On being a hipster and why I don’t watch “generic” animes

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One of the most profusely annoying things that some people ask me when they somehow find out I like anime is “Hey, do you watch *insert generic anime* “. And my reply is as follows:

Which then results the fanboy/girl in them to launch into a fan-gasmic rage against me. To put forward my stand on this matter: I will never for any reason; voluntarily watch one episode of such an anime (because I have watched a few when I was younger or when someone else switches to that channel on the telly).

So now, this is a post explaining why I DON’T watch these “generic” animes per se if I will use the colloquial term for them.

Animes that fall under the term of “generic” would be stuff like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and god knows how many others (katekyo hitman reborn, Full Metal Alchemist blah blah blah). They are the first shows that come to mind most of the time when the word “anime” is mentioned due to their popularity. I think the newest “generic” anime is Fairy Tail. I am pretty damn sure that plenty of anibloggers out there have written such a similar post as to why they don’t watch it. I can’t vouch for their reasons for not watching them but mine are not (solely) on the basis that I am hipster by nature (as so many of them fangirls/boys think it is)

All right, the first and most important reason as to why I don’t watch these “generic” animes per se, is simple because I am lazy as f**k.

I can’t even imagine or comprehend spending my time watching 300+ episodes of ANY anime. I would get bored to the edge of oblivion by the 40th episode. Of that, I can grantee. Even on a regular basis, I can’t bring myself to watch an anime more than 26 episodes long. And even at 26 episodes, I am so lazy to watch any of the specials and stuff. There are some exceptions like Clannad but that was because I loved it. The longest anime that I am even considering watching right now, is Princess Tutu. And that’s just because I heard it was great.

Second reason is a incredibly conceptual idea that even till today, I wonder why people don’t get. I am not f*****g 10 years old.

Now, before you readers get confused, let me explain. Most of these distinctively “generic” or “incredibly popular” anime are Shounen, yes? They are targeted at a male audience. The fact that most of their genres include Actions is another factor showing they are aimed at males in general. And not just males, but specifically young boys (I’m totally not sounding like a pedophile here).

Therefore, when I am watching it, I can’t resist the urge to spew the contents of my last meal onto the laptop/TV/what ever the hell I am using to watch it. It’s just that since I am older, the storyline is complete bullcrap to me. I can see what’s going to happen 15,20 episodes from now from just 1 episode but the little boys watching can’t. Because that’s how they are supposed to work. I mean, take DragonBall Z for example. They spent 5+ episodes CHARGING UP A F*****G SPIRIT BALL. 5 episodes? Really now?

The intention is to hold the meager attention span of this young kid by any way possible, in this case, by keeping him in total suspense since at his age, it is quite hard to comprehend what happens next. When you’re older, of course it’s bloody easy to deduce what happens next. It’s screaming at you but you have to consider that fact that most viewers of such animes ARE not in fact your age (I say most of course since there are older fans).

In a way, it’s a commercial plan. Get the 10 year old boy to be completely absorbed into the show by holding his attention for HUGE spans of time. This way, he’ll always want to watch the next episode when it is released. And when your 10, you tell your friends about everything you love. And also at 10, you’re willing to try anything your friends love simple because, you’re 10. Since the show is for young boys, most of the time, he would be engrossed in the show. This in turn get’s more viewers to watch your show. And I’m not willing to become a part of this vicious cycle. (well, it’s not that vicious but I’m do not intend to participate in it)

Problem companies?

So to sum it up, since I am older and my mind functions better than most kids, I do not find the appeal in watching 30 episodes to watch 2 guys try and kill each other. Just because I would already know who’s going to die on the first ep of that arc or I would already have guessed what happens. Henceforth, I won’t care to watch.

Butt Pillows ftw

All right, here’s a third reason. I don’t like the concept of the show.

What that means is that I don’t like the idea of a Shounen Action anime that runs for 500+ episodes. I mean Guilty Crown has 26 episodes. And I liked the concept. I don’t like the concept for Naruto. Or Bleach. Or One Piece. And that’s the main reason why I’m not watching them. They just don’t interest me. What other reason is there for NOT watching an anime? You just don’t want to.

