Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Yuri, evil aliens and terribad animation

This series is as gay as Black Rock Shooter, has as terrible animation as Madoka Magica and as badly written as Guilty Crown…

The following post is when I throw a tantrum at Symphogear, in an attempt to get rid of my writer’s block… Saying that makes it sound like I’m an actual writer…

Meduka Quality / Ahem, what is up with that pose.

I was watching this scene and mentally making some “Get a room already.” comment before I remembered “OH, right, they sleep in the same bunk on the same bed in the same room.”. And then I proceeded to re read whatever I wrote about the first episode in case I forgot anything else…

How do I start…. I vaguely recall that I said “Symphogear is a yuri tragedy” after watching episode 1. It probably isn’t. I don’t even know what this series is trying to do anymore…

From episode one onwards, Tsubasa was all like “No, you can never replace my Kanade.”, then she goes all Sayaka “I was such a fool” (does that mean Kanade is her Kyouko?) and then Hibiki learns kung fu and stuff from old man Genjuro meanwhile Ryouko’s evil blonde perpetually naked twin does evulz stuff with Chris… Alien Noise still turning people into carbon… Really, just what the hell is going on?

Hibiki has managed to prove herself to be one of the most annoying characters in anime history. She is far too jovial and her repeated complaints about being cursed (which she may very well be seeing how she’s destined to die)  make her come of superficial. Tray as I might I just can’t stand her; plus, she sounds exactly like Madoka. It drives me nuts hearing her speak, Yuki Aoi didn’t even attempt to try and sound different.


I hoped Hibiki would have matured a little after the whole Tsubasa crying blood tears ordeal and her training with Genjuro plus Tsubasa’s pep talk with her about Chris but no. She still seems to be childish and annoyingly cheerful even after flattening the surroundings with her Trans Am Raiser I mean the Durandal and making up with Miku. I’m exasperated at her character, so exasperated that I really hope the Miku crying at the grave scene in episode 1 happens in the coming few episodes.

Miku on the other hand, irritates me in a different way from Hibiki. She is far too good for this sinful earth. She will do anything she can for Hibiki, covering for her absence in classes, helping her with assignments, jogging with her, showing her support even when Hibiki doesn’t tell her just what she is doing (for very understandable reasons but Miku still finds out anyway). She was terribly nice to Chris too, picking her up from the streets like that.

And speaking of Chris, what on earth has that poor girl been through; not to mention who on earth designed her revealing clothes… And I really am disappointed Takagi Ayahi’s singing. I felt that she sounded so much more better in the Sphere songs (maybe thats just because everyone else sucked worse at singing…) or her previous singles like Occult Gakuen’s Kimi ga Iru Basho… Actually what in the world possessed Agematsu Noriyasu to compose rock songs of all genre for Chris anyway, it just sounds odd. Ayahi Takagi was trained in opera for gods sake, why rock of all genres.

Sounds like some inner masochist awakening speech to me...

If you change and remove the first and last letters of “Ryouko Sakurai” you get “Kyouko Sakura”, do we need any further proof that Symphogear is trying (and failing epically) to imitate Madoka? *unrelated random observation*

There is the whole Ryouko and Fine thing too. Why are they making it so blatantly obvious that both Fine and Ryouko share the same voice? Are they evil twins? Or super powered evil sides? Or the same person except they speed dye their hair? Why is Fine naked during 95% of her screen time? How come Ryouko has her magical barrier powers? *wall head bang*

And, why did Fine tie Chris up and torture her? I don’t see any purpose in doing that other than to show us how insanely evil Fine is (that and fanservice of course) and it certainly makes you wonder why Chris sticks with her especially after Fine does the whole “You have outlived your usefulness; I like Hibiki better” thing to her. Its like they are copying the whole Precia and Fate thing from Nanoha except that there is a really good reason behind that plus I just found this section highly distasteful.

Crazy psychotic lesbian MAD SCIENTIST alert.

Some time back, I predicted that Symphogear would contain loads of mirroring to other series. I wasn’t wrong, especially after the part where Tsubasa cried blood tears aired. Thankfully, Tsubasa got better otherwise I would have dropped this show already: the sheer thought of listening to just Hibiki and Chris singing is pretty horrifying.

Tsubasa is my bias for the whole anime but to be honest, I don’t see much purpose behind her character (lets admit it, she hasn’t been doing much) other than being badass and singing. I thought she was supposed to be doing some self discovery or something and she has certainly gotten a whole lot better as compared to her in episode 2 but its pretty much unrelated to the main plot so far… I think she is supposed to be Hibiki’s mentor character but her manager, Ogawa and Genjuro seems to be doing more than she ever did; not like I can actually see any character development in Hibiki.Or maybe she’s just there to give Kanade a chance to show up.

Pouting Tsubasa is surprisingly adorable.

Why KanadexTsubasa is the only yuri canon in Symphogear I ship despite all the yuri. Also because they are the only characters that can actually hold a tune.

On the bright side, she seems to have seen a connection between Hibiki’s self healing abilities and Chris in the Nehustan armour from Ryouko’s scientific reports so maybe she’ll catch on quicker than the rest on Ryouko’s true nature in the coming episodes. I can hope, can’t I?

To be honest, I’ve been wondering why Miyuki Sawashiro and Ayahi Takagi were voicing their respective characters instead of each others. Wasn’t Symphogear supposed to be a anime about music battles? Why hasn’t there been any other duets in the anime after the Zwei Wing ones, even if I don’t think either Yuki Aoi or Ayahi Takagi are able to hold a duet with Nana Mizuki properly. Minami Takyama at least has an active singing career (Ayahi’s single works counts but she sounded so much more better in them than in Symphogear) but there is still this jarring gap in the vocals of the Zwei Wing songs.

If you listen to Miyuki Sawashiro’s singing works (take Ambivalent World for example) Miyuki Sawashiro isn’t bad at singing. And its not like Ayahi Takagi isn’t used to voicing evil psycho naked lesbians either (The very first villain in the first episode of Seikon no Qwaser? YEAH…) The most important reason would of course be that I do want to listen to Miyuki Sawashiro and Nana Mziuki duet, ever since some ancient M no Sekai radio broadcast where Sawashiro Miyuki was a special guest…

Not like me ranting is gonna do anything about the casting… I just hope that Miku doesn’t suddenly gain Symphogear powers, I really don’t want to hear Yuka Iguchi sing…


Actually you know what? I wouldn’t mind if the rest of the coming 5/6 (phail maths) episodes consisted solely of Tsubasa smiling at Kanade and them singing. In fact it must be some kind of masochism that I’m still watching this and Guilty Crown *inserts Shu lending people a hand joke*

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  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    HAHAHAHA! So, I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Symphogear?

  2. Nopy says:

    You got pretty much everything that’s wrong with the series covered. The only reason that I’m still watching Symphogear too is because I’m hoping that Nana and Miyuki will do some more songs.

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