Massive Winter 2012 Anime Group Preview Part 1- This was started by randomness and alcohol

For this season, there aren’t many animes that I am interested in, unlike the Fall season. Some have the ability and potential in my opinion to be good from the plot summary. Only Black Rock Shooter and Another are on my definite “to-watch” list. The rest will depend on recommendations and my boredom.

But I’m sure you’re wondering what’s the reason behind the name for the post.

To explain the name of the post, it’s a simple story. I was at my friend’s house doing a project ,and because it turns out that all my members were gaming addicts, we had stayed up beyond 2am. All of us.

So my host made us coffee. Then he asked if any of us would like some Irish Cream in it. Turns out it’s liquor. I didn’t know so I added about 6 or 7 tablespoons of that stuff into my brew. To make it worse, it turns out that it had already expired. So I had unwittingly, mixed in about 100ml of expired alcohol into my coffee and downed it all in one go, whilst being completely burned out. Apparently, I became kinda tipsy after that and soon after, this idea popped into my head while under the influence of the booze of the leprechauns. After asking the other writers, this post was put into action!!!

And so, let’s present this huge arse post that was clobbered together by the poor efforts of CyborgCommunist, Valence, Azure, @fkeroge and SleepySlacker.

This post spans 2 blogs and it’s kinda like a crossover between AOIA and InterestSOAP (Yes, I am shamelessly advertising, shut up)

Here’s the chart for this season:




This seems very fantasy-like and rather random to me. But hey, it could be good.

Chance of me watching: None at all


Strangely enough despite @fkeroge’s difficulty in understanding the synopsis, I find this to be something right out of a Murakami novel’s blurb. ‘Kuro Usagi’? No boundaries between worlds? Time having stopped? Sounds interesting to me. Kugyu involved? Aww yes.

Chances of Valence dropping it after the 1st episode: 6%


I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on with this one. The synopsis seems to say that there is a power struggle between 3 different groups, which I would assume to be the youkai group, the human group and some other group that I don’t know. There is also a mention of “Count of Reality and Destruction of Negentrophy” which is getting on my nerves because of the sheer ambiguity and nonsense that they imply.

There’s already an OVA of sorts out for this one, and judging by the reactions of people, I don’t think that this will stay long in my watch list. Probably gonna drop it by the first episode, if it is an actual TV series.

Chances of @fkeroge dropping this after watching the first episode: 60%

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered


It’s Gundam. I’m lazy as hell to watch any of the Gundam series.

Chance of me watching: 0%, just because I don’t watch Gundam


Maybe, maybe not. Never really watched any Gundam shows despite all my relatives giving me Gundam for Christmas. Too lazy to watch any of it in my free time too, just ask Cyborg. However, I probably will watch.

Valence will be watching this show.


Lets admit it, ever since Code Geass finished, Sunrise seems to be repeatedly churning out boring and boring-er shows. But remaking Gundam SEED is a whole different matter: the SEED series was my childhood.

I get to see Athrun and Cagalli on screen again~

Chances of Azure catching at least the episode where Cagalli and Athrun are stranded on a deserted island= 90%


Gundam. No.

Chances of @fkeroge watching anything Gundam related: 0%

Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama


Related to the Prince of Tennis, something I never considered reading or watching….

Chance of me watching: 0% again. Particularly because of the amount of fangirls/boys. I happen to know one in real life.


Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a squealing bishounen fangirl.

Chances of Valence watching it: Fifteen: Love.


I don’t remember much about the Prince of Tennis despite having watched it along side Gundam SEED: there was something about a split step and twist serve and I vaguely recall the main character’s name as Echizen Ryouma (or was it?)… I seldom watch sports series but I do recall enjoying the series when I was younger, so why not?

Chances of Azure trying to go play tennis again after watching this and failing miserably= 70%


Why do people watch this show?

Chances are one of those fangirls over here are gonna love this show, but not me.


