Yet #another introspective: Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity?

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It must take the worst of bloggers to completely forget big anniversaries like these right? Completely forgetting the blog’s birthday and only remembering the next day. (and posting this 2 days later.)  If I could date this blog, it would have slapped me already, then kicked me out to sleep in the rain. But I digress. Time for another introspective on running AOIA.

It was rather funny how we managed to actually pull through all the way to the aniblog tourney, actually. In my mind, I thought that the blog would die when my exams started, then I thought so too when my Junior College started schooling. It was things like these, occupying my free time and my life. I didn’t remember about the blog’s birthday because I was too preoccupied with preparing for both the aniblog tournament and the tests I had the following week. Yes, the life and times of being a student.

When I read the posts I made last year, one line struck me:

For one, I decided to dump the episodic posts gradually. Why? For ambiguous reasons, of course. And also because all the episodic posts were pretty much the same. Why not directly skip to the ‘my thoughts’ part and elaborate on it rather than be part of the sheeple?

How foolish I had been. As I wrote, I realized that there was a lot more to episodic writing than just describing the episode. How could I keep posting my thoughts on the show as-is? Do I post what I thought about the episode without even giving them a summary? As a humanities student, I was, as you can say, forced to accept the importance of evidence, and it is the same here as well – evidence and elaboration.

More stupid things I’ve written about:

Things got less and less like Bad Book Club,and more and more like Freakonomics.

I have to admit that for the first year of blogging I had pretty much become a wannabe sophisticated blogger. But after a while I found that an extremely formal and classy style of writing was stifling for me. I prefer mine to be fucking laded with vulgarities, because it was much more flowing that way. And as I let go, I found that my aniblogging had little jokes in it throughout rather than become devoid – I had started writing like Bad Book Club again, and I didn’t mind as much.

Last year, when I wrote the previous introspective, I also commented how we had become a team blog. Back then it was just me, @fkeroge and Anima. Carillus had left for an unspecified period of time. CyborgCommunist was barely in his infancy as an aniblogger. It was a time when Shance wasn’t on permahiatus and 2Dt and MkMiku were still blogging. It’s scary really, how many bloggers having stopped blogging during this time. It’s like a car accident, you just can’t look away. The pain of having lost a real friend was similar to what it felt like to me.

I remember this guy. He used to go by the name scarletdevilmansion, and then he got bullied off aniblogging because of his less-than-stellar grammar, or so it seemed. He/she was one of the first few people to visit the blog, stay, and a source of encouragement throughout. Yet I had to say farewell to Luna Dial. And even as I typed, they wouldn’t let go. I was genuinely depressed for quite some time after that. Even though I went against Luna’s wishes in posting this screenshot, after so much time, this was still one of the events that struck me the most as an anime blogger. I was motivated.

I also remember that one of the motivations for me to continue blogging and not just go on permanent hiatus was the epic showdown that was the Aniblog Tourney.

Getting into the Aniblog Tourney is a dream of mine. I became a full-time anime blogger after the tournament itself, and since then vowed to keep blogging until I could participate in the next one. Little did I know that so many people would join AOIA and blog as well. Even though we’re mostly Singaporeans, we seem to be doing rather fine, in contrast to what the OEG said once. Nonetheless, as the aniblog tournament approaches, the AOIA team starts to pick up steam again. Posts are being churned out almost every day. I’m watching anime more than before. I remember that post on trzr about their favourite anime team blogs, and I noticed that we weren’t on the list. No-one seems to know us at all. No-one seems to be aware of our existence of a blog, much less our existence as a team blog. People all fawn over their favourite blogs, praising everything they do, and little pay any heed to us. Counting us out, that we’re down for the count, that we have no chance of survival.

This is all going to change.

Come the aniblog tourney, we will make a difference. As you have believed in us, readers, we will also believe in you. Vote for us, everyone, and we can assure you, there will be much more posts, much more discussions, much more interesting ideas and of course, much more ambiguity, in the times to come. We will keep blogging onward to a brighter, more ambiguous future, one with a blue sky.

