Medaka Box 3: Comic Crashers

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Hey look, we’re still alive in the Aniblog Tourney so it’d be nice if you’d vote for us. But anyway, back to the confusion known as Medaka Box.

Quick recap: hearing Zenkichi’s complaints, defeated candidate Kanoya tries to get him to join their rebellion and take power by force. Having decided to be someone who would protect Medaka, he fights Kanoya and beats him. Later on, the student council gets a request from the Judo Club, but it turns out to be a ruse to get Zenkichi into the club itself. Furthermore, Zenkichi meets his senior Akune, who hates him yet was madly in love with Medaka since middle school. They start a duel to see who stays and who goes. Cut. Exeunt.

The thing is this: I’ve just read the manga. Up to the latest chapter at least. And from what I know, the first few chapters were all devoted to Medaka doing her goddamned fucking job while attracting 3 people to join the Student Council – Zenkichi, who has a crush on her, Akune, who also has a crush on her, and Kikaijima, who probably has a crush on her. They fight for her love, literally. They fight over it and they fight because of it. You can probably see where this is going- there’s only one direction. It’s too bland. There’s not much one can do like this forever.

Enter the battle manga chapters, and all of a sudden all of that changes?

this wouldn't be much of a surprise had I actually watched the OP

The thing about the pace of the show at this point is that we’d likely end as an action anime, but only after the show had half ended. That’d make for a bizarrely incoherent show which morphed genres halfway through. Without adding spoilers from the manga, I suppose there is a problem most viewers may have noticed: why is Medaka so fucking talented?

One talent makes you special. Two makes you extraordinary. Possessing all of the talents in the world makes you a dick. They spent some time in the episode talking about the 2%, the people who didn’t agree with her methods. And who can blame them? We naturally root for the underdog. We may adore perfection, but we detest utter perfection. Medaka¬†is utter perfection. She’s more talented than you at your life’s work. Hell, she’s even more¬†human than you are.

The thing that really infuriates me however is how they insist on animating the show chapter-by-chapter up to the point where it just becomes a complete replica of the comic itself. That’s just lazy to me. I welcome the addition of the…detail on Medaka’s dog suit on the previous episode. Fine. Yet the rest of the show is so…strangely familiar. It’ll take forever for the show to start to become slightly good – a change in the manga I suspect was due to complaints about the first half. Soon enough the show shall have little to do with the suggestion box at all. But I digress.

The show now trails on the verge of being dropped, and I wonder what other reasons are there for me to continue watching.

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6 Responses to Medaka Box 3: Comic Crashers

  1. Carillus says:

    I suspect that most of the change in the manga was due to Nisio Isin. Not complaints.
    Genre-shifting is part of the reason why Medaka Box has a larger-than-expected fanbase, after all.

  2. Andmeuths says:

    The adapters should have hacked through the first two Arcs ASAP. Spending too long on those two “Build Up” Arcs would kill the adaptation, and I think they’ve just succeeded in doing that.

    A Danshi Nichijou style approach (where each suggestion is treated as a Sketch) would have helped a great deal. Had they done that, we might well be at the Morgana/Swimming Club arc right now.

    Really, I cannot see why the first two arcs deserve a cohesive narrative at all.

    • Valence says:

      I know right? I mean, they could have at least kept the Judo Arc to just one episode instead of splitting it. But they are insisting on doing a faithful adaption so god knows how that will end up.

      • Andmeuths says:

        Another adaptation that goes the way of Negima. Mind you, both stories share one salient trait in common- genre a relatively late point, from an anime adaptation (though not story-telling) standpoint.

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