A “new” sports anime about Tennis. I watched a few episodes of the first anime when I was a kid and it seemed interesting but since I do not play tennis nor does tennis interest me, I’ll pass.

Chance of me Watching? : Nope… 

Recorder to Randoseru


A story of a giant 11 year old and his midget 17 year old sister. This could be interesting or just sheer bulls**t. But it seems like it would be pretty decent.

Chance of me randomly watching the first episode: 50%


Seems gimmicky to animate this to me. I never really liked characters seriously looking like children but being of legal age of consent. Seems like it’s built to appeal to specific groups of people I won’t mention, but I’m interested to see how it’ll turn out. Like Stiyl Magnus or something.

Chances of Valence watching it: 70%


After the overwhelming success of the loli + aged man dynamic duo in 2011’s shows; I think this little twist, as unrealistic as it is, might actually be enjoyable.

And I see Aya Hirano in the cast list… Wasn’t she banned from picking up new series due to her health issues or am I still behind with seiyuu news?

Chances of Azure dropping this after 3 episodes= 60%


I am a bit interested about how they will go about this. It’s a yonkoma manga adaptation, so I guess this won’t be groundbreaking material, but the premise kinda draws me into watching this, if not only for satisfying my curiosity. The studio doing this only has Morita-san wa Muckuchi under their belt, so I guess I shouldn’t be expecting a high-budget animation out of this one.

Chances of us getting good animation for this one: 20%


A weird show about a 11-year old brother who looks 17 and 17 year-old sister who looks 11. That’s just scary. The concept is unique – I never heard of it in my entire life, so I might give it a go if it manages to interest me. The tsun-dere queen, Kugiyama Rie, is voicing in the anime too.

Chance of me Watching? : Maybe

Rinne no Lagrange


Mechas and girls…hmmm, sounds tempting already. Although some have told me it’ll be weird. Yuri undertones might be in it too ^.^

Chance of me watching: 40%. Just because I heard about all the pants dropping in this show



Last year’s hype was the detective duo series; I’m guess this year’s would be girls fighting aliens attacking from outer space. Maybe its to match the apocalyptical theme of 2012.

I don’t know anymore.


This will be another one of those anime that will suck so bad, you’re gonna have to kill yourself afterwards, except that it’s not. This actually looks fairly interesting, if you just look at the staff behind it. Not really getting my hopes up, but hey, I never got any hopes up before watching some of my favorite anime of all time (Clannad, Madoka, One Outs, Code Geass).

Chances of this anime being worth watching: 40%


It’s a show about girls piloting a mecha. I do not know much about mecha shows so I might give it a go. Again I am trying to be open to as many anime as I can, so hence the many maybes. Girls in giant robots do seem attention grabbing.

Chances of me Watching? : Maybe



A rather “horror-story” set-up about a dead girl and her classmate who decided to continue on with school life as if she was still alive. Then further on in the future, some unfortunate chap happens to be in the same classroom as this “dead” girl.

This show seems very interesting to me. The dark themes and such hint at a good emotional story. I hope.

Chance of me watching: 100%. I’m watching this.


@fkeroge says it’ll be horror, but for some reason I doubt it. It feels more like supernatural mystery to me. It’s obvious that Mei is that Misaki from years ago, and she probably is a ghost or can’t age for some reason, or some other supernatural predicament.

Nevertheless I am watching this show anyway. 


PA Works… There’s no reason not to give PA Works a try…

Chances of the school being some form of afterlife purgatory= maybe.


PA Works doing a horror anime. Honestly, I find anime horror to be underwhelming. It really helps that the characters are real people for horror to work, I guess. But the thing about traditional Japanese horrors is that, a big factor of the scariness comes from the feeling of disconnection from what you see around you, much like how Silent Hill does its work.

