CyborgCommunist’s Ero-manga history

Well, it's somewhat related to the word "Cyborg"??


This post is NSFW in nature and does contain NSFW material that have been censored. Don’t read it if you’re below 18. And if you are below 18 and are still intending to read this, don’t get caught fool. 

In Real Life, all my friends who happen to know of my interests in the Japanese animation culture, say mainly SleepySlacker  and my Bro’s, always tend to ask this one question. “Cyborg, why the f**k do you read Hentai manga?”

This question has always struck me as odd. Maybe it’s the way I am personality wise but my instinctive answer was usually “Why not?” (Usually with a profanity thrown in as well)

But the question does make me think. Why DO I read eromanga and NSFW stuff and all that other socially unacceptable forms of media? It’s not exactly something most 16 year olds do. Well, with the exception of me and Valence (well, what he did last year anyway).

Well, as with all questions and problems, you should always get to the root first yeah?

The very first eromanga I read was Nozoki Ana. I learned about it from 2D Teleidoscope’s blog and his post on it. I was rather interested by the base concept which was on voyeurism. At first, I was wondering what the f**k I was reading. It was curious. They literally f****d every chapter. And they would put in a sex scene even when none was required. So I just thought “What, it’s just fap material??”

But 2D Teleidoscope had made it sound rather good in his post on it and it was still interesting. So of course I kept on reading. And lo and behold!!! It grew on me. Nozoki Ana still hasn’t concluded yet and I still read new chapters although I don’t check for them all too often. But that was the first eromanga I started to read.

The first one I completed was Haru Yo Koi. I really enjoyed it and it’s not just filled with mindless H. The storyline was good and the characters rather likable. Nozoki Ana and Haru Yo Koi both had the same air of comedy to them but still had extremely plot developments. In particular, I really liked the protagonist’s sister in Haru Yo Koi. She’s energetic, determind and overall, a rather “original” character. I would say she was kinda similar to Chihaya in Chihayafuru. She endlessly chased her sensei till she finally agreed to go on a date with her (Oh yes, she was lesbian in the manga :3 ) and it was entertaining to read those chapters that focused on them.

Yes, I censored the pics.

And now, this is the bit why I explain I read so much eromanga. It’s just because I like them. Why else would anyone do anything willingly? If you don’t like it, would you do it? Exactly. I have read “normal” romance mangas before (a.k.a SFW ones) and they always bored the hell out of me. It was some of those rare exceptions that were really good (Like Emma) Some were moderately decent but incredibly similar to others.

One of the most annoying points was the depiction of affection. This was also in some of the Yuri mangas I’ve read. The characters seem to be completely heads-over heels for each other and were deeply passionate. And they exchange a small kiss on the cheek. Just that. Also, they mostly did not have as deep and complicated character interactions and relationships as they don’t have a lot to work with.

It seemed rather anti-climatic. It didn’t seem to fit the emotions that each character felt. When a couple is this fired up, you would expect something more risque and not just that right? Something involving a more primal feeling? And this is something that would always find in eromanga. Just because it’s EROmanga. Duh.

Just Hentai

Of course there’s the other problem with eromanga where they would just add sex scenes for the hell of having them in the chapter. Not that I complain but some of them are incredibly unnecessary. And of course there would be those eromangas where it’s ONLY mindless H. Those are just retarded. Tayu Tayu is one such manga (Don’t read it, unless you have the urgent need to jack off or something…). That’s pretty much the difference between Hentai and eromanga right? Whether there IS a plot or not.

But the H scenes and the most erotic aspect of such manga gave them a feeling of depth. This wasn’t fluffy and cute innocent romance. This was adult, mature and complicated relationships. And overall, a much more accurate depiction of relationships right?

Another one I read, Virgin Na Kankei

It also gives the mangaka immense flexibility in the plot progression and developments. You can have all sorts of twists and problems in them. Which made them fun and interesting to read. Have you ever read a REALLY long romance manga. Say 15++ volumes? Unless it’s done really well, it’ll be boring as f**k by the 4th volume. Hell, it probably won’t make it past volume 6. Eromanga’s can span large amounts of chapters. Haru Yo Koi has 11 volumes with 94 chapters in total. And it was never boring to read it.

Angst galore. But I love it


If you do follow me on Twitter, you would know that this last week, the one eromanga I’ve read and talked about the most would be Velvet Kiss by Harumi Chihiro. This would be a great example to use as a “good” eromanga. It’s a rather interesting plot about a poor bugger who was conned into borrowing 80 million yen from a company. Hence they agreed to freeze his loan if he would become friends with the company president’s daughter.

Warning though, this manga is VERY complicated and deep. And overall, very dark. It shows what “daddy issues” really does look like. And makes you anguished to the point of depression at times. You fall in love with the main girl and finally like her (she was a bit of a bitch at first) then they just tear your heart to pieces with the plot. That feeling sucks.

It's hard to explain what's going on. I apologize. Just know that it's very angsty

Which leads me to another point my friend offered the other day. IF you don’t understand the deep storylines or the heavily layered character interactions with all their ulterior motives and feelings, you can still masturbate to it. Just try and dispute that point XD

And that was my post. A post explaining why I read tons of NSFW mangas and enjoy them without becoming a complete rapist. Because it’s not the sex, it’s the story.

P.S I apologize for not being able to fully put forward my points with pages from the mangas but the it would take a huge amount of pages per manga to show anything of value per point. Either way, I don’t see how you could not have enjoyed the H pics. Go read the respective mangas to see more XD

P.S.S Kano…. why would the mangaka do that to her ;A;

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    The funniest thing is that I’ve read every single one of these manga at some point.

    Also, I see you went ahead with the trollface censors ….

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