Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

After the season preview post of Winter 2012, one of the writers (Carillus, to be exact) miraculously came back, so here we are with a – surprise, surprise! – preview post of Spring 2012.

Once again, we have on board Valence, Azure, Cyborg and @fkeroge, along with the new (old) addition to the blog staff, Carillus. Here are the supremely opinionated and positively contradictory opinions of most of the staff, of whom you can choose who to take up recommendations on depending on who you’re gay (or straight) for.


The continuation of the Fate/Zero anime from Fall 2011. Notable facts about this anime include: the animation studio handling this is ufotable, the story is written by Gen Urobuchi of Madoka Magica fame and that you need to have seen the “first season” of Fate/Zero to even consider watching this.

Hell yes! I marathoned the whole of this in 2 days after I watched it in class, and I regret not doing so earlier. Although I don’t like the fact how some servants retain their looks and form (I’m looking at you, Saber) the fight scenes are enough to get me all riled up. I’m very interested to see what would become of Caster and the effect on the masters after that. Looking forward to it.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

I’m actually still at the Adventures of Loli Rin episode… *shot*. Having finished the original novels months before part 1 of Fate/Zero aired, I was taking my own sweet time admiring the beautiful graphics and the well choreographed battles while swooning over Saber walking around in that sexy suit…

I wish Type Moon would hurry up and announce the next season of Carnival Phantasm or animate Fate/Extra…

Chances of Azure watching this: Once I finish season one or when they get to the part with Saber’s cool bike or when the whole season ends…

Call me a heretic, but I’m just not into Fate/Zero as I thought I would be. The only piece of work by Gen Urobuchi that I really liked was Madoka Magica, and I think that his work through the years has been improving as shown from his style in Phantom to Saya no Uta to Fate/Zero to Madoka. Still, writing style issues aside, Gen Urobuchi knows what topics to broach when it comes to his writing: dark, philosophical and slightly psychological approaches to topics like morality; something that most people take for granted. His writing gets these points heavily questioned, delving into the depths of human depravity with a high level of realism that most other anime fail to do.

In the production side, Fate/Zero is near perfect when it comes to looks and sounds, as we have seen in the first season. Not much has been seen in the way of action, but as the story comes to its climax, we should be seeing more flashy animation from ufotable once again.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

CarillusAh, Fate/Zero’s second season. Seeing as I’ve been a TYPE-MOON fanboy for approximately seventy eight years, and that Fate/Zero is written by Gen Urobuchi, plus music from Kajiura Yuki and animation by ufotable, AND I’ve watched the first season, there’s no question about this. Even if only for the battle between Berserker and Gilgamesh. Oh yes.

If Nico streams it again, I’m watching it there. Can’t get enough of MOE WEIBA comments.

Chances of Carillus not bothering to download this and watching the Nico streams instead: 140%

It’s Fate/Zero. Need I say more?

Chances of Cyborg watching this: 100%


Notable facts about this anime are: it’s Kyoto Animation. Meaning guaranteed good high-budget all-around art and animation and high doses of moe, now on both sides of the gender spectrum! It is an adaptation of a mystery novel of the same name. Important people in production include your usual KyoAni cute drawing brigade and the author of Full Metal Panic! doing the series composition.

Valence“Adolescent mystery” was all I managed to glean from the synopsis.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

AzureNo reason to turn down a Kyo Ani show even if the story turns out to be plotless. I really don’t know what to think of KyoAni: For one, the animation quality of their works are like porn to me. BUT, I end up disliking almost everything they animate to some extent in the end. I must be the only one that didn’t enjoy Nichijou at all. *proceeds to get hit by a rotten fruit*

Chances of Azure watching this: I’ll probably watch it, and hate it; 60%.

I don’t know what to expect from this. I want to believe that this would be a more serious anime, going back to the days where KyoAni produced any real substantial entertainment like Clannad, Kanon, or God forbid, Haruhi. However, KyoAni’s recent track record shows a success in K-On! and a failure in Nichijou, which can be taken as good or bad depending on how you look at it. I don’t know whether this affected KyoAni’s business dealings in licencing original work, but I do hope that this anime will be one for the taking. KyoAni’s works, bar Munto and the Haruhi TV series, have all been enjoyable for me, after all.

