22 episodes but it all worked out. Kinda

I bet your eyes burn from looking at this

*I finally got around to finishing this almost 2 weeks after I started on the draft. Which only had 150 words*

Well, Guilty Crown recently ended. I was up till rather late a while back, waiting for the last episodes for both Black Rock Shooter and Guilty Crown until I remembered that they’ll be in Japanese so I might as well wait for subs.

Good thing the next day was E-learning day so I didn’t have to go to school. That meant once I woke up, it was anime time till I got bored and played Modern Warfare 3. Or did my work.

Imagine a rapey voie and I promise you, it's funnier

This post is kind of my overall impression of Guilty Crown from beginning to end. I was doing an episodic on Guilty Crown till I gave up because it was just so inconsistent (and I got bored of it). I could praise the show slightly one episode and it’ll turn into a pile of sod the next episode so the overall “fun” of writing the episodic died. Hence, I stopped writing them. (If you want to read them, they’re here)

However, now that it has ended, I feel like I can give my overall impression. On MAL, I gave it 8/10. Which is pretty decent for me. I give 7 to shows that kinda bored me and weren’t memorable and 10 to shows that were exciting, memorable and fun to watch. So an 8 is decent. (Yes, I have ridiculously low standards)

Kinda what it felt like watching a few Guilty Crown episodes

We all know of many other’s spite towards this show. I’ve seen plenty on Twitter and blogs and I agreed with them. This show was a disappointment. The plot was incredibly simplistic and completely “action-show” generic. And the characters were somewhat flat and 2D, with little to no semblance of personality and life. (OOOHHMAAA SHOE was useless for the first 20 episodes). The show’s attempt to give them such “life-like feeling” left a rather bad taste in my mouth and the “fun” episodes were so stupid, I felt like stopping the stream.

However, I did realize one thing only after I completed the show. Maybe Guilty Crown was a disappointment because we expected too much out of it and forgot what it’s meant to be. Perhaps, its just simply meant to be that simple.

This might have been the smartest thing said throughout the anime

Of all the action anime and action movies I’ve watched, there’s always one characteristic of them that stands out. “What plot?”. Most media in the action genre do not usually have a deep and insightful plot. They’re simple, straightforward and some might say generic (Well, if they all use the same plot progressions, that’s bound to happen). But, they are always fun to watch for the action itself because usually, that;s where all the budget went. To give you visual orgasms without having to trouble or distract your brain with thinking deeply of the plot. In fact, personally, I dislike action shows that have a lot of twists in the plot because you forget about the big fiery explosions and shooting as you ponder the plot. The only instance I have ever enjoyed such plot in an action was when it was in a serial. (And the plot was still pretty damn simple)

Look at Guilty Crown. It has all the definitive characteristics of an action anime. The plot follows one of the generic “Let’s save the World, chaps” progression. Useless piece of human filth gets mysterious super power from a hot chick. Useless guy tries to save world with an underground organization but the leader is killed. BLAM, leader is actually the bad guy, shit hits the fan, the end of the world is near and suddenly, useless sod saves the day. And plenty of people die on the way, even the hot chick, which is why he becomes less useless. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen such a plot in a few action movies. (My dad has a lot of films so I quite sure I have).

This episode was torture to watch. And this scene was so bloody cheesy

On the other hand, they got Redjuice and Supercell to do the graphics and music respectively. Redjuice’s work as visual aphrodisiac’s for the brain and Supercell produces wonderful music. When I was watching, those were the only two things I remembered. The music and graphics. I can’t recall much of the plot. So to me, Guilty Crown is indeed such a show. An anime that was never meant to be enjoyed for the plot or the well-worked characters, but simply for the fun that it gives to watch it.

In conclusion, maybe we did expect too much out of the show. The PV was gorgeous and seemed to hint at a good plot and still have all the visual fun of an action show. Maybe it was too effective at selling the show and that’s why we were all disappointed.

Dan the Man. This guy is the funniest character I've seen so far

No matter it’s shortcomings, I still enjoyed Guilty Crown enough to give it 8/10 on my super low scale. I think I might just be easy to please.

(Disclaimer: All that above text is rather subjective as its all from my point of view and perception. So you’re welcome to state your opinions as well)

(Disclaimer of the Disclaimer: The above disclaimer is to avoid a past mistake. If you know what I’m referring too)

(Disclaimer of the Disclaimer of the Disclaimer: I just wanted to put this here for fun)

This picture is hilarious once you realize what's going on

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2 Responses to 22 episodes but it all worked out. Kinda

  1. kami says:

    what are you talking about Guilty Crown was an awesome series. You are like almost every other anime viewer who expects that every single anime should be serious and have bad ass protagonist. You must be a Gundam 00, Fate stay night, Fate/Zero … Fan.

    • Well, personally, I thought Shu as really pathetic. I don’t mind shows where the protag starts out kinda useless but slowly develops as a character into someone I like (or who I will think of as a badass). But Shu really paled in comparison here. He had the default “I’m a weak-willed sod” start out then was gifted some random superpower. But he didn’t grow as a character at all. He remained pathetic and weak-willed till about episode 19 where he improved slightly. Although at first I didn’t mind as it gave him an air of realism (One of my episodics highlighted this like how he cared for the lives of the soldiers) but they kept at it till I came to the conclusion he was just…weak. But that’s my own opinion and we’re all allowed our own opinions.

      However, I did enjoy the show anyway. I use awesome to describe pretty much everything I enjoy anyway. The show was fun to watch but that was it. I didn’t care for the plot or whatever small attempts at character progression they tried.

      As for serious, I never once thought Guilty Crown would be serious. Perhaps when I watched the PV and the first ep I had a silver of hope that it would but on the second episode, I gave up on that. I just decided to treat it as a show I would enjoy every week for it’s graphic, music and action (Which I did).

      And yes, I like the Fate series although I haven’t watched/played them all. But as for Gundam, I’m too lazy to bother watching them all or to even start. It’s a bit of a niche mecha anime so I’m not all that interested in it

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