Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 1: Songs can save the world and the anime

[EDIT] Is it SENKI Zesshou Symphogear or SENHIME Zesshou Symphogear? *half awake and confused at 3am*

raep face... with bonus cat ears... and headphones...

I was about to spend the entire post singing a thousand seven thousand praises to Nana Mizuki but apparently this episode was that bad that I have so much I wanted to talk about. In fact, I find it so bad that this is the most amazing and awesome anime I have watched in years. THAT BAD.

I have no idea what I’m writing about anymore, I enjoyed the episode a lot actually, despite how bad I think it is.

On a side note, you won’t be hearing from me in the coming weeks, mainly due to my GCE O level results releasing tomorrow afternoon. In fact I’m only writing this because I can’t sleep… Dammit, Valence didn’t need to take it and CyborgCommunist is preparing for this year’s exams…

Its pretty funny, if you watched the PV you would think that all 4 girls were main characters; when the anime started, Hibiki is already in her grave (the Ohana Matsumae look-alike voiced by Yuki Aoi) and Kanade (you know, the red-head) pretty much died in a depressing self-sacrifice with unlimited blade works (a la Kyouko style, she disintegrated with a smile.) to save Hibiki about halfway through the episode.

This is a yuri anime. Scratch that, this is a yuri tragedy.

No matter how I looked at i, I couldn’t help but think that maybe Hibiki died in some Madoka-ish manner… Maybe its the seiyuu.

Then they started tripping yuri flags everywhere. Like that encouraging hug Kanade gave to Tsubasa (d’aaw) or the fact that HIbiki and Miku sleep in the same bed. I mean they sleep in a bunk bed which makes sense but on the actual same bunk and under the same blanket on the same mattress? The second coming of Nanoha and Fate’s rabu rabu Riot 6 room.

Just by looking at the colors, you'd think they'd pop onto the stage and start singing Magnet... Obviously a coincidence that one of the characters is named Miku.

Just what was up with the animation… I mean it isn’t that badly animated… But it was just bad. The live scene was completely unimpressive (I think I’ve seen better animated Danceroid videos on youtube) and I’m completely underwhelmed by the fighting scenes. Why was there the random pauses with the scroll shouting out the attack names… It kind of killed the mood and made me laugh… The animation sequence was totally uncreative and typical too.

Plus, who the heck designed those Noise monster alien things… they’re like awkward giant globs and weird monsters with negative filter placed on them…

The background was averagely (according to spell check this word does not exist) done and the characters were pretty shoddily drawn too: complete flat colors, thick lines, meduka quality… Sure, satelight didn’t really get much shows until now and juggling Moretsu pirates, Aquarion EVOL and Symphogear might be quite a challenge but still, it’s not like they aren’t experienced with animating concerts. They did do Macross and Basquash after all and this, in general, was just BAD:

I've seen amateur dA artists who draw better.

Then comes the main selling point of Symphogear: the cast and the music.IT IS and anime about how singing create phonic resonance with creepy fossils to fight aliens after all.

Anything composed by Agematsu Noriyasu is fine with me. Anything Nana Mizuki is definitely fine with me; especially if she’s singing. What more, obviously people look forward to Aoi Yuuki singing (singing properly anyway. Her character song for GOSICK’s Victorique makes Rebecca Black sound good; justified she’s singing in character) and Minami Takayama (ie. Conan Edogawa) actually sings really great its such a pity Kanade died before the first episode even ended.

And it appears that Ayahi Takagaki (who sings opera…) gets the ED which should probably imply that her character could get a singing role (although this might be a red herring seeing as how both Kanade and Hibiki died and will die).

Anyway, Tsubasa can pretty much hold solo concerts and the plot can completely ignore the Noise and any other characters for all I care. They can even loop this song for the rest of the episodes if they wanted to.

In Hibiki’s word’s “CD! CD! Tokuten! CD!~” : Synchrogazer releases on the 11th of January (although I believe know the leaks are already out). I wish I could afford the single but I just spent $23.70 on The Museum II at Popular’s CD Rama today AND THEY DIDN’T GIVE ME MY A4 FILE WITH NANA MIZUKI ON IT… *rant end*

Honestly, I think Symphogear was like a bunch full of clichés and bits and pieces of other anime. The whole feel was like watching an anime from the 2004-2006 era which was actually one of my favorite anime eras I suppose the bad animation is bringing back nostalgia for me.I’m seriously hoping the rest of the episodes would make dramatic and exciting turns and not just Miku getting jealous of Hibiki and Tsubasa (you know, like Black Rock Shooter) with a dice of delicious yuri.

And I pray this is not a failed imitation of Suite Precure because there are really just too much similarities for comfort… Just look at the names of the characters… Mephisto and Noise are even bad music demons or something… I never made it past the 2nd episode…

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20 Responses to Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 1: Songs can save the world and the anime

  1. @fkeroge says:

    What did I tell you guys?

    Eh, I was completely wrong? Dammit.

    It was still pretty bad, though. I guess this is another one for the drop list.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Also, isn’t Tsumugi’s voice actress Minako Kotobuki?

      • Azure says:

        I was half asleep… meant to type “one of the 2 sphere members that oddly weren’t in K-on”… *facepalm* thanks for pointing it out

    • Azure says:

      nah, I think its worth a shot, might turn out good though.

      And yuri flags everywhere.

      • @fkeroge says:

        I like my yuri to be… you know, not horribly tragic? It’s only episode 1, and we see main characters dying (plus one future death) already. I guess I’ll still watch the second episode now that I think about it.

        • Azure says:

          I can relate to that I guess, every single possible Madoka yuri pairing was heartbreaking.

          • massd90ssd95 says:

            DAMN, you’re right. I guess it’s cos nobody LIVES. Except Homura. Who’s so obsessed over Madoka that she’ll never touch another girl.

          • @fkeroge says:

            Ahh, I’m so tsundere for this show. I both love and hate it. But seriously, fighting while singing isn’t exactly my idea of awesome. It’s actually funny in the bad sense. But still, it was entertaining, to say the least.

            I just hope that this will be worth our time.

        • I thought that it was completely random that they already told you that the main protag was gonna die and then killed one of the girls ;A;

          Why can’t they let the Yuri be???

          • Azure says:

            Actually, I have no idea who the main protagonist is supposed to be. The promotional images keep showing use the red and blue girls so I thought it was Kanade and Tsubasa but Kanade died in the first episode then the credits credited Yuki Aoi first but we know she’s (her character I mean) gonna die in 2 years’ time…

  2. Valence says:

    Hey, I have to collect O-level results too~

    Yuri flags being tripped everywhere? I’m sensing some sort of relationship being involved during one of the fights against the noise. Will watch.

  3. Azure, sorry that I have to take the “O” levels this year ^.^”

  4. @fkeroge says:

    It’s interesting that all of the authors of this blog seem to be yuri fans and are in this show mostly for potential GL.

    • Azure says:

      correction: surprisingly, this time round I’m mainly watching for Nana Mizuki, yuri potential comes after that.

    • Carillus says:

      Correction: Yuri is not my kind of thing and Nana doesn’t really stand out for me either, so the only reason I’m watching this is… the visual style, most likely. Then I’ll see where it goes from there.

  5. Jay says:

    I can create speculah with this. Ao-chan, why you have potions in your characters?

  6. Overlord-G says:

    I, along with many of the nation are betting big bucks on this show to be good, along with Bodacious Pirates and Lagrange. Please shows, do not disappoint me. Deliver in epic sci-fi action girl goodness with sprinkles of subtext to canon yuri. Pretty please with sugar on top?

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