Weiss Schwarz: Cardfight!! Tournament


Madoka deck vs. Madoka deck. Didn't happen in the tournament, but happened a lot in free play afterward.

Nothing like good ol' PMMM to make everything better.

Today, March 03 2012, was one of the days of Bushiroad’s organised tournament for two of their money-sapping card games, which include Vanguard, Chaos, Victory Spark and the aforementioned Weiss Schwarz. Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz, being their two biggest earners, naturally got all of the spotlight, with child-pocket-money-sapping Vanguard getting Friday and Sunday, and Weiss Schwarz getting Saturday.

Note: This is a Weiss Schwarz post. It’s unlikely that you’ll find this interesting unless you actually have played the game before.

I was there at 9am, meeting one of my friends for a pre-registration warmup. This early in the morning, all the shops were still closed, but the early birds were already clustered around the tables, bringing out their cards for a bit of early gaming.

Already quite a few people despite the ungodly time

Despite having exceeded all my own expectations and getting not one, but four booster boxes for Madoka Magica (for a total of over six hundred cards), my Madoka deck was still incomplete for want of four very rare, very expensive cards (2 Ultimate Madokas and 2 3/2 Miki Sayakas which cost a total of around $70), so I entered with a $40-50 Railgun deck  based around the Uiharu-Saten bond combo.

One box costs a hundred dollars.

Four boxes! It's one month's worth of my pay!

The tourney proper started at 11, with registration at 10, and we quickly got down to business. My first opponent was a Melty Blood player (a pretty rare series to see nowadays), but I cut a bloody swathe through his field with a fully-fielded Saten-Uiharu combination that yielded a base 11000 power front row. Everything he had was smaller and he had no stock to pull out his 3/2 Sion’s ability, which meant he pretty much couldn’t do anything after that.

Second round through, I found myself up against a Milky Holmes player, a series famed for being pretty darn strong. My draws weren’t too good either, with many climaxes being thrown out in the early game and the inability to draw my full field in time. Luckily enough for me, he was having trouble with his own hand as well, which allowed me to push through enough damage to put him to Level 4 without any of his Level 3s ever appearing.

I proceeded to lose the next two rounds, the first to a Level 0 deck which I stupidly continued to clock on, revealing my inexperience in dealing with such decks, and the fourth because of a crazily bad mistake that cost me an entire level’s worth of field advantage.

It's like looking at old housewives shopping for fish

Seiyuu Shuuta Morishima (a rather pretty man) is somewhere there in the middle along with Bushiroad's president.

The event ended with a lucky draw, where players clamoured, hoping for themselves to win the rare goods that were going up – among them first-edition Railgun card sleeves (price: $200) and a Little Busters! playmat (so rare I can’t even find a price online). Not bad for free registration, eh?


Weiss Schwarz is still a shitty card game. It’s expensive and it’s mostly just milking cash cows to make obsessive fanboys (like me) spend more money to make stronger decks that just die to TDs anyway. Doesn’t stop me from playing it, though, because even though it sucks it’s still fun.

Also, the WS community is pretty nice as a whole. Most of the people are mild-mannered, and when they talk a lot it usually means they’re even nicer.

Nice people helping one of my newbie friends build a PMMM Kyouko deck. They also happen to own card-selling shops - even though most of his cards had already been bought from me.

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