Welcome, Aniblog Tourney readers. A personal appeal by Valence.

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Welcome, voters and readers. I believe that our matchup has begun. Let me speak personally.

The Aniblog Tourney has always been an important event to me. Note the usage of ‘me’, because this is a personal thing for me – something that motivated me to stay on in long periods of inactivity and during all the times I felt like dropping out.

Up to the week before the Aniblog Tourney started, I went about reading people’s predictions posts, and when one of them predicted that we’d somehow become 1st Runner Up against Baka-Raptor (I wish), I typed the following: “Thank you for your faith in us, we’ll work hard to meet your expectations.” And this is what I received in response: “What are you,a press representative?” He was right.

Blogging is fun for me. It’s always been that motivating factor behind dropping everything for anime, for me to keep on watching and persisting in this fandom. I’m sure Mira agrees as well. And as such, I will not include a list of posts we wrote, or a list of posts I wrote, that we deem the best – rather, I will include a list of 5 posts I had great fun in writing. They may not be necessarily the best, or even good for that matter, but I had fun. And I hope you enjoy reading them as well.

  1. I celebrated Kagami’s birthday last year. I even bought a cake and everything. I remember sneaking into my room, taking the photos and quickly consuming the tiny cake I had bought. When I was still the only blogger here, I loved using figure photos in my posts. The old banner was a photo of Kagami as well. I really liked Lucky Star, despite its content.
  2. Why are all the male leads in anime a bunch of pussies? And similar posts. They made me feel smaaaaaaart.
  3. Diary of an Anime Lived: Lamentations of a member of the fallen watching OreImo. It was one of those times where I actually learnt something -received an epiphany, if you will- from anime. Needless to say it was an one-time affair but the effect stuck.
  4. Debate between multiple personas of Valence: Spring 2011 season preview. This post was made solely as a parody of Canne’s own posts where he discusses anime between two split halves of himself. This post merely brings it to the extreme. It was a pain in the ass to write yet it was fun at the same time, like babby’s first anal.
  5. Any of the the AFA posts. The experience of going to AFA (and blowing a load of money on plastic goodies and anime posters) is something I look forward to every year.I’m thinking of applying for a press pass this year as well, once I get the proper documentation.

Thank you for visiting. Thanks to GMT, I’m posting this a few hours before our matchup at the Aniblog Tourney. If you must pick the blog you’d much rather read, I sincerely hope you’ll vote ours. All of the writers here have their own virtues in writing, and I hope that these will appeal to you, the reader. Once again, thank you very much for visiting, and we hope we’ll be seeing each other again, on the 4th of May.

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13 Responses to Welcome, Aniblog Tourney readers. A personal appeal by Valence.

  1. TRazor says:

    I said “What are you, a customer service representative or something?”.

    But whatever.

    The energy and the enthusiasm in your posts are what make them fun to read. When you have fun writing a post, we enjoy reading it! Fuck expectations, do your own thang 😉

    • Valence says:

      Yes! But ironically I’m stoping the meta posts. As much as I like writing them no-one really likes them. More reviews it is then.

  2. foshizzel says:

    Good luck to you in the tourney!

  3. Like the site, but let’s jst give comments:
    EDIT: FUUUU I wrote a whole three paragraphs but apparently my log-in was wrong
    1) Images – i open every site in every browser when I vote to make sure people find the site accessible through whatever internet service. your images dont work on 2+ browsers
    2) sides = boring, white, fill it up with characters or something. there’s a difference between simplicity and boring.
    3) content = content’s fine, but just do soemthing that distinguishes a little more

    any questios just ask – i just dont want to type for a full 10 minutes again

    • Valence says:

      Images…danbooru isn’t working. Will upload images instead.

      Background will be simple…but I am thinking listless ink styled wallpaper.

  4. chikorita157 says:

    I’ll be posting my thoughts on your blog tomorrow when I go on a review spree… look out for it.

    Also, good luck in the Tourney!

  5. Kuro says:

    Following this blog nao.

  6. glothelegend says:

    Obviously I voted for you, and will continue to do so until you lose, which will hopefully be never (until you play Baka-Raptor or me or maybe someone like klux from another group but oh wait I’m winning that bracket/entire side so yeah).

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