When do we stop blogging?

It’s been roughly 11 days since 2DT announced that he would be leaving the aniblogosphere. For a blogger who’s been on the scene for less than 3 years, his retirement must have been a bit of a shock to some bloggers. It’s hardly fathomable that such a famous blogger, and arguably a pillar of the aniblogosphere, would ever retire from the scene, having embarked on ambitious new posts like podcasts.

Then again, as I’ve learnt recently, good things don’t last forever. Everything comes to an end. Everything we know and love will eventually be sucked up into the great void of death, the black hole of time, and eventually cease to exist. Nothing can go on forever. That being said, when do we quit blogging?

Surely the prospect of blogging about anime forever is impossible. We have to move on eventually. We can’t possibly blog until we die (unless you die really, really young, of course. Not that that’s good.)  As we age, the number of duties we possess increase as well: from having to do well in school, to having to find a job, to supporting a family and whatever else that may be more important.

Hmm...I've got half an hour before my next presidential speech. I think that's enough time for another episode of Yosuga no Sora.

2DT, in his final post, seems to possess these sentiments as well (regarding quitting, not Yosuga no Sora):

“Anime can be a second reality.  It can be an escape, a reprieve, a haven away; Door Number One is the geeky stuff, Door Number Two is everything else, and ne’er the twain shall meet.  I think that’s easy enough to do.  It’s much more difficult to live in both worlds at once.”

So we quit when we can’t handle having to juggle our lives and our hobbies, right? How more simple can the question get? Yet it’s hardly that simple. At which point do we drop our hobbies to focus on our lives? When we run out of time for blogging? It’s not like we don’t know anyone who blogs only once in a blue moon, yet remains alive and kicking on the ‘sphere. (I’m looking at you, Baka-Raptor.)

And it’s not like the blogosphere consists solely of nerds without jobs or commitments hiding in their parents’ basements, or some other ridiculously offensive metaphor. We see people with families to people still going to university. We see people from almost all walks of life. We know ourselves better : what commitments we have, how we spend our time, et cetera. We don’t really just decide all of a sudden: “Yes, I’m going to close door number 2.” We even find ways to fit Door Number 2 into our daily lives, without it being too much of a problem.

What about stopping when we stop watching anime? That seems like a good gauge, for it means that we’ve probably stopped like anime altogether. But how likely is that going to happen? How difficult will it be to squeeze in half an hour (15 minutes if you’re fast) of anime time every week? CyborgCommunist addresses this in his own post on his watching habits: how he watched anime slowly over the course of two weeks, to his marathoning and how he , as a busy student who has many things to juggle, would go straight for ‘anime binge watching’ from time to time. How likely will it be for someone to have so little time to watch any anime at all that he or she would lose interest in it altogether? And even if one watches little anime, when does he or she choose to quit blogging?

At which point does the precious balance between our lives and our hobbies tip in one side’s favour? At which point do we finally decide: “Yes, this is enough for me, I’m out forever?” Blogging is like a hobby, not a duty, to most. When does one finally lose interest in blogging as a whole, going so far as to quit it altogether? Is the question about time management? Or is it something else altogether?

If you asked me today when I would quit blogging, I couldn’t say. Even with National Service coming up for me in a few year’s time, my absence from blogging couldn’t show conclusively that I would quit aniblogging as well, what with the young ‘uns and dames hopefully alive then. I couldn’t , and can’t imagine when I would ever quit blogging. What I would do, what I would say.

Blogging has become a facet of my life that I can’t simply trim and cut away. It’s become part of my system, like it’s always been there. Having to quit blogging would be like losing an arm, but more painful for me. As bloggers, I’m sure we don’t want to face the reality of having to quit eventually, yet it is a truth that shrouds itself in shadow. For when we quit is an enigma, one that we might never be able to solve, until we enter that period itself. I suppose I’ll never really know why and when to quit blogging. I think I’ll just have to wait, and let nature take its course, and eventually, close the gates on AOIA when the time comes.

