Negima: The end of a magical epic

Well the end of an ecchi magical epic that is. The first page of the final chapter pretty much makes this self explanatory; some things never change.

18 volumes down, 20 to go.
20 x SGD5.50= SGD110 = Take all my money

My volume 1 of Negima is currently on the verge of disintegration. And my volume 1 was the 5th reprint from 2007… 9 years sure is long.

Negima first started serialization in 2003; that was 9 years ago. With 37 volumes / 355 chapters, Negi and his harem of god knows how many girls finally come to an end. From local publishing house Chuang Yi’s first Negima volume (Chinese ver) in September 2003, I have loyally followed every single published volume via camping in comics stores or borrowing it from older relatives (whom have long since lost interest in comics after catching the hallyu wave) right up to 2008 when I first touched the internet and to be bluntly honest: I couldn’t understand most of the story until 2008.

So having Negima end like that… I’m having a lot of feelings right now… Especially on Akamatsu proving to be one of the biggest trolls in manga…

Like this page for example:


“Yo” doesn’t even half cover it. Negi spent 37 volumes searching for his lost father whom was presumed dead and he just shows up in the last chapter with the whole of Ala Rubra like “Yo” without any concrete explanation about what happened to him… If this isn’t trolling I don’t know what is…

Then there’s the whole thing with the second last chapter about who Negi really liked… Which was never addressed in the end, as with all other harem series who don’t go with the “main girl wins”, “childhood friend wins” or “everyone dies” approach. At least Setsuna and Konoka got married. Probably. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

And speaking of childhood friends, there wasn’t even a single mention of Anya in the final chapter… And she didn’t get much screen time thanks to getting kidnapped by Fate in the Magic World. Did Akamatsu just completely forget about her or something?

Also, what happened to the twins was a real shocker. In fact, Asuna’s reaction from the previous chapter hints that the same thing happened in the parallel world. Not to mention the fact that they grew up really nicely. And Chisame, full on Internet recluse/advisor…

Misora’s entry may as well be one of the most telling entries next to Mana’s which speaks of some war in Mars that caused Asuna to oversleep, somehow.

Way back in the series, about some time after the awesome School Festival Arc, Misora pretended to be the priest and gave Negi the assignment to think about who he likes. Apparently the outcome was unexpected and funny to Misora… And put together with the “About Valentines” comments in Negi’s final class roster… Well actually nothingcan be concluded from it at all; my friend reckons he wound up with Fate or one of his sisters.

So whatever happened to the "Our Magic is not omnipotent... a little bit of courage is the real magic." quote way back in chapter 1?

I found it mildly hilarious that I was re reading Shaman King in the recent weeks and both works gave me the same “How can you end like this and leave us hanging” feel. Hopefully Akamatsu will come up with spin offs regarding the unaddressed questions and the individual adventures of certain characters like Natsumi and Kotarou’s, the entire business with the war on Mars or Yue’s Magical Space Detective adventures and especially how they found Nagi and why Erika is missing.

In the whole 9 years of serialization, the sheer amount of weeks that no Negima chapters were released due to Akamatsu sensei “doing research” may actually be enough to wrap up at least one or 2 of the above things…

At least, at the very least, it had the nice fuzzy feeling that final chapters are supposed to have and it was actually better (far better) than the ending the anime final gave us… Maybe now we can finally get an adaptation of Negima that is done right, though I’d rather Akamatsu work his ass off on his next work.


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9 Responses to Negima: The end of a magical epic

  1. Nya-chan Production says:

    The best troll mangaka out there, we salute you! o>

    Thanks for those awesome years~

  2. Awesome series, but a terrible ending.

    We all know Negi should have ended up with Nodoka.

    • Azure says:

      there are over 30 girls (and guys if you really think Akamatsu is that big of a troll) to choose from…

      I’m rooting for Chisame and Eva

  3. I was hoping for a Yue ending after last chapter. Now I’m just hoping for a sequel/spin-off on JComi.

    • Azure says:

      I really liked the idea of Yue growing into a complete badass detective. Hope there’s more spin offs or works about her adventures…

  4. hiroy_raind says:

    Funny how last week I kept reading about how Akamatsu doesn’t like harem stories, but he does it because it pays his bill. In the end, he really does disliked it.

    • Azure says:

      wasn’t it more like him not wanting Negima to be a harem story but a mainstream shounen but the editors didn’t approve of it?

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