubbish. Perhaps this is a phase you actually go through once you’ve been watching anime regularly and obsessively for far too long. 5 years is half a decade and that IS long… Or it could be the 3 year aniblog death cycle theory I read somewhere a long time ago.

But where do I continue after I stop watching anime? That IS all I’ve been doing for the past 5 years next to not studying and drawing. I guess school work’d keep me busy enough and so would drawing which I’ve been doing since forever. Of course, I could always join the already full-to-the-brim-with-everyone-else-in-the-world-hallyu-Korean-pop bandwagon, which is far too popular and mainstream ,mind you. Do people actually return to being a veteran anime viewer even after they grow out of it? Why do I make it sound like quitting smoking or drug addiction?


Personally, I’m curious as to how long this break from anime will last because for all you know, the break lasts long enough that I will never be able to catch up and the next thing you know I’ll be handing in a resignation letter and since we got a new author… I’m kidding. Its just that I’ve usually stuck to what I’ve been doing and this is the first time I’m growing out of something.

At least I can confirm that I’ll hold out until May. On a side mention, I signed up for the school’s equivalent of a Japanese Cultural Club which conveniently has a sub unit dedicated to drawing and if things go well I’ll have something to write about over the weekend.

Once again, congratulations to AOIA for making it through the first round of the Aniblog Tourney, no thanks to me~

Also, I would like to express my condolences to Diarmuid. Being Lancer is suffering. And Bakuman apparently ended.

There must be a certain irony in writing a post about not watching anime on an aniblog…

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25 Responses to Azure’s 1 month (and counting) anime abstinence

  1. Selvinas says:

    I had the same thing but I think it’s just part of growing older. I still like anime but now I think most of them are very similar so I try to find some classics or something that’s mature,complicated,weird etc. Those things keep my interest now and while I don’t watch a lot of anime anymore when I do watch I generally like them. Maybe it’s the same for you and you should try to find another genre/plot to try out?

    • Azure says:

      I even gave yaoi a try so I’m guessing that I haven’t left out any genres… mainstream shounen, shoujo, mecha, seinen, psychological, drama, slice of life, hentai, harem… HMMMM
      I actually grew up watching classics so I guess thats another thing checked off my list too.
      And thats how I ended up in this break devoid of anime…

  2. Smiley says:

    Interests and hobbies come and go, but are hard to get rid of completely. Give it some time and you’ll probably get back to watching anime, assuming you have the time to do so, that is.

    Just to inject some generic “mom” advice, make sure you also keep your studies in mind.

    • Azure says:

      I think I’ll definitely go back to watching, but never the same way or with the same enthusiasm I had.

      Also, Yes mom~

  3. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I took a break from anime for a while a few years back and it did me some good. I still don’t watch it as often as I used to (every night) but I watch it enough to be still considered a serious fan. I agree with Selvinas that it is part of growing older. Interests change as your life change. Some shows I can’t believe I actually enjoyed. I also tend to watch the more “mature,complicated, weird” shows as I find they are more intriguing than the other shows being presented. I also try to find older series that I have never seen or heard of and that keeps the anime flame alive.

    • Azure says:

      Guess you can never go back to how you were huh.
      Easing into adulthood probably has something to do with it. I’m forever stuck with the maturity of a 12 year old hit though.

  4. It’s weird – I’m doing the same thing myself.

    I just turned 20 this month, and, now I’m barely even watching Anime and minimally reading Manga. Heck, I haven’t even watched my DVDs and Blu-Rays in a while. So, I’m not doing really much of anything that’s relevant to being a “serious” otaku besides collecting figures and the occasional boxset or Manga volume.

    I guess I’m just growing up – I’m getting a job, thinking about saving money for retirement and my first car and my first place, gearing up to kick college into overdrive and getting in some friend/social time when I’m not all too busy (as I have been for the past couple weeks).

    It’s — I can’t explain it. I almost feel like I’m filtering this out and it’ll soon become a fond memory, Anime&Manga. I don’t think it’ll die for me yet, but it’s getting to that point I think.

    Anyways, maybe we’ll get back into it soon? Who knows.

  5. nekofishie says:

    See ya in jap tsubasa club l0l. im taking manga for first year and culture for second year. Ji Jin here

  6. Yamadipati says:

    Well, i’m not trying to be a know it all or an annoying old man.

    But from what i’ve experienced is, don’t have too much of a good thing. You’ll get bored and it will became a “system” humans despite running on a systematical basis, hates system.

    If you got bored of doing something, try doing it with a twist. For instance, i used to do funny figure comics then it became “too much of a good thing” and i became bored. So i shifted a couple of comics of philosophy and musings in between.

    But as someone ahead in the game of life (not older, nor more experienced) all i can say is. The harder you work on your early days, the sweeter the rewards later, maybe not tomorrow, next week or even next year, but it will pay off. Sometime later in life.

    • Azure says:

      So good its so bad huh
      I guess alternating between the same few hobbies for the past 5 years isn’t enough variety for my short attention span.

      Will keep the advice in mind~

  7. Valence says:

    Happens to us all eventually. Anime is a time-consuming hobby after all, few of us get time for it as we grow older. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder —right?

  8. Shance says:

    Good luck trying to reignite that spark. As a master of going in and out of hiatus, I know that some of us need to have some sort of dedication to go back into blogging after getting a taste of imaginary obligation. I just hope you won’t find it difficult trying to refit yourself after a period of inactivity.

  9. TRazor says:

    This happens. Happened to me a couple of times. I even wrote a post on it a while ago:

    (I guess that’s a shameless plug. But I don’t think there’s anything shameful in plugging it, so I guess it’s just a plug. Oh don’t mind me, I just like typing in brackets)

    I’ve almost completely given up on airing anime. I don’t like watching shows with only an episode a week. Rather watch them in one stretch.

  10. @fkeroge says:

    If you don’t want to watch anime, you really shouldn’t. I tried forcing myself to continue watching a lot of shows, but I just ended up with a sense of unfulfillment and a bad headache. Just take your time and do what you want. If you do stop watching anime forever, then it’s something that you chose and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

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