But what the hell, KyoAni? Why wouldn’t you give us our Little Busters! adaptation?

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

CarillusKyoAni. So far, I’ve watched almost every KyoAni show produced, because they are usually good. This should be no exception.

But still, KyoAni, where is my Little Busters!?

Chances of Carillus at least trying to watch this: 100%

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai)

Notable facts about this anime include: it is an adaptation of an award-winning manga of the same name by Chuuya Koyama. The direction will be done by Ayumu Watanabe, known for directing the Doraemon series. The manga will also be adapted into a live action film which should come out later this year. It should also be noted that this anime is scheduled to run for over a year.

Ultimate bromance in space.

Chances of Valence watching this: 50%

Space Brothers’ synopsis sounds like a great idea for a Disney film, which is always a good thing. There’s something in this show that draws both my inner child and my slightly elitist nature. I get a feeling that this would be an inspiring tale of two brothers.

Recently, I have seen the trailer for the live action movie of Space Brothers, and I have to say that I’m now interested in seeing the movie too. I can proudly say that Space Brothers is the anime that I’m looking forward to the most this season.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

Shining Hearts ~Bread of Happiness~

From the Shining series of JRPGs from SEGA comes an anime adaptation of Shining Hearts by Production I.G., now improved with the subtitle ~Shiawase no Pan~ or ~Bread of Happiness~. Itsuro Kawasaki will be doing both the directing and the series composition, but the main hook here apparently is that the one who did the character designs was Tony Taka, responsible for designing some prominent anime characters like Horo from Spice and Wolf.

If you’re willing to call your production something even close to ~Bread of Happiness~, I will think you have some really serious issues. But still, putting the title aside, I happen to be a fan of Tony Taka’s designs. I will probably fail to watch more than one episode of this (and collect a lot of pictures instead).

Chances of @fkeroge finishing this: 10%
It’s based off a game that had its art done by Taka Tony, how can I resist? I’ll probably give it a few episodes to see if I do want to continue it.

Chances of Cyborg watching this: 60%


Facts: an adaptation of an ecchi manga by Mitsuru Hattori to be animated by the Great Studio DEEN. It is about a boy who is obsessed with zombies to the point that he only wants to date a zombie girl. The director would be Mamoru Hatakeyama and the writing will be by Noboru Takagi. Adjust expectations accordingly.

I never understood why all popular school idols want to die so much in anime. I expect the zombie thing to fail though, and for the protag to somehow wean himself off his obsession with zombies. Oh wait – he has the spells needed. Oh well. This would be interesting: two zombie shows this season. Another thing I don’t like about these shows is that take they the flavour (brains) out of zombie shows- by having them  appear exactly the same. Let’s see how they’ll handle that.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

Key word: “Zombies”


Chances of Azure watching this: 30%

One of my friends was looking forward for Sankarea to be animated and he was recommending the stuff to me for quite a while now. I read a few chapters of the manga since then and I can’t say I’m impressed. Standard romance manga with lots of fanservice and slight zombie fetishism. Not my kind of thing. Not to mention that this will be animated by the GREATEST ANIMATION STUDIO EVAH!

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 40%

I follow the manga. It’s kind of weird, but interesting enough for me to not completely drop it. So I’ll at least be watching the first episode.

Chances of Carillus at least watching the first episode: 100%

Medaka Box

It’s NisiOisiN of Bake/Nise/Kizumonogatari fame getting his manga, Medaka Box, to be animated. The story revolves around an absurdly strong student council getting bizarre requests through a suggestion box named Medaka Box. Gainax will be handling the animation, with Shouji Saeki (The Ugly Yet Beautiful World) handling both scriptwriting and direction.

Any school council president that dresses like that will definitely win all the votes. Just saying.