Why should I watch an anime just because it’s a “generic” or “well-known” anime. “It’s because you like anime…”. That’s a bloody retarded reason my friend. I like anime. It doesn’t mean I’ll love it all. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. I don’t have to watch something just because YOU liked it. It just means that you recommend it to me and I will mull over the decision whether or not I will watch it. And that’s that. There is absolutely no need to try and shove it down my f*****g throat because you loved it.

And that’s the end of this post!!! Just to make it clear, this is just a post about MY reasons on why I’m not watching these shows. Of course one of the reasons is that I’m hipster and hence watching a generic anime is distasteful but I mean, I DID watch Madoka right?. So being hipster is an incredibly minor, almost superficial reason why I don’t. Also, this post is also partially to vent my rage against such fans but not the main reason.

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43 Responses to On being a hipster and why I don’t watch “generic” animes

  1. Ritsuioko23 says:

    Whats with all the hot vocaloid pictures?! I fel turned on while reading this.

    • I think that was my intention. To grab one’s attention XD

      • Patrick Henry says:

        The self-fulfilling prophecy, they are not fanboys/girls, you were simply ornery and they responded in turn, thus cementing your perception of them as fanboys/girls. Have fun knowing everything you believe or do isn’t real and is caused by your own actions.

  2. i’ve watched naruto and bleach from start to finish and got up to date 2 years ago. i’ll keep watching them because they give me the battle manga aspect. but i will never reccommend someone to watch such a long series. most likely it would ruin their anime experience.

    instead i’d recommend something i consider a masterpiece. clannad might be a bit long but madoka magica would be a good choice. or maybe by starting on a masterpiece, it’ll make them expect more so maybe they’d be better to start on something good but not the best.

    • I agree with you. But I won’t start watching Naruto or Bleach. Just because I don’t really enjoy them from the few eps I did see

      • Patrick Henry says:

        How are you sure that your perceptions on how you would view them isn’t affecting how you would view them now? You can convince yourself you like something, or never give it a chance and convince yourself you did and just didn’t like it.

  3. Karry says:

    “I can’t even imagine or comprehend spending my time watching 300+ episodes of ANY anime.”

    Wait till you are 70, when there’s not much to do, and even if there was – your entire body hurts. Then suddenly it is a good thing that in our age there is such a shitload of media around.

    • Well, sadly, I have a crap ton of hobbies and little time of my youth to do them. Also, I get bored incredibly easily. I’m also afraid that I’ll get tired of something real quick and lose interests in it even though it’s good

  4. tsurugiarashix says:

    Generic is a subjective term. Anything can be counted as generic if done a million over times over, but that largely that depends on the viewer. Things can change over the course of the season and their are probably series that missed the eye, so when people say there are “too many generic” series that is a fallacy, since they can not find the ones they are looking for through the mass of others. You have to pretty much give everything (nearly everything not just what you are willing to watch because the premise does sounds “stable”) a chance in order to find what you are looking for.

    “I can’t bring myself to watch an anime more than 26 episodes long”

    Also can not limit yourself too much either.

    Anyway, nice exchange of what you think and post itself, Cyborg. Sorry I have not been around to read from you guys a lot ^^

    • That’s why I used generic inside quotation marks XD

      It’s hard to say what is generic as they are so many forms and amount of media.

      Also, 26 episodes is my current longest. I might be able to focus my attention on a longer show IF it interests me greatly.

      And thank you ^.^

  5. Jura says:

    Plural of anime is anime.

  6. Taka says:

    You’re Adorable.

  7. Wasn’t sure what you meant by generic until you pulled out examples. I have to agree about Naruto, Bleach and the likes. I do however find myself watching things that may be considered generic, like Soul Eater, but that ended, it didn’t go on for years and years. One of the other long running ones, that literally never ends is Lupin III, and I’m into that but you don’t see people running around in the manga isle of the bookstore pretending to be him. I don’t think you really need to defend yourself, I never bother trying. I just simply tell people my tastes are different and carry on. I suppose not knowing many people IRL in the fandom helps keep my encounter rate down though. I suppose is someone went into fan rage mode it’s understandable, never had anyone do that to me.

