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I’m late to the 50 Questions thing?

So it seems that I, Azure am the only one who hasn’t even touched the “50 Questions with xxx” meme-trend-fad-thingy. I think I saw this on Facebook or Tumblr or somewhere… I’m so glad Anima still counts as an author … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Little Busters! Anime Announcement

According to my (not so) dependable sources, the Little Busters! anime has been confirmed. The official announcement will be in Dengeki Visual Arts 2012 Spring publication on the 10th of April.

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I’m conforming to this

Well, since everyone on AOIA seems to be doing this, why not I re-blog mine? SleepySlacker told me about this funky new thing all the Ani-bloggers are doing a while back in class when we weren’t paying attention to our … Continue reading

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@fkeroge’s Super Subjective Reviews! No. 5 – Black★Rock Shooter TV

For once, I’ll review something that has just finished airing. I feel that I just have to write about this whole experience to get it off my chest. This time, I will be talking about one of winter 2012’s noitaminA … Continue reading

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50 Questions with Carillus

Hey, let’s jump on the bandwagon and stuff. Credits to AceRailgun for starting this, and to @fkeroge for showing us that free time is just a synonym for ‘get your ass on the blog and do something, anything’.

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Some fad where I answer 50 anime-related questions or something, by Valence

Totally didn’t remind me of old Facebook quizzes and I am n% X notes. @fkeroge took the initiative and took pretty much the most awesome anime-related header image ever, so here’s a picture of a T-Rex fighting a tank.

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50 Questions with @fkeroge

I know, you folks must be tired of all these 50 Questions posts. However, my answers are the best out there! Hahaha! Okay, joking aside, I just wanted to post one of these. Credit goes to AceRailgun for starting the … Continue reading

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Spring 2012 Anime Season Preview

After the season preview post of Winter 2012, one of the writers (Carillus, to be exact) miraculously came back, so here we are with a – surprise, surprise! – preview post of Spring 2012. Once again, we have on board … Continue reading

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