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I think one can guess from the title what this post would be on. That’s right, My Little Pony. Of course. *rage quits*

Ok, bullshitting aside, let’s talk about Fate Zero. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shows of the previous anime season (Fall 2011 if I’m not wrong) and its also one of those that has not disappointed yet (I think we’ve all heard about Guilty Crown’s failure in this aspect by now).

In my opinion, of all the shows I watched that started airing in the last season, Tamayura ~Hitotose~ was my favourite. There is absolutely no argument there (to me anyways). However, as the runner up, it was between Fate Zero, Last Exile: Fam of Silver Wing and Chihayafuru. To tell the truth, Last Exile wins but I’m still going to write this post on Fate Zero Season 1 as well as my expectations for Season 2 that will air next season.

Last season had lots of shows airing and many had the potential to be great. In fact, I was spoilt for choice as I couldn’t decide which shows I did want to watch. So to choose definitive favourites amongst would be difficult as I great enjoyed many of them (Of course, why else would I continue watching). Although I did prefer Last Exile over Fate Zero, I still have to say that Fate Zero was THE SHIT. Really. I looked forward to the new episodes more than Last Exile’s just that overall, I enjoyed Last Exile more.

Amazing snow Castle that you can't see

Well, as is customary, I will now provide a short summary of Season 1’s plot.

Fate Zero’s main protagonist, Emiya Kiritsugu, is hired by his wife’s family to win the Grail War for them. The Grail war is an event when 7 magicians compete to obtain the Holy Grail, which can grant any wish, by summoning Heroic Spirits to fight in their steed. As the prequel to Fate/Stay Night, this is the the Fourth Grail War.

You are the Chosen one!!!! Well, one of the seven chosen ones

In terms of graphics, Fate Zero’s were well suited to tell the story it was intended too. It was rater dark and gloomy most of the time, giving the audience an air of apprehension. The BGM certainly made that anticipation more prevalent. The animation was really smooth and the action scenes were pretty stunning in terms of their vividness and complexity. It’s not random shouting of move names and ending the fight in 2 swings of ones blade. Plenty of technique were shown damn well without all those random white slashes appearing around the 2 combatants (you know what I’m talk about).

Loli Rin ftw

Of course, the story was what really got my attention. I do rather enjoy history and in fact, I like thinking “what if History was different”. I do enjoy “alternate” timelines for human history and I’ve read some novels that do these really well (Leviathan, Behomoth and the third book in that series by Scott Westerfield was a particularly good one. And for those that also enjoy reverse traps, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it). So Fate Zero and the whole Fate series’s concept of melding the past with the present through mystical means was incredibly intriguing to me. I never actually got down to playing Fate/Stay Night (Yes, I know that I should) so I thought watching the Prequel for it would also be pretty good. And it might build some background for the Visual Novel whenever the hell I eventually get down to play it.

Sad sad hero ;A;

The idea of various famous figures in history getting down to beat the living crap outta each other to attain a magical object capable of granting a wish was just something I couldn’t turn down. And they even made King Arthur a reverse trap!!! But other than that, I found the rest of the plot really interesting like the family feuds, loyalties and in fact, I really liked the episode where Saber, Archer and Rider sit down to discuss what it means to be King. It was really thought-provoking stuff as the conflicting ideologies made for some interesting food for thought as they all made fair points.

Poor Sakura as well ;A;

As for what I expect for Season 2, firstly, I want to see Caster being torn asunder. That guy is just such a creepy f**k. His voice will scare the shit out of kids. And considering what he does to kids, they have the right to be scared shitless. And as usual, epic battle scenes. But I’m really interested to learn of Berserker’s past and who he/she is (Who knows Berserker might be a bishoujo) as well as what happens to Kariya. He and Berserker seem like the saddest 2 in Fate Zero and he’s one that has a genuinely good reason to win the grail. The intentions of most of the others are unknown thus far. So they’ll probably have to tell us that as well. And let’s see if Rider remains awesome XD.

Summoning a Servant always looks badass

Well, that’s all for this post. I would ask everyone to watch this as even if you don’t get most of the story, it’s still pretty damn awesome to look at. Also, Irisviel X Saber.

badass OP!!!!

P.S – I apologize for the lack of screenshots. It’s not that I’m lazy but there’s too much of Fate Zero I want to take screenshots of that I’d rather not spam this post to be 50% pics. But the art is really good.


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  2. Valence says:

    I was reading this in Google Reader, and with that image and opening sentence, I thought to myself:

    “Dafuq is this?”

    But yeah, LOLI RIN

  3. loli Rin >.<
    All the replies should comment about Rin

  4. kami says:

    Guilty Crown Shits on Fate/Zero. I’m not saying that Fate/Zero is Bad it just that Guilty Crown is Way BETTER.
    The only reason you say Guilty Crown is a failure is because you wanted it to be boring as Fate/Zero.

  5. Azure says:

    “LOLI RIN”
    “Go away inner lolicon of mine, obviously Saber in a tux is the only thing that matters”

    *internal conflict ensues*

    • Carillus says:

      Relevant: IRC quote from 07 Feb 2012
      [23:47] Loli is the root of all good things
      [23:48] It’s the gift that keeps on giving
      [23:48] A loli can give birth to another loli and so on and so forth
      [23:48] lolis giving birth to lolis isn’t very comfortable or safe for the loli.


  6. Wolfnagi says:

    Loli Rin, really -.-”

    I prefer even more lolier version of Illya. If Illya is already loli in FSN, then FZ Illya is more~!

  7. Yi says:

    I want to see a lot more of Berserker and his master too. They both seem like such tragic characters, and I am kind of hoping something good goes their way.

    • I highly doubt that they’ll give them a pleasant ending but it would be an excellent surprise if they did. But either way, they’re still awesome together. Especially Berserker

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