Wish us luck, and let us toast to yet another year.

if you get this, you are a genius.

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13 Responses to Yet #another introspective: Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity?

  1. Yamadipati says:

    I personally think changes will happen, for better or worse. But for me personally, whatever changes you make to the things you make (if that made sense) should be “YOU”

    It’s the whole reason i changed my blog from an all around figure blog into a more specific “MY” blog (i.e. i only post news on items i wanna get, i do the reviews my way, animate the figures my way despite some people bashing it’s ooc. Well fuck them, they’re MY girls, not theirs, go get their own figures).

    So i think one of the reason a blog dies, because you lost “YOUR” blog. Don’t let that happen. Keep the blog your splitting half or if in a team at least create your posts to be as “YOU” as possible

  2. TRazor says:

    To be honest, I too read this blog like a guy on drugs… I like AOIA. I think you guys are pretty damn good and like you say, I’m a cheap twit who’d rather laugh over puns and jokes than fap to sophisticated and godlike language. I’m just dumb like that and I’ve just grown to accept it. That’s part of the reason why despite not being “the best”, you guys remain one of my favorites.

    There was only one reason I didn’t add you guys on my list and that’s purely because you guys are inconsistent. Posts were randomly placed up until two weeks ago, some of them I couldn’t make head or tail of. But they were few and it was still good content. Although you do make one of these “Shit, I need to stop procrastinating and start doin some real shit!” posts, get my hopes up, follow-up for a week and then…poof.

    For what it’s worth, AOIA is my #6 team blog. And you just loooove underrating yourself don’t you? Your comments section is lively and you seem to be on a megaton of blogrolls. AOIA will go farther than you think. I made a predictions post, so you can see there.

    Blog on, although I may be the next one on your farewell list 😉

    • Valence says:

      Don’t stop blogging dude, we still have the tourney to handle!

      Best of luck to all of us. I am rather surprised at the sudden consistency we have as well. Maybe because we moved away from just editorials to episodics and reviews as well?

      • TRazor says:

        I’ll be off the day before the finals…what a lame way to go.

        But another great point about episodics is that it gives you a post topic for each week. Even if you don’t have much to say about the episode, you can go for the meme-spamming kind of post which take 10-15 min to write…

  3. Well, I think all bloggers started on that same path of wanting to sound sophisticated and mature like the more prestigious writers (Yishieh, 2DT etc etc). I know for one, I did it too. Reading my old posts kidna make me wanna hurl at how much of a prat I sounded like. I don’t speak anything like that in real life nor do I write like that. I like filling my posts with small jokes, vulgarities and expressions. I also had lots of problems trying to ignore my “F**k all” attitude when it came to giving my opinions then resolving conflicts in the comments. Whilst I felt bad for pissing some people off, it was more fun than a stifling writing style that didn’t fit me. We all find our own writing styles eventually.

    I agree about the episodics as well. Part of the reason I was put-off from episodics was how “sheeple” it felt. But they are fun if you do it right and give plenty of your opinions and thoughts.

    Although that feeling of feeling unnoticed kinda sucks (think how ignored InterestSOAP must be, we get optimistically 250 views a day and maybe 4 comments a post), it’s the gradual build up to becoming more popular and well-liked that’s fun. Given time, I think we can build up a good reputation.

    And I hope we do well for the Aniblog Tourney. InterstSOAP has little hope due to our age and general anonymity. I would like to see AOIA make it till the fourth or so rounds.

    • Valence says:

      I now realize that I spent the first half of my aniblogging career trying to sound sophisticated and clever. Hence the greek titles and shit. I referenced books and studies once for things I honestly didn’t care too much about, but sounded nice to write about. Although I must admit that I don’t write informally and with plenty of vulgarities most of the time, I would say that my blogging style would be informal and full of it. Or something between the two styles, I don’t know.

      While AOIA has little chance of beating Bluemist, much less Baka-Raptor, I too hope that the strength of our readerbase combined with our powers of e-canvassing will help us gain votes. I plan on bugging my friends to bug their friends to vote as well should the need arise.

      May the odds be forever in our favour.

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