Another important thing to consider is your characters. Classic Japanese horror tends to use characters that seem to be a bit off the edge, while introducing someone whom these characters will torture psychologically, which is a very, very good thing and has become one of the reasons why Japanese horror is considered the best in the world. Hopefully, Another can induce the same creepiness and cognitive dissonance that Japanese horror is famous for.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this in a dark room with nobody else around: 100%


Another is another horror and mystery themed anime. Seeing how I enjoyed GOSICK, I will want to try it out. The setting and plot looks interesting and Yonezawa Madoka gets a role in this too. YES!

Chances of me Watching? : YES

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou


A slice-of-life anime set in a boy’s school with the intention of being a comedy. I might watch this if a lot of people recommend it. If not, I’m going to ignore it. It’s hard to preview a slice-of-life as there usually isn’t a plot as it focuses on character interaction. So it might be good or horrible.

Chance of me watching: 5%. I’m scared of the Fujoshi’s that could use this.


I must wonder who the target audience is. Do girls in Japan really want to know what their male compatriots do after school every day? If they do, I doubt this show will be satisfying enough. If they don’t, I doubt this show will satisfy nevertheless. And boys – do they really want to watch it? I think the only way it could entertain is if it does Nichijou or Lucky Star- styled sketch scenes.

Chances of valence watching this: 0%


Self explanatory title. Part of me still regrets not catching Kimi to Boku  (which actually turns out to be rather entertaining…)… And Audio Highs is doing the music… I’m at least giving the OST a go.

Chances of fangirls going wild with yaoi=85%


WTF?… Whatever.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: I have better things to do than watch a bunch of guys wasting time.


A slice-of-life, about boys and a few girls thrown in. Might go for it, the setting seems interesting and I want to see the comedy. Plus theres Hikasa Youko and Yuuki Aoi so that interests me.

Chances of me Watching? : Most Likely 

Area no Kishi


An incredibly popular older brother and his weakling younger brother. And suddenly, the lil brother suffers a great mishap/miracle and his life changes. Seems boring.

Chance of me watching: I can’t do a negative percentage because it is not logical


To reiterate my point, I am not a squealing sports fangirl.

Chances of Valence watching this: 1%


The only ways that you can get me to watch sports anime are: one, put Tokuchi Toua in it, put feminism in it, two, put baseball and lolis in it (while satisfying either one of the prerequisites before this one) and uhhh… put Tokuchi Toua in it.

Chances of @fkeroge finding awesomeness in this anime: 0% (No Tokuchi Toua or feminism means no awesomeness whatsoever)


Soccer anime. That’s all. Does not interest me. (Soccer is not my sport)

 Chance of me Watching? : No

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki


It’s a kid’s show about a f*****g cat

Chance of me watching it to ridicule it: 100%


Inu X Boku SS


It seems like another anime that aired this year…Hayate no Gotoku perhaps? Anyway, it’s about an ojou-sama who cannot survive by herself. Hence, she feels the need to prove herself and decides to live in a mansion all by herself only to realize that due to the rules, she has to be followed by an agent whom she had previously aided.

Chance of me watching: 10%. Just because it doesn’t sound fully-retarded


Not sure if want….


I don’t know why but I’m giving this a shot because my gut is telling me to.

Chances of Azure’s gut being wrong= ?


I’m not really interested in watching or writing about this. Pass.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this: None. Nil. Zero. Nada. Wala.


Interesting idea – a rich girl who wants to make up an identity and has a Secret Service agent for herself all at the same time. Yup… interesting. Might give it a go. The girl looks cute. Yesh…

Chances of me Watching? : Most Likely 



Fantasy stuff involving 2 sisters and magic. I heard it’s great but I will watch the prequel first.

Chance of me watching it: 30% depending on how much I liked the prequel 😛


I can’t say too much about SHAFT’s recent anime releases, except for the fact that quality seems to be improving with the likes of Madoka Magica. (No season 2, thank you very much. ) The fact still stands, however, that Bakemonogatari had been delayed countless times, so God knows what shall happen to Nisemonogatari. I think I would have to agree with @fkeroge in the sense that SHAFT will actively seek to avoid what happened to Bakemonogatari.