Chances of Valence watching this: 9001%

Forty percent of the reason I’m watching the X-monogatari series is because of Shaft’s trippy “animation.” Thirty percent comes from the series’ strangely addictive music offerings. Twenty percent comes from the meandering dialogue that somehow turns out to be interesting. The remaining ten percent comes from Senjougahara. Let’s see, it will be animated by Gainax, which hasn’t produced anything I liked since Gurren Lagann. Music? I have no idea what they plan to do here. Is Senjougahara here? No. How about the dialogue? Perhaps it will still be present here since this is by NisiOisiN. Will I watch it? Perhaps… perhaps not.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 20%

I’ve watched Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari, am watching Nisemonogatari, am going to watch Kizumonogatari and am eagerly waiting for the next English volume of Zaregoto (which will, sadly, never come out). I’ve been following Medaka Box on a weekly basis since Chapter 3. Needless to say, I love NisiOisiN’s style of character-based writing.

Long shows don’t really suit me, however. Expect a drop sometime on the fifth to fifteenth episode (my magical number seems to be four, though) if I bother to pick it up.

Chances of Carillus even starting: 55%

Natsuiro Kiseki

An anime promoting the four voice actresses of Sphere: Aki Toyosaki, Ayahi Takagaki, Minako Kotobuki and Haruka Tomatsu. This original anime production will be under Studio Sunrise and will be directed by Seiji Mizushima, known for directing the first FMA anime series.

Sunrise, What are you doing… From Gundam to Code Geass to bad Gundam to Phi Brain and finally this? Also I’m finding it weird that I have a rough idea of who’s voicing who…

Frankly, I’ve lost track of Sphere’s music release ever since Moon Signal. In fact, the only girls group that I’m following right now is SNSD which is probably a sign that I’m really falling out with my current interests…

I do make an effort to keep up with the recent seiyuu news and what not but I cannot stand seeing names like Yuki Aoi or Kana Hanazawa (even if I like her) everywhere. Whatever happened to the good old days of Nana, Yukarin, Minorin etc etc… I even miss Aya Hirano…

Chances of Azure watching this: 100% while trying to re-find love for Japanese Seiyuu.

When I was introduced to the world of anime, voice actresses like Mamiko Noto, Yui Horie, Nana Mizuki, Chiwa Saito and Yukari Tamura were the first ones I heard, and arguably the best female voice actresses around. I still think so too to this day, but with the addition of the newer talents like Aoi Yuuki and to a certain extent, Kana Hanazawa. I haven’t even heard of a seiyuu group known as Sphere until recently. Sure, I know the voice actresses in the group, but I never would have thought that they actually release music albums as a group. I really don’t know what to expect from this one. Maybe it’ll be like Nichibros, seeing that Sunrise will be animating it, with the critique of anime cliches and tropes, or maybe this’ll be more like Aria or Tamayura, being relaxing and all that jazz. If it’s anything like those two conditions I mentioned, I’m most certainly in.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 70%

 It’s an original production by Sunrise, so I went and looked at the people in charge of the script and series production. Pretty good stuff; one of them was a scriptwriter on Perfect Blue, which is rated among the greatest anime movies of all time. I like the character designs too, so I’ll probably be watching this.

That is, if giant robots don’t suddenly turn up in it. But Sunrise…

Chances of Carillus finding giant mecha in this show: 50%


One of the noitaminA shows for the next season. An original sci-fi production by A-1 Pictures which seems to be centered around fishing. The director will be there revered Kenji Nakamura, known for other noitaminA titles like Mononoke, Trapeze and [C], and written by Toshiya Ono.

Adolescent scifi fishing story is probably one of the winners of the ‘ridiculous synopsis in 4 words’ contest. But then again, this is another fate-of-the-world-lies-on-random-teenagers anime we’re all so  accustomed to, so it can’t fare too badly.

Chances of Valence watching this: 65%

Well, it looks kinda epic. No, really: fishing? Aliens? YEAAAAHHHH. This is my other “Hey, looks cool, pictures are pretty. I’ll watch it” show for spring 2012.

Side mention: Yuki Sanada… That name… DAT NAME.

