@fkeroge’s Monthly Review – January 2012, Part 2

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Note that this also doubles as a status update post.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I have an exam six hours from now (and three more exams this week) and I’m here typing something to post in an anime blog. I also have to look at the timing of the script of part seven of Zutto Shiawase na Kiss, that Sono Hanabira Drama CD TL project of ours. I have also been recently involved in the creation of a low fantasy visual novel using the Ren’py engine as a story writer and a programmer. Not to mention my obligations in one of our other TL projects. I’m starting to think that I may just have bitten off more than I can chew. But nonetheless, since I was not done with this status update just yet, I guess I might as well finish it before going to chemistry hell.

Part one can be found here.

Mouretsu Pirates Episodes 1-4

I’m having a hard time trying to fully enjoy this show. I mean, yes, I do like it, but it seems that it is a tad too slow. Note that this slow pace is not the fault of Satelight, but of the story itself. I feel that they spend too much time engaging in gimmicky sci-fi talk, but at the same time, I feel that these explanations are necessary for us to understand what they’re doing.

But enough about the pacing. Let’s talk about visuals. I have to say, I really like Mouretsu Pirates’ visuals, especially the CG spaceships. They’re not entirely unique. I’d say that the spaceships here are a strange combination of the ships in Disney’s Treasure Planet and the generic spaceships that anime often uses. Also, about the character designs – I find that the character designs for this show are pretty bland as of now. I’m slowly, but surely losing interest in Japanese school uniforms because, well, I have seen tons of them before, even the jerseys look similar to some other anime’s. As for the characters’ faces and features, while they are pretty generic too, at least the main duo (Marika and Chiaki) are pretty memorable.

Overall, this is still an entertaining show, and I’ll still be watching it, but I still have reservations about it. Or maybe it’s just that space operas don’t sit very well with me. *shrugs*

Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episodes 1-4

Whatever made you think I was thinking that, Tsubasa?

Ah, Symphogear. I don’t know whether I should commend it for trying to look serious, or mock it for it. I mean, I think that this show handles angsty moments better than most anime, like Tsubasa’s motivations for fighting and using her swan song, but the whole core of the show seems underdeveloped.

I am starting to think that Symphogear kills (or almost kills) off characters just because it would look serious. I remember what Gen Urobuchi, writer of Madoka, says about killing off characters. Basically, a writer should not get attached to his characters, so he/she can make them suffer if the story requires it, but one shouldn’t just torture characters just to look cool or depressing. Symphogear doesn’t seem to realize this, though. Seing how they killed off Kanade in the first episode and Hibiki’s demise in the future, I think that Symphogear is trying too hard.

Seeing people die for no reason at all is fun and all, but it makes for a pretty shallow sight.

Kill Me Baby Episodes 1-3

I’m too lazy to get a screenshot of this.

Yes, I ended up watching this anime too. At first, I didn’t really think much of it, but this turned out to be quite entertaining. The comedy hers is reminiscent of Nichijou, but less funny…

Argh, who am I kidding? I’m just watching this because I have my roommate to watch it with. Even though I don’t usually enjoy crappy anime like this, it turns out to be more worth my while if I can laugh at it with someone else.

 Persona 4 the Animation Episodes 1-14

Depicted: Not funny

I know, I’m incredibly outdated for Persona, but I would just like to make some certain points about the things that the anime delivered so far.

I personally think that the anime is superior to the game in terms of entertainment value. Seiji Kishi is a good director. He’s responsible for Angel Beats!, Carnival Phantasm and other incredibly funny anime. I have to admit, though – Persona 4 is a bit messy. It’s like the director thinks of something funny and just decides to add it for the kicks. While it generally woks for the show, the comedy can be totally pointless at times.

However, the show has class and awesomeness to make up for that. By nature, the Persona series is very cool. It has great music, awesome concepts based on Jungian psychology and a very endearing cast. The anime, amidst all that comedy, retains Persona 4’s core, and that can only be good.


And my series of reviews are done. I guess the title of the first post isn’t something that attracts a lot of readers, so I took the liberty of changing this post’s title. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my post.

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4 Responses to @fkeroge’s Monthly Review – January 2012, Part 2

  1. Kill me baby is still better as a manga.

    senhime zesshou… is probably my favourite, excluding sequels (nisemonogatari).

  2. Nopy says:

    The director for Mouretsu (Sato Tatsuo) is well-known for creating solid anime with few loopholes and very practical outcomes, but not for high-flying action. We’ll probably see more of a mental battle with any antagonists rather than any actual ship battles.

    Senki Zesshou Symphogear was a huge disappointment to me, it’s like a mashup of what the creators thought was cool without putting any thought into it. The only reason I’m watching it now is for the songs.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Yeah, I heard he also directed your favorite anime, Nadesico. Interesting that you mention mental battles. I’m always up for that.

      Even though I said those things about Symphogear, I have to admit that it’s still fairly entertaining. The only problem is that entertainment doesn’t come with a sense of fulfillment.

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