The time-bending aspect, I mean. Not the perverted maid fetish thing or whatever you're probably thinking about right now.

What I would give to be Sakuya.

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34 Responses to When do we stop blogging?

  1. That pic of Sakuya. Dat Pic

  2. Yamadipati says:

    when do i stop?

    i stop when i have no strength left to lift up the camera and type anymore….

    for me its an endless joy.

    FYI: yes i’m married, with a lovely baby girl and an otaku wife

    PS: http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n602/pascalismaria/MARRYINGWOMAN.jpg

    • Valence says:

      Not everyone is blessed with the same luck ;p

      • Yamadipati says:

        luck has nothing to do with it, geeks have an easy way to get together, the key is making sure you don’t get friendzoned by that girl.


        • Valence says:

          Not sure if serious or 9GAG reader

          • Yamadipati says:

            On a serious note, it wasn’t a smooth journey. Countless friend zones, rejection and whatnot. But hey, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed. It’s how to make that one success counts ^ _^)b

            I’m not exactly the next american male model, in fact far from it. It’s how to make yourself shine beyond your exterior.

            Back to topic though, i consider blogging as a form of sharing and discovering. With that it became endless.

            Sharing: You see from my blog, that i share even the most simplest things embedded into my figure comics. Such as the daily fights we sometimes had, even to the dilemma of choosing a camera. And some have even deeper messages.

            Discovering: I always discover things through blog travelling, more so than visiting actual web sites. I discover people, their styles and kinks, i can see how they love the topic, how they feel about the current episode, how they restlessly wait for that one figure to arrive. I see people, i see personalities, i see more beyond messages.

            This is why I’m certain i’d never get tired of blogging and believe me, the power of writing transcends physical actions. What facial expression or bodily gestures can sometime fail to convey, words have more power.

  3. stay as long as you can, whether that be tomorrow or 21 December 2012.
    when you quit, you will be missed, but we will move on

    • Valence says:

      (My brain’s ability to function seems to have decreased tremendously from a lack of sleep so here’s an incredibly short yet simple reply, which has just been made false by the addition of this bracketed sentence.)

  4. Ryanime-kun says:

    I tried to blog about anime during my last year of high school with friends. In person, we’d talk about anime and have great discussions. That didn’t translate into words on a page via the blog as well as I had hoped.

    It’s not just that I became busier with more duties and responsibilities. It’s also because I lost interest. Not in the blogging, I still blog in other places about other things, but in anime in general. I love it still, and talking about it still is something I enjoy doing, but writing about anime was just too difficult. I felt the need to keep up and at some point I stopped enjoying the process I had going. Then there was the lack of spectacular seasons. Without consistent A+ shows, it was difficult to keep coming back.

    On the other hand, I tried to write a post on the blog a couple weeks ago about a series I marathoned on Netflix. I couldn’t go through with it because I didn’t feel the voice was there.

    But I’m never letting go of anime completely, I’m just not writing about it anymore on a blog in any regular or expected way. I might leave a comment on great blog every once in a while. I’ll still be watching and I’ll still be thinking.

    So, indeed, leaving is ambiguous and definitely a mystery.

  5. Overlord-G says:

    When will I quit? Easy, when anime and yuri cease to exist. That is all.

  6. Nopy says:

    When I started blogging, I thought I’d go for a month and quit once classes started again… I’m now on my 4th year of blogging. Surprisingly, I found more time for this hobby as I got closer to getting my bachelor’s degree since classes were less concerned with handing in homework and more concerned about teaching us what we needed to know for actual work. Stepping into the workforce gave me even more time since my evenings are completely free now; I’m actually trying to find something to do.

    With that said, I don’t think I will stop blogging anytime soon, at least not until I start looking for a potential wife.

    • Valence says:

      Although my commitments are near zero at the moment, I’m still seeking to push myself for more commitments in my school, i.e. student council, volunteering for events et cetera. Makes me wonder whether I would have to quit one day soon.

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