Chances of Azure watching this: 90%

I find the premise of this show a bit confusing. Fishing, aliens and Indians. Well, it’s pretty… creative, I guess. The only show by Kenji Nakamura that I have watched is [C], a fairly enjoyable, yet messy show. I won’t have high expectations from this, but I guess it’s still worth watching.

Chances of @fkeroge acually enjoying it: 80%

Sakamichi no Apollon

The other noitaminA show. Tezuka Productions teaming up with MAPPA for spring 2012. It is based on a josei manga by Yuki Kodama about a group of young people from the 1960s brought together by jazz music. The anime will be directed by Shinichirou Watanabe and written by Ayako Katou and Yuuko Kakihara.

My most anticipated show of spring 2012. I hope this doesn’t end up like my most anticipated show of the previous 2 seasons (Guilty Crown *cough* Symphogear *cough*) Love, friendship and music doesn’t seem like something you can mess up… Also, let’s give noitaminA another chance…

Chances of Azure watching this: 101%

This show has a golden premise, a potential candidate for an anime classic in every sense of the word. I mean, 1960s? Jazz? A story of adolescence? What’s not to like? I have seen the trailer, read some stuff about it, and I can say that this will most probably not disappoint. I guess noitaminA is going back to producing elitist-grabbing shows again.

Chances of @fkeroge finding new love for jazz: 100%

Accel World

Accel World is from the same person who writes the current most popular light novel series in Japan, Sword Art Online, Reki Kawahara. Accel World is about a middle school student who is always oppressed by the bullies in his school. But with the help from a piece of software from the prettiest girl in school, he becomes an instant hero. The anime will be animated by Sunrise, directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino.

I actually fell asleep through chapter 1 of the manga a few months back but anyway, if I don’t sleep through the anime I’ll watch it.

Chances of Azure not sleeping through it: 10%. Which means I’ll drop it by the 3rd episode (at best) then regret it 5-6 episodes later when everyone decides that its actually pretty good.

I have read a few chapters of Accel World, and as far as I’m concerned, I think Sword Art Online is way better. The manga chapters that I have seen shows little indication of innovation outside of the unusual appearance of the protagonist. Still, it is still a pretty entertaining read. This being animated by Sunrise at least guarantees decent animation.

Chances of @fkeroge finishing it: 70%

I happen to like Accel World. So yeah, definite watch.

Chances of Carillus actually finishing Accel World: 82%

Well, it did sound rather promising from its blurb so I’ll give it a few episodes. But I’ve never seen a fat anime character either so this might be interesting.

Chances of Cyborg watching this: 80%

Saki: Achiga-hen

The spin-off to the original Saki anime with completely different characters. No prior experience with the first Saki anime is required to watch this show about a group of girls reviving the now disbanded mahjong club of the school and battling it out on the table against others with the powers of manipulating luck. Studio Gokumi will be animating this with the direction of Manabu Ono and writing by Tatsuhiko Urahata.

Mahjong and pretty girls, I see no reason to decline, especially after how the first Saki anime turned out surprisingly good. Also, more yuri canon. It doesn’t seem related to the first series though but whatever, it can’t be too different…

The only turn off is… My comment on the seiyuu industry for the new decade… The first 2 names that turn up in the cast list… *facepalm*

Chances of Azure watching this: As high as Yuki Aoi NOT using a different voice to portray whichever character she’s voicing…

I haven’t seen the first Saki anime yet. From what I have heard, this anime combines the boring game of mahjong with the energy of a nuclear explosion, along with enough yuri to satisfy even me. So yeah, I’m gonna be watching the first anime as well as this one.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 100%

Screw everything, DRAGONBALL MAHJONG. WITH LOLIS. This is one of the shows that started me playing mahjong (the other was Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, which, as you’ll recall, starred Junichiro Koizumi, one of the former Prime Ministers of Japan).

The only way it could get better is if my favourite Rinshan prodigy was the main again, but hey, you can’t have your cake and eat it, right?