  8. Yumeka says:

    I agree that dedicating your time to watching 100+ episodes for one series is not for everyone, but I think it’s a bit harsh to say that you need the mentality of a 10-year old in order to enjoy anime like Naruto, Bleach, etc,. While they do have the target audience of young boys in mind, that’s not the only audience they can appeal to. I’ve seen hundreds of episodes of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, and while not all of their episodes are up to quality, as a whole their stories not only have the typical action and super power stuff that young boys like, they also have plenty of instances of horrible, blood-stained violence, corrupt governments, betrayal, torture, political struggles, complicated subplots, and many other things you wouldn’t associate with kiddy stuff (thanks to the difference between what’s acceptable for kids to watch in Japan versus the West). Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t even a Shonen Jump series and is targeted at an older audience, having even more horrifying stuff I wouldn’t show to any kid. I’m not sure if you’re judging all long-running shonen anime only by what you’ve seen of Dragon Ball Z, but coming from someone who’s seen many of them, I would say they’re more “everyone” shows than “kid” shows. They’re like like Harry Potter and Star Wars – on the surface they’re marketed for kids but for people who’ve seen them, they have plenty of adult appeal too.

    Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the series you watch to not go beyond a certain number of episodes. I just thought that making assumptions about their actual content when you haven’t watched much of them was a tad harsh.

    • Ritsuioko23 says:

      I agree you’re too harsh,

    • Wow, might have used too much of my normal self in this post….

      It’s not that I’m saying that the mentality of a 10 year old is required to enjoy Naruto. I was simple saying that the show is targeted towards young kids mostly.

      And by “generic” I did not intend to refer to ALL of them as shounen jump. It’s just that they’re “popular” so as to speak but it’s coincidental that most of them happen to be shounen jump.

  9. @fkeroge says:

    Well, what can I say? First, I think that you’re being a bit judgmental of the people who watch and enjoy stuff like Naruto. As crazy as it sounds, some people really do enjoy Naruto as much as we have enjoyed Clannad or Madoka, and they just want to spread the love like we do here.

    Second, I think you could have handled the subject with more… maturity. No offense.

    • I apologize if I came off as sounding judgmental, I suppose I didn’t really think of how the words could be interpretered.

      And I am aware that a lot of people love Naruto and stuff. I’m just explaining why I’m not watching such shows in reference to the most annoying of fans. Of course not all fans are like them. I was just using an (incredibly) extreme example

  10. Valence says:

    You’ve made a number of mistakes, Kouhai-san. I’ll just illustrate some, my rants tend to get rather long so I keep them short nowadays.

    1. You’ve made the fundamental mistake of the Hasty Generalization fallacy. By immediately linking the dreaded trio of Shonen anime to all generic anime, you use your hatred and criticism of said anime as a ‘one-size-fit-all’ scheme to fit all ‘generic’ anime: That they are too long for your liking, and appeal to audiences which ,you seem to be insinuating, have the mental age of a 10-year-old, or less (“So to sum it up, since I am older and my mind functions better than most kids, I do not find the appeal in watching 30 episodes to watch 2 guys try and kill each other.”, therefore do older fans have limited mind functions?) ; that the concepts for said shows don’t appeal to you as well.

    Not only have you made a universal generalization of anyone who has watched any of your aforementioned Shonen anime, you have also done the reverse: implying that anyone who has watched the shows which fit your criteria for having a concept you didn’t like, cliche scenes blah blah blah is one who watches generic shows, and is hence of the same caliber an audience as the aforementioned group. I find this to be highly erroneous and insulting.

    2.”Animes that fall under the term of “generic” would be stuff like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and god knows how many others (katekyo hitman reborn, Full Metal Alchemist blah blah blah). They are the first shows that come to mind most of the time when the word “anime” is mentioned due to their popularity. I think the newest “generic” anime is Fairy Tail. ”

    This was actually part of point one, but in this you make another fallacious argument in the form of a syllogism. By coming up with Premise A, your list of shows, and Premise B, their popularity, you conclude that all generic shows are popular shows. Isn’t it a bit ironic, then, that you mention your following at PMMM at the end?

    3.”Why should I watch an anime just because it’s a “generic” or “well-known” anime……..I don’t have to watch something just because YOU liked it……. will mull over the decision whether or not I will watch it. ……no need to try and shove it down my f*****g throat……”

    Doesn’t this apply to well, ALL anime? Must it really be generic anime? I mean, I could go around telling people to watch Kashimashi, one of my favourites despite its…content, and is Kashimashi generic? Even if I go by a broader definition, not really(unless gender changes are all the norm nowadays.)

