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The Perceptivity of Life

This post is partially a follow-up to my previous post on why I don’t watch “generic” anime (Yes, the one with loads of comments) and also partially to discuss my views on a certain matter at hand. You see, I’ve … Continue reading

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Ozine Fest Figure and Cosplay Pics

Yes, I’m completely biased. This post has already been delayed for about two months now because I just got the pictures from my friend who has the camera. Well, to put it simply, this is from my collection the Ozine … Continue reading

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@fkeroge’s Monthly Review – January 2012, Part 2

Pictured: @fkeroge before chemistry exams Note that this also doubles as a status update post. Okay, so here’s the deal. I have an exam six hours from now (and three more exams this week) and I’m here typing something to … Continue reading

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@fkeroge’s Status Update for January – Part 1

Hitagi Senjougahara – Still as hot as ever. First things first: As you may have noticed, my activity has been lower lately. Well that is because of things that are beyond my control, like my exam schedules. I still try … Continue reading

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Heralding the Lunar New Year: Dragons in anime!

Today, the 23th of January, is the first day of the first month in the Chinese calendar, meant for the welcoming of the deities of heaven and earth, and a day for us to visit our elders. More importantly, it … Continue reading


Anime Blog Carnival Merry-Go-Roundup – “What makes a 10/10 anime?” by @fkeroge

Badum tsssh! Please ignore the stupid wordplay that I used. The anime blog carnival project organized by du5k was nothing short of success. It brought many new perspectives and ideas that I would have never considered if I haven’t read … Continue reading


On being a hipster and why I don’t watch “generic” animes

One of the most profusely annoying things that some people ask me when they somehow find out I like anime is “Hey, do you watch *insert generic anime* “. And my reply is as follows: Which then results the fanboy/girl … Continue reading

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Anime Blog Carnival – “What makes a 10/10 Anime?” by Valence.

While my laptop’s at the shop for the next few weeks days thanks to an unfortunate coffee spillage, I guess I can only write meta for now. Seeing as how @fkeroge invited himself to this ‘Anime Blog Carnival’, I guess … Continue reading

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