Chances of Carillus reaching Super Saiyan levels of fanboyism: 9001%


An anime casting the idols from the famous JPop group AKB48 (with around 60 actual members!) in a post-apocalyptic anime where music is considered subversive due to its power to move people. AKB48, now a guerrilla group of singers performs underground concerts under the name AKB0048. The anime is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike and written by Mari Okada under Studio Satelight.

Hold your jets ladies and gentlemen. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW THIS SEASON. Not only will it have one of the HIGHEST SALES, it will also throw this army/platoon/regiment/pop group of girls into the spotlight. Kind of like the FACT anime music videos, except those didn’t turn the entire band into anime heroes- ok this is is just ridiculous.

Music is banned because it moves people but no reason is given for that. And of course, AKB48 becomes a rebel army of sorts, blasting out crappy girly pop songs to save Star Calendar. Also, the Earth is now a barren wasteland. (Seriously.) I bet I’ll be writing more about that than the show itself, considering how AKB48 is a new pop group and how they just become the heroes of Star Calendar. (2012 IS IMMINENT AND JAPAN KNOWS IT.) OH WAIT, AKB48 ARE ALL DEAD. DEEEEAAAD. THEY SANG ALL THE WAY TO THE EARTH’S END AND DIED AS HEROES. THAT’S ACTUALLY KIND OF DEPRESSING.

Not only the fact that girly pop singers from Japan have become our world’s last saving grace and the final act of our eternal concert, but also the fact that they alone inspired a huge group of girls to go around and do the same IN REBELLION.

If you can’t imagine the humour this show presents, imagine a montage of the group
AKB0048 practicing their songs, preparing costumes, sets and dances, and doing whatever girls in groups of 48 do in their spare time while presumably,running away from the government set to this song: 

Chances of Valence watching this: 009001%

I was eating dinner when someone directed me to the ANN article about AKB48 getting an anime. I spit my rice all over my monitor while reading this. I can’t tell which is more ridiculous, AKB getting an anime or Sphere getting an anime…

Its like the epitome of a self whoring anime: “Until just before the annihilation of Earth, AKB48 shined as legendary idols.” And a bootleg of IDOLM@STER…

There might be this miniscule 0.000000000000001% chance that it might turn out good but…

Also, yes. I’m definitely not a fan of AKB48 or any group with a ridiculous amount of 48 people in it. I wonder what gave it away…

Chances of Azure watching this: 60%, so I can laugh at how ridiculous it is and be a complete jerk about it.

Oh, boy. Mari Okada: the one responsible for anime masterpieces like Fractale and Ano Hana. I find it amusing that she produces stuff I love like Toradora!, meh stuff like True Tears, and some of my most hated anime like Fractale and Ano Hana. with her handling the writing again this time, I have honestly no idea what to expect from her this time.

But still, the premise for AKB0048 looks interesting enough to warrant a look, unlike that previous idol anime which I didn’t even last a single episode. Let’s just wait and see what will happen here.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: 80%

As AKB49 ~Renai Kishi Jourei~ proves, just because it’s based on AKB48 (ew, 3D!) doesn’t mean it will have to suck. The character designs aren’t exactly making me happy, but The iDOLM@STER actually happens to be one of my favourite shows (you know, virtual idols with weird hair colours and all) so I’ll at least give it a try.

Chances of Carillus watching the second episode: 48%


Jormungand is an anime adaptation of a manga of the same title by Keitarou Takahashi. The story is set in post-war Africa, where a boy who dislikes guns and violence despite being skilled in combat is dragged into the workings of arms dealers operating in the area. Anime studio white Fox will be doing the animation withKeitaro Motonaga doing the direction and Yousuke Kuroda handling the writing.

#kony2012 may be full of holes and problems, and probably won’t save the children of Africa, but now you can watch a 30 minute show every week. Suck on that, Invisible Children. (no pun intended.) But in all seriousness, child soldiers in Africa is indeed a serious problem – no, child soldiers are a serious problem. I expect the show to at least shed some light on the issues surrounding the show – expecting it to be highly dramatic and tense. Looking forward to it.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

No reason to turn down a show by WHITE FOX either. And I have a thing for shows Shizuka Itou gets casted for… The title seems cool, sounds Nordic actually. I haven’t actually read the plot description properly but it’s probably interesting enough. *inserts millions of shallow reasons*

Chances of Azure watching this: 70%

I’m not much of a fan of stuff like this. The moment I find out that something is set in any type of wasteland and has something to do with fighting with guns, I start to lose interest. The synopsis, from what I gather, doesn’t provide me with much enthusiasm either. I’ll probably give this an episode or two.