    Okay, I need to rush, /rant. I’m just saying that before you plan on writing a post to ‘vent your rage’, at least get the facts straight, and the terms right. By writing with fallacies you only manage to make the post seem less credible; as fellow anibloggers we don’t want that to happen, do we? No, we want people to know we’re completely serious – and experts- when we talk about lolis engaging in hot sweet yuri action.

    • Yeah…I realized all that after clicking “Publish” …..

      about 1. That was not my intention at all. It was just that those Shounen Jump animes were the first things that came to mind on the topic hence why they were written down. And the intention of that paragraph was not to imply that if you enjoy such shows that you have the mind of a 10 year old kid. It was just unfortunate that it came of to everyone as such….

      On 2. As I said, unfortunate coincindence when giving examples since I don’t know many popular animes (Ironically). And did it sound like I said that all generic anime are popular? That was also not intended. I meant to say that quite a few popular anime happen to fall under the colloquial term of “generic”. And I am aware of PMMM popularity along with it’s extreme fans.

      3. I think I’ve said all my reasons. I kinda rushed this and fucked shit up eh

      well, it was my views anyway, so these were the thoughts on the forefront of my noggin

  11. Well, I’m loving how this post is getting tons of comments to point out my errors.

    And THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE SARCASTIC (unlike my post) when I say thank you for pointing out the errors. I hope I don’t repeat them in future posts (or I might just because that’s how I roll when I write…)

    Anyways, I think I’ve explained in the other replies that my post came off as (maybe) offensive or disagreeable to most due to unforeseen circumstances. Mostly that the points were very easy to misunderstand.

    – I DID NOT intend to imply that ALLLLL Shounen Jump anime watches were 10 year old in their head. I meant to say that such shows were targeted at young kids. That’s it. If you saw something I didn’t put between the lines, I’m sorry.

    – I DID NOT intend to say such “generic” anime have a shit plot. I just said I don’t like the plot because it seems shit to ME. That’s right, It’s a personal opinion of the plot. It’s my take on the storyline. So if you disagree with my opinion, you’re welcome to disagree (of course, it’s the Internet. Free speech)

    – I am aware that there are many fans of such “generic” anime. It’s apparent to ALL. I was using an extreme example of a fanboy/girl in my post. It does not mean that I think all fans are like this. My friends are fans and they seem just fine. I just had the unfortunate luck to have met some of them extreme fans and they left a horrible impression on me (imagine a weeaboo)

    And that’s that. If was the combination of my writing style (rather insensitive and insulting at best), some rather poor phrasing and wording that the whole post came of a as a rage-rant against “generic” anime and it’s fans. Believe me, it wasn’t meant to be.

  12. Quality Media Fan says:

    Despite reading your comments and the post I think all you wanted to say was that you hate weaboos and shounen-shit. Everything else was pretty much fluff even if you didn’t intend for it to be that way. I also found it difficult to take anything you said seriously with the inclusion of rage images. Am I to assume you are being serious, half serious or just full-on trolling.

    • Actually, neither. I don’t hate weeaboos at all. Of course being the way I am, my words tend to be very harsh so it’ll come of like I am indeed trying to discriminate against them

  13. Quite the post you have here, with all its vocaloid pictures (I honestly don’t see how they’re related to your content…) and energetic replies. I know you’ve explained yourself with your little comment there and I won’t criticize you any further, but because I was intending on writing a similar post, I might as well pour out my thoughts here.

    Colored with much rage and censored swearing, I agree with what the others are commenting here: your definition of the term “generic” is a bit bland. Simply because an anime is long winded, slow-paced and/or has 26+ episodes doesn’t necessary deem it to be “generic”. Yes, anime such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and the such may not be all that great because the plot eventually becomes too repetitive or characters begin to god mod one another, but the fact that they’re still running is proof that they’re managing to snag the majority of the audience’s attention regardless. Rather than reprimanding them for their poor content (and perhaps lack of creativity in some cases), if they’ve made it so far to be known as classics – anime that even beginners are aware of – then they ought to deserve an applaud.

    Unfortunately, I agree with @fkeroge: this was a rather immature perspective into the world of anime and its fans. The subjectivity of this post and your judgmental perspective was a bit too much.

    Besides, I think that when you’ve at last ran out of good anime or lost interest with the most recent season, you might just turn to these good old classics.

