Uneventful and boring. – Aniblog Tourney Analysis – Round 1, Matches 5-8.

What can I say about these 4 matches? Just thinking of a way the tides would turn makes my head hurt. #firstworldproblems #anibloggerproblems

It’s not like I don’t support any of the blogs here. I mean, I supported more than half of these blogs. Voting was difficult, I must admit. The problem is that these matchups are already sealed. The minimum point difference between the winning blog and the trailing blog is a good 50 votes. 50 readers being more than 3 times the size of the readers who actually read Jane Eyre for fun.

Don't lie to me.

Round 1 Matches 5-8

The victory is pretty much in the bag for the blogs which are currently winning. Long-time friends Caraniel and AngryJellyfish were pitted against each other and at time of writing, Caraniel is close to doubling AJ’s vote count. Baka Laureate has already more than doubled the vote count of iSugoi. I suppose discussing the outcomes of the matchups is a lost cause. Let us move forward to discussing the impact of Matchup number 6.

Matchup Number 6 was yet another fair fight between blogs of similar power level, polychromium and Those Damned Cartoons. Both are decidedly passionate about anime but both have the tendency to sprawl into long posts which cause the probability of the reader to ‘tl;dr’ increasing over time, Thereotically, the fight between the two blogs should hence have been rather close. Following this theory, matchup 5 would also have been a clear victory in Chikorita’s favour. Yet the vote counts urge us to think otherwise – Draggle is leading, and so is TDC. Does the tournament hence last only as a form of comparing one’s e-peen, or is it a way to compare the quality of posts from each blog? Without commenting on Chikorita157’s and Draggle’s blogs, is there really such a remarkable difference in quality between TDC and polychromium that led to such a wide gap?

If anything, the matchups demonstrated the relatively low effect a domain name has on the popularity of the blog. As Fabrice once said himself, he gets around 100-200 views a day on his blog. One more thing, however : the votes for these matchups seem to come in at a much slower pace than the first matchup. Perhaps the first matchup had so many voters due to the hype created several weeks prior. By extension, the hype would mostly have died out by the time Thursday rolls around, so god bless us all.

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10 Responses to Uneventful and boring. – Aniblog Tourney Analysis – Round 1, Matches 5-8.

  1. chikorita157 says:

    I never saw it coming, but basing on the votes I received this time and the first tourney, I suppose it’s an improvement.

    But hey, we caused some drama, so nothing is really lost.

  2. kluxorious says:

    Caraniel and Krizz deserved it is all I can say.

  3. Quite surprising some results so far, dont want to mention individuals but wow how interesting XD

  4. raisuke16 says:

    i think caraniel and draggle has the most deserving win in this batch… 🙂 even before the match up, i saw that caraniel will win against jellyfish but i never expected it was that close…the chikorita-draggle match up was rather interesting knowing that these two are really good friends… 🙂

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