Chances of @fkeroge watching to the end: 20%

I read about it, it seems to fit me just fine. Blood, guns, bullets and blades.  An action anime with a premise of a deeper plot? I might be lucky with this one. I did enjoy Canaan after all.

Sengoku Collection

Based on a mobile phone dating simulation game by Konami with over 3 million users. It will be animated by Brains Base and directed by Keiji Gotou.

I love anime which fucks up history for me. If nothing I actually learn a bit more about history from anime like this, despite the fact that I have no actual use for information surrounding the Sengoku era or that all of them are now loli girls in a dating sim.

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

Queens Blade Rebellion

AKA claudette becomes a bitch and ruins everything. Looking forward to it. Especially since Akira (?) lost her demonic powers and gained some new ones…except the demons are adorable and keep trying to eat her. And she fights with a giant rice spoon or something. Wait am I even talking about the right series? Who knows. This show is pretty brainless anyway.

Also Claudette now looks like an anthro Arceus.

Chances of Valence watching this: 9001%

Koi Ken

>dating game adaptation

>mobile phone dating game adaptation

>mobile phone dating game adaptation with 3 million users

Chances of Valence watching: 49%

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Although the synopsis sounds interesting, the only thing I fear is the Another-styled dramatic letdown. Another was set to be dramatic and suspenseful but after the beach episode I found it difficult to treat it seriously. Let’s hope they stay at least 2 miles away from watermelons, beaches and swimsuits. Oh, and she’s a ghost, so suck on that.

Chances of Valence watching it: 66%

Oh my, I never even knew this was in the list until I saw the published post. I’ve read the manga and my god it was awesome (even for a person like me who hates horror), so of course I’m watching this. Or at least starting.

Chances of Carillus watching it: 100%

I’ve read the manga and I really enjoyed it so duh, I’m watching the anime. I’m not sure about watching ANOTHER horror anime after Another (which creeps the shit out of me) but heck, I want to see Yuuko in her animated form.

Chances of Cyborg watching this: 100%


Original Net Animation (ONA) based on an action-comedy manga series by Kitsune Tennouji about anthropomorphized assault rifles. Animated by Xebec, it will be directed by Takao Kato and written by Naruhisa Arakawa.

You better watch this too, CyborgCommunist, because I’ll be on it every week. Brings a whole new meaning to that NS saying: “Treat your rifle like your wife.”

Chances of Valence watching it: 100%

I like small cute girls. I also happen to really like guns.

Well, guess what?

Chances of Carillus watching it: 100%

Eureka Seven Ao

Eureka Seven Ao is the spiritual successor to the original Eureka Seven anime. It will be animated by Bones Studio and directed by Tomaki Kyoda.

.Oh boy oh boy oh boy we finally get a sequel to Eureka Seven, more mecha on giant mecha surfboards. I just hope it won’t be as bad as the first one. I still have ten episodes to go before I finish the entire show. I was stuck at that 10 episodes more status since 2007 actually…

Also… Is Ao some descendant of Eureka and Renton or something?

Chances of Azure Watching This: Somewhere between 100% and 50%; ie. Most likely.

Is This a Zombie? OF THE DEAD

Sequel to the anime adaptation of the light novel series Kore ha Zombie Desu ka? by Shinichi Kimura. Takaomi Kanasaki and Makoto Uezu will be doing the direction and writing under Studio DEEN.

IF this is really the title, and this was an intentional parody, and the show becomes a parody, I’ll marathon the whole thing at one go.