I hope the show doesn’t focus too much on the Arararararararararararararararararararararararaarararararararararagi Sisters, because I miss Koyomi’s and Hitagi’s interactions. I still look forward to seeing the sisters in action, especially given their own respective arcs in the novel.

Chances of Valence watching this: 100%


I’m currently waiting for my Kouhai to come back from Taiwan with the original novels (Chinese translated) because I figured I probably won’t be able to sit though the whole of the first season…

Chances of Azure watching this=Chances of Azure finishing the novels before it airs.


Shaft probably has broken their recent habit of releasing two or more relatively bad anime per season when they decided to make Madoka Magica. It really helps Nisemonogatari that Madoka was the best selling anime series of 2011, meaning that Shaft probably won’t be going for their “animation-did-not-make-it-on-time” notifications like they did for Bakemonogatari if they want to keep their good reputation.

Nisemonogatari (I presume it translates to Impostory) seems to focus more on the Arararararararagi sisters and the person who spread the curse that haunted Nadeko, so perhaps this would give us more juice about the world of Bakemonogatari and Japanese lore.

As for how good the animation will be, I can’t really say much about Shaft as I have only watched their most famous pieces (Bakemonogatari and Madoka), Denpa Onna (which I never finished) and their Negima OVAs and series. Here’s to hoping that Nisemonogatari will be at least on par with Denpa Onna’s animation and the spirit of the witty dialogue of Bakemonogatari.

Chances of @fkeroge marveling at Senjougahara’s ability to insult people: 100%


Sequel to the supernatural show, Bakemonogatari. I loved the first one so for the sequel, it kind of blowed my mind. One of the mostly highly-anticipated anime for me this season. Let me put it this way: I have not been this excited since the K-ON!! movie was announced, so I have high expectations for this one. And ClariS is doing the OP as well, so this should become a favorite of mine.

Chance of me Watching? : Definitely

Mouretsu Pirates


Seems like Yuri will be hinted like crazy, how can I resist? Also, pirates and fighting brought about by family ties. Sounds like great fun already and it could be funny. Or bad

Chance of me watching: 50% as it seems like sheer fun












Chances of Valence watching this: 100 fucking percent.



Oh ElementGardens is behind the music?


Well, this looks interesting to say the least. Not the most original introduction I’ve seen, but I guess a female lead would be better than Tanaka Jirou the Generic. Space pirates one the other hand seems infinitely more interesting than a pirates who have stupid superpowers like oh, you know, stretching like rubber? If they can pull this off, this can be the top contender for the season, yes beating even Nisemonogatari.

Chances of @fkeroge watching this:  100%


So this is basically a show about a girl who becomes a space pirate and goes off to adventure. The idea does seem interesting so I might watch it but Cyborg seems to be a lot more interested in it than me so I will leave it to him.

Chances of me Watching? : Maybe


And here ends part 1!!!

I split the post into 2 simply because we didn’t want one huge-as-fark chunk of text.

Please wait kindly for the second post~

A lil Yuri never hurt anyone~

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  3. i’ll be watching the first episode of each anime that interests me.

    Kyousogiga = crazy, so might be interesting
    Recorder to Randoseru = loli >.<
    Rinne no Lagrange = i've seen the first episode, i really like the main character
    Another = supernatural mystery
    Inu X Boku SS = just because
    Nisemonogatari = i saw the prequel, and it was amazing

  4. Nopy says:

    When I first heard about the Gundam Seed remaster, my thought was “what? isn’t it already in HD?” Then it occured to me that the series really did come out before HD became commonplace. It’s hard to believe that its been so long already.

    • Azure says:

      time sure flies doesn’t it, to think that we were still young-uns when we first saw gundam seed.

  5. glothelegend says:

    Regarding “Another”…

    Girl with eye patch + dark story = AWESOME.

    Regarding anythin el- FUCK ANYTHING ELSE.

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