@fkeroge’s Farewell to the Aniblogosphere

I’m sorry to say that because of stuff that has been happening lately, I, @fkeroge, am quitting being a blogger with this post as my farewell. I may not have been famous, or even relevant for that matter, in the blogosphere, but I can say with no regrets that my stay here in AOIA has been very enjoyable. I would like to thank everyone who have been patient with my shenanigans this past year.

I’ll still be around commenting on others’ blogs every now and then, so I guess you’ll still be seeing me around. With that, I close the final chapter of my life as an anime blogger. I wish all the other anime bloggers out there success as I become yet another phantom in this cruel online world.


About Lucas Magnus

Trying to change for the better.
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7 Responses to @fkeroge’s Farewell to the Aniblogosphere

  1. Ho Ji Jin says:

    Is this an april’s fool? l0l. it might be coincidence.

  2. Seinime says:

    This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Fools in April by @fkeroge.


  3. Jay says:

    April Fools, eh.

  4. fabricerequin says:

    Lol the comments say’s it all ^^

  5. glothelegend says:

    This one’s been done. I opted for the sex change route.

  6. Valence says:

    He’s serious guys, I mean it. It was an unfortunate coincidence.

  7. A damn shame that you have to leave. We’ll miss you!

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