Yet another regular post heralding the arrival of 2012.

Inappropriate 2012-related caption regarding depicted catgirl’s disintegration in the face of the apocalypse. (Include LOL if no-one laughs.)

Comment on the deja vu effect.


Introduction. (Start with ellipsis.) Short, self-depreciating joke concerning one of the below mentioned subject matter:

  • Appearance
  • Accomplishments
  • Failing to not watch Hentai (include link here)
  • Being emo
  • Ponies
  • TF2

Attempt to be witty by attributing aforementioned self-depreciating joke to the bigger scheme of things/ someone else.

List out fruitful events of 2011 in point form. (Insert (If any) in attempt to make another self-depreciating joke.)

  1. Event one. Synopsis, thoughts, reflection, unfunny joke.
  2. Event two. Synopsis, thoughts, reflection, even unfunnier joke.
  3. Event three. Synopsis, thoughts, reflection, unfunniest joke I can think of (Insert “Are you getting tired of this yet?” in brackets to persuade reader into thinking poor jokes were made deliberately and not because Valence is a horrible and unfunny person.)
  4. Event four. Stoic, deadpan humour, self-depreciating comment, random comment about Madoka.
  5. Event five. Write 500 words of reflection, and insert firework picture.

Insert caption here

Comment on bizarre red glowing spot on Suika’s behind, make yet another unfunny 11 Eyes reference. (Link to Rio post here) (Strike-out sentence and write something serious sounding afterwards.)

Introduction for greatest anime moments of 2011. Write about plans to erect a ’12 Days’ page to host all the posts made by the AOIA team. (Make erection joke here.)

Firework picture.

Include hidden explanation of why there should be more pictures of Suika with fireworks.

Comment on severe lack of pictures of Suika with fireworks.

Introduce best anime moments of 2011.

  1. Write at length about AOIA’s becoming a team blog
  2. Claim that I already wrote about these moments during the 12 days event and cut abruptly. (Include ‘LOL’ for safe measure.)

Include apology for anime section being only two points long (Include joke about how it’s technically one and a half) (Strike out above two sentences and claim to not care about readers.)


Long, self-depreciating paragraph about many of the author’s misgivings and failures in 2011. (Include comment that makes it sound like I’m looking for attention.) (Include strikeout sentence that reads ‘ I am. ‘) (Include another strikeout sentence that reads ‘That’s why I blog.’)

Comment on pony_firework.png not loading. (hide smirk.)

Dry, unfunny jokes to make post longer. (Comment that at time of writing total word count is 300.) [Comment that the word count has now increased to 371.] <Comment that every time I write about the word count it increases.>

Make post seem longer by uploading a multitude of firework-related pictures.


Unfunny joke about Sena here.


Insert yet another unfunny joke about Sena here, include reference to the song ‘Butterfly’, insert image of hypnotic butterfly.



Act oblivious to blatant lack of fireworks in above image, make firework joke anyway.

(EDIT: Claim to have no idea how picture got in there, claim to have changed it.)
(Leave picture as-is.)


Comment on length of picture making post seem long, strikeout.


Comment on Zemanta giving stupid tags. (Highlight inclusion of Mitt Romney and Nim Chimpsky.) (Ask who’s Nim Chimpsky.)

Typical New Year’s wishes for 2011. Wishes for self, in character and studies. Wish for more friends. Wishes to be more social. (Highlight the book ‘Being Confident’ by Judi James.) (Talk about reading it, make confidence joke.)

Unfunny joke about fireworks.


More ellipses.

Even more ellipses.

More ellipses.


<font= Heading 5>


Another inappropriate 2012-related joke regarding everyone’s imminent and supposed disintegration in the face of the apocalypse.



(insert ‘LOL’ here.)

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26 Responses to Yet another regular post heralding the arrival of 2012.

  1. dyssymulation says:

    A mullet grown ironically is still a mullet.

  2. kluxorious says:

    this post is confusing me!

  3. SnippetTee says:

    This post is kind of funny but somewhere before the middle I got confused.
    Happy New Year to you and your team.

  4. foshizzel says:

    Happy new year! Woooooooooo!

  5. CTheHash says:

    A regular post? I think not. It’s one of those posts that makes your day because of how irregular it is to have this kind of post.
    Happy New Year to you and your team 😀

  6. Azure says:

    That picture with nothing to do with new years obviously shows that you have just failed in abstaining yourself from H.

    WELP, happy new year even though we’re already 12 hours into 2012 on our side at point of commenting.

  7. That was the best new year’s post ever because it almost wasn’t related at all.

    I like how it’s completely open to interpretation. It’s like a massive “fill in the blanks”

    Other than that, potato and rust

  8. Overlord-G says:

    The OGMan says, it’s an interesting post. I’ll attempt to decipher the code someday when I’m free.
    Happy new year to Team ambivalence on behalf of The G-Empire, especially @fkeroge, hardworking critic extraordinaire.

  9. @fkeroge says:

    You have failed to control your desires. Tsk, tsk.

    Turmeric, oregano and bay leaves.

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  11. Nopy says:

    I think you put too much thought into your posts… o.O

  12. Alx2oy says:

    That H-thing was kinda fast.. O_O

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