12 Hours of Anime (Complete ver.)

*thrashes the old post*

I was supposed to write a “12 hours of anime” on Christmas itself but I spent too much time doing irrelevant things (like drawing the above, playing Sengoku Basara and sleeping) thus, post is postphoned until I get back home from celebrating X’mas. Which should be in approximately 12 hours; perfect for the post eh?

Meanwhile, wishing all a Merry Xmas and if you guys are reading this, please do go out, get a life and stop being a recluse at home.

Post after the page break~

I have always wanted to write a post that fully consisted of pictures but due to time constraints and lack of an appropriate subject to draw a post out of, I haven’t actually uploaded anything like that. A picture says a thousand words and the following post has 12 pictures which makes 12000 words. Wow.

The post will pretty much be me ranting about stuff that left an impression on me this year. And me trying to dispel the accursed art block with bad doodles of anime characters…

I digress:

He is too fabulous max to draw properly... shouldn't have started drawing directly with a pen...

The final episode did air 2 days before Xmas (where I live anyway). The trollish nature of the ending left quite an impact on me; I just couldn’t get it out of my mind: apples, trains, penguins, boxes, diaries, rabbits…  *mindfuck*

I never finished Nichijou but I really enjoyed and laughed my ass off over and over again for all the episodes I watched. the episode where Mai trolls Yukko with a yuri confession was downright utterly hilarious. That is until things got boring because Mai didn’t get enough screen time.

There was a ridiculous amount of mystery shows this year. 2 of which had lolis in them (I obviously have no idea what gender Inga is). All 3 were interestingly set in different timelines: Gosick being pre World War 2 era, Kami-sama no Memochou set in modern world Japan (think steins;gate meets Gosick since both mad scientists and NEET detectives like Doctor Pepper)  and Un Go set 20 minutes into a somewhat apocalyptic future.

I really enjoyed all 3; Gosick for its character portrayal, Memochou for its mysteries which I enjoyed and Un Go which is actually backlogged… Yeah, I really need to catch up with it soon.

Original 4~!

I really enjoyed Persona 4 despite my initial complaints about it. The soft shades and photo realistic background was rather uniquely aesthetically pleasing once I got used to it and the jokes were pretty darn hilarious. There still ARE issues though: like wasn’t the whole Rise and Teddy’s shadow boss supposed to be one of the hardest in the games? And the 2 bosses combined got defeated in a single episode, whereas Yousuke’s ass took up a little too much screen time than needed… I am underwhelmed.

And there’s too much suggestive vibes between Yousuke and Narukami… What the heck was up with this week’s episode…

In my childhood days, I grew up in a family that didn’t speak English. neither did we celebrate Xmas. So I always called the “12 days of Christmas” “The 5 Golden Rings song”. And 1 golden ring for each finger.*irrelevant*

Nothing needs to be said about Madoka. Nothing at all. I wish the movie has more yuri in it.

Have an old drawing because I'm too tired to draw fabulous things...

I’m curious as to why this year’s anime was overflowing with fabulousity…

I really am.

The sheer sexiness of Saber in a tux is just... (*´Д`)ハァハァ

3 frigging month-long wait… *cries*

At least the tumblr “ask-seiba”, “ask-gilgamesh”, “ask-kiritsugu” and  “ask-kariya” blogs should keep me entertained until then…

I couldn't come up with anything so here's 2 red heads with beautiful legs

I just occurred to me that [C] and Mawaru Penguindrum had a somewhat similar ending… The part where fate is re written anyway… Msyu is ❤

Nothing needs to be said about Steins;Gate. Kurisu-tina is the best. Mai Waifu.


As you can see, I like drawing girls. A lot.

Nest to fabulous things and mindfuck material, anime of 2011 brought us lots of flowers.

;_; Menma, why can’t I hold all these tears… I am tsundere for AnoHana. I will tell you that I still don’t think much of it but if you make me sit through the last episode again, I will bawl my eyes out.

Its the complete opposite for Hanasaku Iroha though: despite how ridiculously shitty the whole of the second half of the series is, I will still tell you that there was at least some good in even the darkest omurice stories. At least the girls of Hanasaku Iroha cook way better than the girls of P4… Just… not enough Yuina…

Another trend this year: Long titles. Well not really this year, Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai is quite a mouthful and so’s Ore no Imouto Konna na ni Kawaii wake ga nai.

In true honesty, I still have no idea what the full name of [C] is (still calling it “[C]: Money of a very long name”). And AnoHana has a ridiculously long title, in Kanji, English and especially romaji…  I’m just that bad with names.

Guilty Crown being announced was like Christmas to me. Until it actually started airing.

It seemed like the only plot crisis that will ever arise in Guilty Crown is Shu bitching… Until this week, that funny eye brows guy appeared and stabbed fabulous Gai… Since Guilty Crown is pretty unoriginal up until now (Lets see: Code Geass, Evangelion and quite a bit of Fafner… Just to name a few), I’m hoping the eyebrows guy’s (actually, is it a guy?) motive is not because he has a complex about his eyebrows because that’d be REALLY UNORIGINAL… *cough railgun cough* I’m starting to agree with Valence that “lost Christmas” is a stupid name for a virus.

I’m still staying true to what i said about watching it for the animation though.

Well, that’s it from me, I’m trying to collate an art and writing portfolio so I probably won’t be posting anything in a while except maybe if I really do end up writing about anime related things which would be… I have no idea how it would be but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

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27 Responses to 12 Hours of Anime (Complete ver.)

  1. Sam says:

    I am trying to think of words to say about this post… but have decided to settle with:


    Very creative 🙂

    • Azure says:

      haha, thanks a bunch; I felt that the post could have been better organized though. It was too rushed and all over the place.

  2. moichispa says:

    It is fabulous max

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  4. Kai says:

    dat post! Isn’t it electrifying?

  5. trewdys says:

    Lost Christmas was the incident, not the virus…though Apocalypse Virus is just as unoriginal

    • Azure says:

      Oh, derp…
      As you can see, I’ve pretty much been sleeping through the episodes.

    • Valence says:

      At time of writing it was spoiled as the virus, as many blogs described it as such. I have not kept myself updated with the manga/anime, and for this I apologize.

      Have a cookie as a token of my sincere apology.

      • Azure says:

        I believed it was called the Lost Xmas even after watching the anime and the apocalypse virus was the name of the event. Which doesn’t make sense… but I’ll nom the cookie anyways.

  6. Ho Ji Jin says:

    you draw really well :D. interesting post 😀

  7. Ho Ji Jin says:

    I didnt even notice it was a R formula question at all :O

  8. Yi says:

    I LOVE your artwork! So adorable. ^ ^

  9. You’re drawings, they are:
    *pulls out gun and shoots confetti*
    Really cute and creative.
    And yeah, blame everything on Inori (it’s not like she has any other use for…except singing and looking pretty. (stopped watching Guilty Crown after the 5th episode)) Don’t drink the void’s milk.

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