Aniblog Tourney brackets announced – matchup thoughts and prematch musings

So the second anime blog tournament has dawned upon us once again.

Firstly, let us examine our bracket: the red corner. We’re up against a number of interesting blogs this year.

1. Hachimitsu
-I followed her feed in the past so I’ve never really commented much, but she is an ‘anime hipster’ so I hope she doesn’t mind. I really liked her writing style: episodic reviews with a touch of dry Cracked-style humour and of course, how personal it is. I’ve stopped writing on as personal a level as I had back when I was foreveralone.jpeg on AOIA, but it’s really something which makes the reader feel chummy with her. Kudos for that. Looking forward to our showdown. I hope we win, of course, but good luck nonetheless.

Have you read that? Balls. I haven’t even managed to write an ode or anything like that to Kaoru yet, when it seems like all the norm nowadays. Bluemist is also as inactive as we are (why we’re inactive I’ll explain soon) but it seems set to be rather interesting as well.

Well fuck. He’s pretty much the Maddox of the animeblogger world so the chances are rather slim to be honest. I think we’ll probably lose here. However, it is a four-way (snigger) so I hope our blogging style and erm…canvassing skills will help us scrape through for second. God bless.

Now on to the prematch musings section. You might have noticed that AOIA is getting more and more..inactive. Barren. The commentators are getting less and less. (Our feed however gets more and more subscribers. Feed readers Y U NO COMMENT :-/) The reason is simple really: age catches up to all of us.

When AOIA was still in its infancy, barely having made the leap from personal shitblog to anime shitblog (check the archives for further information), I was barely 15 – the kouhai character of the aniblogosphere. Now, to quote Reiseng, I’m a ‘war-grizzled veteran’. I’ve helped others with setting up their own blogs, whether anime-related or not, and I try to help out the newer bloggers like CyborgCommunist and TRazor as well. Yet good times don’t last. I’m now 17. In around 2 years time (actually less) I’ll be in the army.

And before that, school kills us all. Piecake/Anima, if you still remember him, simply vanished without so much as saying a word. His email was deleted, his twitter inactive, him being completely uncontactable. @fkeroge has decided to retire as well for a hiatus, however long and unspecified. Azure and I have just started fresh in new schools, and I’m sure the environment is too busy and too fast for usual levels of dedication, coupled with her move onto other fandoms such as the realm of Kpop. CyborgCommunist has got it worst – not only does he have to study for one of the most major examinations of his life, his own blog, InterestSOAP is also up in the tournament, and he has to write for two blogs as well. (EDITOR’S NOTE: You better.)

Nonetheless, we hope that despite our busy schedules, we can continue to write , and write more, than we ever have, and we sincerely hope that you, the reader, will vote for us. Thank you.

Stay tuned!

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24 Responses to Aniblog Tourney brackets announced – matchup thoughts and prematch musings

  1. Yamadipati says:

    My army of kirks spocks sulus and kobayashis are ready to root for you~ O 3O)/

  2. Carillus says:

    But hey, whatever

  3. foshizzel says:

    Gooooood luck to every anime blog! YOU CAN DO IT! xDD

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    There’s room for strategery here. I may aim for 2nd in the group round if it’ll get the match I prefer.

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  6. Don’t worry, I’ll write. I’ll be my usual drivel so it’s rather easy to regurgitate out once I get a good concept to throw it on. And I don’t particularly care a lot about my “O” levels for some personal ambitions.

    And we at InterestSOAP know we have little to no chance of even reaching past the second round. I’m still voting for SnippeTee.

  7. Azure says:

    If anyone saw my twitter, they’d know that I haven’t been near anime at all in the recent weeks due to a sudden shift in fandom. *cough*

    I find it difficult not to write absolute rubbish; time to go back up the mountains and meditate or something…

  8. As someone without an anime blog this tourney is hilarious to watch. It’s like everyone has suddenly decided to get caffein IV’s at the same time. But on the other hand I wish you all the best of luck in this tournament.

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  10. TRazor says:

    You helped me? When did this happen? I’m not even on your blogroll. Shit, I’m not even linked in this post =\

    • Valence says:

      Well I did visit your blog every day compulsively like a guy on drugs, don’t feel sad…

      Also wwwwww half my blogroll is missing what dafuq.

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