    And what in the world does being hipster got to do with anything of this?

    I think the problem with this post lies in that you overdid your sarcasm and in the end, everyone failed to understand whether you were being serious or not.

    • the Hipster bit is a joke actually. From the people that asked why I don’t watch such shows.

      And I kinda agree. It does seem a bit immature. I apologize for that but it definitely wasn’t meant to end up like this.

      On that bit about my tone in the post, I write like this all the time. So maybe that’s why I was misunderstood

  14. Anonymous says:

    “I think the newest “generic” anime is Fairy Tail.”

    How about Durarara! sir?

  15. Carillus says:

    If you would refer to an earlier post (somewhere around this period, in fact, last year) there was a point in time, when Valen and me were the sole writers here, that we were discussing genericity in anime. Valen came to one of his insightful middle-of-the-road conclusions (as he always does, which is why I love reading his posts) while I put up something about how if you think about it enough, everything is generic in nature.

    This, however, is a digression, as the problem here is not in the use of the word ‘generic’, but an inappropriate use of the word. What you appear to be looking for is ‘popular’. If you wish to label works as ‘generic’, the easiest way would be to refer to specific tropes or genres, e.g. every show based on a popular novel that has a tsundere in it voiced by Kugimiya Rie and other possible heroines. If another work appears that has a relatively large following, features a tsundere voioced by Kugimiya Rie and involves other possible heroines, then it is, in a way, generic.

    In fact, if anything, popular shonen shows are anything but generic – they often have very unique settings, unique powers and, interestingly enough, rather unique characters. Before Naruto, no one ever thought of putting little kids in bright clothing, giving them magic and some shurikens and then calling it a ninja manga. Before One Piece, no one thought some idiot with the power to stretch himself could form the basis of one of the longest-running and most popular comics of all time. Bleach had a main character who, despite being someone who uses his fists, was actually really smart and didn’t spout stupid crap when fighting.

    To be utterly generic is to follow the most popular tropes of a genre, down to the letter. It doesn’t count if you create the tropes in the first place.

    P.S. This was written in the middle of a network lecture, so I am partially distracted by router configurations and protocols. If clarification is needed on some points please go ahead and ask.

  16. Nopy says:

    I actually quite enjoyed Bleach and Naruto… until I found out they were going to be airing forever. I think I watched about 50 episodes of Bleach and about 70 episodes of Naruto before I finally threw in the towel. It’s cool seeing characters beat the crap out of each other, but when you start recycling everyting, it all gets very boring.

  17. Someone says:

    Fullmetal Alchemist is a fantastic show. Fuck all who think otherwise.

  18. adziu says:

    It seems you got quite badly censured for this post.

    It all boils down to that you have your own opinions and taste, and are quite entitled to like and dislike anything.

    The trouble is that in justifying your own dislikes, you make it seem like you believe your reasons are the only ones that make sense – which I don’t think you believe.

    I think that you may have had a better time of it if you’d just gone, ‘I like what I like, and you’re allowed to like what you like.’

    • Carillus says:

      Controversy isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to media. Personally, it is opinion-charged articles like these that I find draw the most attention and incite the most discussion.
      Discussion is always good – it keeps your brain alive, in a world of brain-dead entertainment.

      • I actually am enjoying most of the comments on my post. Lot’s of thought-provoking and engaging stuff.

        And of course, who doesn’t like a good intellectual discussion

  19. ~xxx says:

    I think Fullmetal alchemist is not that terrible at all.
    But I agree with those words.
    Naruto did suck but I do watch it if I need to pass some time and it does really brings the worse in me, like some boring guy beating a guy who is much powerful and then like this and like that…

    I kinda hate the cycle of generic shows like Naruto, Bleach, etc.
    It doesn’t feel like I’ve been waiting for them to end somehow.
    And the worse fact was… It feels like watching some TV Soap Opera when one discovers that her daughter is not her daughter at all or this person is still alive and wants to killl all of them, or the cheesiness of some teen TV drama.

    I’ve got the feeling Fairy tail is going to beat One-piece in it’s almost 600 episodes or more.

    • I agree with you (kinda obvious from the post)

      The one thing about Naruto (I bet this is gonna draw more haters) is that it’s rather…similar. It’s always a weak guy trying to beat the strong guy then they drag it for 10+ episodes.

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