The Necessary “Evil” in Anime

Yes, I have played, and enjoyed this visual novel. I'm afraid I can't say the same about the anime.

As someone who had gradually degraded to being a cold, elitist jerk, I have criticized a lot of anime, and dropped a lot more others. I particularly get very harsh when watching something that I have expectations from, which, obviously, lowers the amount of entertainment that I get from said shows. To give a recent example, I actually had some expectations from the disaster that is Black Rock Shooter, much to my detriment. Of course, the opposite is also true in the case of Daily Lives of High School Boys, which is in retrospect, a pretty run off the mill comedy anime. But I found myself enjoying it quite a lot as I wasn’t expecting anything good to come from it at all.

For the majority of the anime blogging community, anime like Love Hina, To LOVE Ru and Highschool DxD are pretty much considered garbage. These are fanservicey harem anime, the bane of the elitist. There would be at least one of these every season, and they would always be berated even before they start airing.

Of course, I also went through my fair share of these fanservicey harem anime. Some of the first few anime that I finished were: Mahou Sensei Negima!, School Days, Clannad (the only non fanservicey anime here), Girls Bravo, Shuffle!, Zero no Tsukaima and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. Aside from the fact that I just admitted that I fail as an elitist, I also admit that these anime are pretty much my foundations to be the anime blogger that I am today.

So what point am I trying to make here? Pretty simple, really. We need these kinds of “bad” anime to exist. Believe it or not, harem anime has a tendency to bring in viewers. In my experience with talking to people in high school and in university who currently watch anime, none of them haven’t seen at least one harem anime. Yes, even the girls.

My roommate in the university dorm really got into anime after watching Ichigo 100%. A friend from elementary school got interested in anime that is not called Naruto or Bleach after seeing Chobits. A female friend of mine admits to have enjoyed To LOVE Ru, of all things. As an example of people in the blogosphere who had harem anime start their fandom would be Scamp, who says that Love Hina was his gateway anime, and even has it in his Top 30. Then you have yours truly, who hated anime as a whole, until I watched Mahou Sensei Negima!. I’m sure there are many more of you out there that have been heavily influenced in one way or another by a harem anime for better or worse.

Pictured: substantial anime

I’m not saying that harem anime is inherently good or bad, but we cannot deny that there is a pretty large audience for them. Whether we want to see that as good or bad, in the end, it all boils down to the person watching. Will he/she expand his/her horizons to watch the more substantial anime out there or get stuck with wish-fulfillment fantasies? It’s simply a matter of choice.

As an aside, I have said earlier that I would be going on a hiatus, but fortunately, the problems I was having here in real life got resolved pretty easily, so yes, I can participate with my fellow AOIA bloggers in the aniblog tourney. Isn’t that great?


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19 Responses to The Necessary “Evil” in Anime

  1. Old Wolf says:

    I disagree with your “about me” quote. If people don’t understand how much I hate them and how I want to kill them all, they will keep trying to make friends with me and keep trying to date me. It’s only by letting everyone know that I want to kill them all that they can begin to understand just how impossible it is to make friends with or date me. If people think there is even the slightest chance that they can win me over, they will bother me with forced socializing. I want people to know that there is NO CHANCE that I want their worthless friendship and that there is NO CHANCE that I want to date their worthless bimbo trash. I don’t want to make friends with these people. I want to kill them all so I can finally live the life of my dreams. A life without THEM. I have to express my hatred for them so they can understand that it is impossible for them to make friends with me or date me. The reason why they keep bothering me with forced socializing is because they actually think that they have a chance with me. That is why I express my hatred for them. I have no respect for the people I express hatred for. The people I respect are people I don’t hate. I have NEVER hated someone I respected. Therefore, I have to disagree with your quote.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Not sure if serious…

      Anyway, I’m going to reply sincerely since you took your time to type out that comment. What the quote means by “compelled respect” is forced recognition of the traits that you find unsavory. Respect is not necessarily good for the one who’s doing the respecting. In a sense, you would not even bother speaking ill of another person if you don’t think that there would be any merit in doing so. Badmouthing others is most probably brought by you trying to bring down said person’s “rating”, which is just the same as admitting defeat.

      Remember that the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.