Chances of Valence watching it: ?%

Apparently, inserting ‘OF THE DEAD’ to the title of any show with zombies instantly makes the show itself 100% cooler. Next to ~Bread of Happiness~, this is the trashiest title for the season. It’s so utterly ridiculous, yet given the ridiculous nature of the anime itself, I feel inclined to let the title pass. As for the anime in question, if this goes anywhere near the levels of bad of the ending of the first season, I’ll give up on this show. I’ll give it one episode to prove me otherwise. Don’t fail me, GREATEST ANIME STUDIO EVAH!

Chances of @fkeroge watching it: I don’t know.

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san

A light novel adaptation revolving around one of the deities of Lovecraft Mythos, Nyarlathotep, now taking the form of a silver-haired girl. Nyarlathotep, now going by the name Nyarlko, saves a boy who was being chased by aliens and starts to live with him. The anime will be animated by Xebec with the direction of Tsuyoshi Nagasawa.

Admittedly this isn’t the first time Nyarlathotep has been turned into a girl, but if ever pressed to represent Japan with just one anime, this is it. If you can’t appreciate the humour in such a show, go home and watch your Twilight parodies or something.

Chances of Valence watching this: 9001%


An original anime series set on a post-apocalyptic world where the sun has destroyed most of the earth’s surface. A woman named Maya is being chased by the government but is saved by the protagonist, Sam. Sam lets Maya stay at his ship to hide from the army of clones. However, they are soon found by the army. LandQ Studios will be producing the anime under the direction of Takahiro Ikezoe and the writing of Junki Takegami.

The concept of Ideal Children made a bit of sense at first, but I’m still a tad confused. IF the human population is decreasing, why then are you focusing on the children first? I mean, it holds a lot of weird implications which would probably send this blog back into the lolibooru shitstorm a year back I stirred up. Anyway, the concept seems interesting, kind of like a TTGL scenario with the human population being very small, dystopian future etc. Looking forward to it.

Chances of Valence watching it: 90%

Anime nobody in the staff cared about:

  • Acchi Kocchi
  • Saint Seiya thing
  • SD Naruto
  • Ginga he Kickoff
  • Another Jewelpet
  • Pretty Rhythm
  • Fushigi no Umi no Nadia
  • Thomas the Creepy Tank Engine
  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Phi Brain
  • Yurumates
  • Beyblade
  • Hiiro no Kakera

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13 Responses to Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

  1. I guess this season i will have more free time, there;s only 3 that im interested, Fate (obviously), Hyouka, because im a loyal Kyoani fan and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia because heck i need a third series and this sounds interesting.

    • @fkeroge says:

      As per usual, no matter what I say here, I’m probably going to end up trying to watch everything and dropping most of them. One of these days, my dropped list is going to overtake my completed list…

      • Carillus says:

        “One of these days”? For me, it’s probably already happened. My drop rate is over 50%…

  2. That last bit. I laughed my arse off when I saw it.

    “Anime nobody in the staff cared about”. We didn’t care to the extent that I didn’t write much about them at all XD

  3. Nopy says:

    I’m going to give Shining Hearts a shot, even though their main selling point is that the character designs were by Tony Taka. Accel World also looks nice too (at least that Kuroyukihime girl) so that’s on my maybe list.

    • @fkeroge says:

      I have no idea what to expect from Shining Hearts. The synopsis seems a bit too general and arguably, generic.

      Accel world, in my opinion, is inferior to the author’s other work, Sword Art Online. As far as I’ve read the Accel World novel, I haven’t seen much innovation… same old Shana or ZNT style encounters with an unusual protagonist.

  4. Justin says:

    *cries* No one cared about Zetman? I is sad…

    Otherwise, aside from that, I definitely want to see Yuuka animated as well.

    • Mathew says:

      Zetman should be cared about. Never read the manga? Well, watch the anime. May actually turn out better than most of these cute (read generic) offerings.

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  7. ForeverWest says:

    I have to say i really like your blog but the one thing i disagree with is your opinion on Another. I thought it was absolutely great, and it was REALLY dramatic and the ending wasn’t as shit as all the other horror anime’s, but yeah all and all i got good info about upcoming animes, thanksss.

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