Aniblog Tourney analysis – Round 1, Matches 1-4

Thus began the great competition, Aniblog Tourney -The Second– . Lots of hot-blooded young men and women of the internet coalesce into one gigantic orgy of dorama, frantic writing and a showdown of e-peen. Only one will survive the entire tournament unscathed and become the King of Aniblogs. Ok, maybe it wasn’t this dramatic, but let us begin on the first 8 matches of the Aniblog Tourney.

Matches 1 – 4

Round 1, Match 1. Toxic Muffin vs. 8thSin Fansubs Anime Blog

People who follow me on Twitter would know that I’ve been backing Reiseng up for the entire leadup to their first match. Being long-time acquaintances, I take pride in saying I often stalk his blog. He’s even older than me to boot, and as they say, with age comes experience. Or something. I forget. Anyway, check this shit out. Reiseng  really takes pride in his work as a blogger. He acknowledges that his blog isn’t the most popular out there, or that his writing isn’t the best. He knows. But he doesn’t sweep it all under the carpet as well. His personal tone in his blog is what draws me back.

8thsin, however, bring a different perspective to the table in the way they blog because they blog what they happen to translate. This is a kind of insight that normal people like us can’t attain, for we understand what we do from the anime by following what the subtitle makers make in their magic volcano over the hills of Fantasyland. His posts are rather simple to follow as well: simply a list of observations he makes, and questions he poses perhaps as rhetorical ones, or those to the reader. It makes for good interaction between viewer and maker.

Anyway, in the past few hours the fight between the two blogs has been relatively close. 8thsin started out with about a 39 point lead over Reiseng, but 12 hours ago Reiseng caught up and overtook 8thsin, only for 8thsin to suddenly receive a block of votes in the past 2 hours. Who will win? Lady Luck’s not looking good for Reiseng, I’m afraid. If he wants to win, he has to be able to canvass at least 50 votes before the matchup ends.

Round 2 Match 2- Amaenbou Dane vs dere-moe project

Amanebou Dane is a blog run by two authors and, I must say, a beneficiary of the new perks provided by the organisers to allow blogs related to anime to run in the tournament. Amaenbou Dane is primarily an eroge blog, It’s interesting in the way it is run as well as its post formats: simple, frank opinions, with short summaries compared to long descriptions of eroge scenes which frankly, turn me off. Pun unintended.

dere-moe project was a blog I stalked ever since they asked for a link exchange. (Don’t blame me, blame Disqus.) Their design is dynamic, and their team is ridiculously large. It’s like an actual magazine, as their design would suggest. Almost reminds me of Fakku. Thanks to their large crew, they have large reach and are able to blog a vast variety of anime, which is something that usually, only blogs like RandomC could provide.

However, the odds are in Amaenbou Dane’s favour. Despite the dynamic design, it is a fact that more people visit the former instead. Perhaps it is due to the way Aero and Aedes blog – they blog together in the same posts but in different coloured font. This is an initiative I like. It really gives the blog the sense of really being a ‘team blog’, rather than merely a collection of writers – something that even we at AOIA should seek to emulate. dere-moe project, on the other hand, is visibly detached from its writers. They don’t refer to themselves as a blog, but rather as individuals. In their appeal for votes post, Mr. A refers to the act of voting for the blog as directly voting for him – something that reveals a certain philosophy behind the dere-moe project bloggers. Should the dere-moe project bloggers seek to improve, they need more reach, and more intra-blog interaction.

The prediction is a tight victory for Amaendou Dane.

Round 1 Match 3: Shameful Otaku Secret vs. O-new

What can I say for this matchup? God has dealt an unfair hand to mushyrulez as O-new is pitted against the likes of Otou-san’s blog, a blog that has been relatively popular and still alive from even before the first tourney even started. He did retire at one point, but now he’s back. Both writers are highly similar in the way they blog, I suppose. Their humour is pretty much the same, but if I had to list one of their differences, it would be the type of posts they release.

Check out the gigantic list of posts we had released over the past few days regarding our first impressions of Spring anime. It may be a lot, and it may contain some humour or entertainment value, but it’s extremely repetitive. Same goes for other blogs which title their posts based on Episode number. It’s a pitfall of aniblogging because while it seems like something that was necessary, it was also something that’s common and perhaps cliche. SOS titles its posts to capture the essence of the post in one line, which is something to be admired.

And we all know how Southeast Asian nationalists are often easily crushed by their European colonial rulers. Bad example. You get what I mean. We’ll continue betting virtual currency on the tournament nonetheless, Mushyrulez.

Round 1 Match 4 –Spherical Cows vs. Otaku Life: Anime Review

This was an interesting matchup because the two blogs were of a similar power level. Both were relatively obscure blogs with moderate readership levels and similar topics. Both are run by one person.Both blags are run by girls. The key difference now boils down to choice of design: wordpress vs. blogspot, right? Not really, but even here there is a fundamental difference in following the safety of a WordPress default yet professional template and an experimental HTML code, resulting in the problem that is OLAR’s navigation bar selling acoustic guitars. Small problem, but it really affects the image of the blogger at hand.

The odds of Spherical Cows winning the first round are much higher than Arianna’s at the moment, so I guess the game is sealed. Goodnight, and good luck.


Thus ends my , not our, analysis of the first 4 matches of the Aniblog Tourney. Stay tuned for more match analysis, opinions and predictions. May the odds be ever in your favour.

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