      • Old Wolf says:

        And by not presenting my point of view, the worthless trash I meet would continue to bombard me with forced socializing because they think I actually want their worthless friendship. I haven’t had to deal with unworthy bimbo trash talking to me ever since I made it known how disgusting I consider them to be and that I want very badly to kill them. If I never made that known, then I would still be approached by them. Because I made my opinions known, I am now well known enough so that people know better than to approach me. So there is merit to me expressing my point of view. If I never made my point of view known, I would still be approached by people. That has all but completely stopped now. It’s not my goal to “bring down someone’s rating.” It’s my goal to get people to stop approaching me. And I am successful so far in that no worthless bimbo trash has tried to speak to me in over half a year. That’s over 6 months of no interaction with bimbos. That’s pretty fucking good from my point of view. I admit no defeat, because I have not lost yet. If I lost, then I would smile and say hi to people and become what they want me to be: a social outgoing piece of shit. Instead, I’m still me. Now and forever I will not change. I will not get married. I will not have children. I will never make friends with or date anyone who is social and outgoing. And as long as I don’t smile or say hi to people or make friends with people I don’t like or go on dates with bimbos that disgust me, I haven’t lost. As long as I remain myself and never compromise my ideals for anyone, I haven’t lost.

        • @fkeroge says:

          The most effective way of getting people to stop talking to you is not antisocial behavior. People may be avoiding you, but they will also talk behind your back. I see that there is no point in trying to argue with a person with a fundamentally different mindset, so I’ll just leave it at that.

          • Old Wolf says:

            Since we have a “fundamentally different mindset,” I’ll use your own words to explain it to you. By talking about me behind my back, they are going through “forced recognition of the traits that [they] find unsavory. [They] would not even bother speaking ill of [me] if [they] don’t think that there would be any merit in doing so. Badmouthing [me] is most probably brought by [them] trying to bring down [my] “rating”, which is just the same as admitting defeat.” According to your very own mindset, by talking behind my back, they have admitted defeat.

            And indifference is not the opposite of love. Love and hate are on opposite ends of the spectrum with indifference being the middle ground.

            • @fkeroge says:

              Whether the other party wins or loses is not the issue. We are talking about you here. But if you’re happy with what your life is like right now, then who am I to question your ideals any more than I already have?

              I tried to explain to you why I think this way, and yet I can’t seem to get through to you. You don’t value interpersonal relationships with people you deem to be “outgoing pieces of trash,” but I spend quite a bit of time with friends and family as I place value in my relationships with them. This is what I mean by different mindsets.

              And please, don’t derail the comments section any more with this off-topic discussion. I tried to be nice by not deleting this derailed comment thread from the get-go and humoring your argument, but we are taking this way too far.

              • Old Wolf says:

                We’re not just talking about me. You’re the one who brought up how other people will talk behind my back. You deride me for badmouthing people, then defend others who would badmouth ME. I think it’s very convenient that when I do it, it’s “admitting defeat” but when others talk behind my back it’s not. How is that different? As far as I’m concerned, it’s exactly the same. And according to YOUR definition, they’ve lost.

                You also didn’t defend your “indifference is the opposite of love argument”, so I’ll take it that you agree with my definition of the love-hate spectrum.

                And you’re right in that relationships mean nothing to me. Personal achievement is more important. I would rather be a billionaire that is alone than a popular poor person. I will never place anyone ahead of my dreams. You only live once. May as well achieve something you can be proud of.

              • @fkeroge says:

                Okay, fine. You win, I lose. Now please, shut up already.

                • Old Wolf says:

                  Only because you said please and are not trying to brainwash me into making friends with or dating people that I want to violently murder.

  2. I guess you could say it’s a positive thing if it results in more people deciding to watch anime. There just seems to be a huge leap between casual anime fan to someone who actively participates in the online and/or offline anime community. It really just boils down to wether fans appreciate the good and bad of all genres or put some on a pedestal. Are some fans more valuable than others because of the shows they watch? I don’t believe that to be true. I would like to believe that the more exposure anime gets the better.

    Anyway… interesting read.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Are some fans more valuable than others because of the shows they watch?

      Did the post give that message? If so, I apologize. I was just trying to say that because of these harem anime which is almost always considered bad, more people are stepping out of their comfort zones and are trying more of the critically-acclaimed anime out there.

      • No that wasn’t a question pointed directly at you. This is an idea that has been banging around in my head for the past week or so. People have expectations of the type of person who would watch (show they dislike).

        Sorry if I confused you. My thought process skips around quite a bit and can be hard to follow if you aren’t me. I’m assuming you aren’t me from the past or the future.

  3. Valence says:

    Glad to have you back on board, @fkeroge. Let’s destroy everything. Our fingers are the ones that will pierce the heavens of the aniblogosphere!!!!!!!!!1111one!

    Harem anime is extremely easy to get into in my opinion. It satisfies the sinful, base desires of the male species. It’s easy, it’s gratuituous, and it’s made solely for that purpose. Who wouldn’t like such a life?

  4. Carillus says:

    Welcome back.
    Add another one to your list of people who got started on harem anime. Lol

  5. Is it just me or you just listed Clannad, School Days, an Shuffle! as BAD anime….
    I might need glasses…

    • @fkeroge says:

      I will never ever list Clannad as a bad anime. It’s my absolute favorite. I was just making a point that even I had my roots on these harem anime that most people consider to be bad.

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