12 Days of Anime: Final Day- AOIA is now a team blog. (As if you didn’t see this coming already)

Dates. I like dates. I often remember a lot of them, as though they were special. Like April 7th, the first day I blogged on WordPress, or March 30th, the day where I announced that Anima would also be blogging at AOIA. It all changed from there.

Anima was a special case. I literally didn’t know him at all. Not even as a ‘fellow blogger’ thing – he was a complete stranger, to me and the aniblogosphere alike. After reading the page about recruiting writers after how I mentioned that Carillus never posted anymore, he sent me an email asking to write here. So I obliged, and Anima had a short run here before he vanished into nothing and went AWOL.

Of course, at the point in time the change wasn’t that significant to me. I mean, I had previously added Carillus, who convinced me during a game of UNL that getting a second opinion on things is good for everybody.

Another date: 3-4 days or so after Anima joined, in came @fkeroge on the 3rd of April, merely 4 days before AOIA’s first anniversary. (Thank you WordPress gods!) Another date:    June the 13th, ArashiX became our first guest writer.  4 days after that, Azure signed on.  Months afterward: September 26, ArashiX leaves, and CyborgCommunist arises. Ever since @fkeroge joined, it became more and more obvious that I was no longer the sole ruler of this domain the only blogger. This was now a team blog.

Depicted: related

I was no longer alone. Sure, I traded the highest commentators for bloggers. But even if the virtual readership falls, it sure felt better than blogging alone. Blogging alone felt like there wasn’t any purpose in blogging. Freely writing about everything would make me lose subscribers. But blogging in a group make me feel like I was returning to a home when I signed into my dashboard, for I knew that even if there were no comments, or no views, I would never be alone.It felt …..warm. It made my heart grow three sizes that day.

It was yet again, something I never saw coming.

I admit that the blog will probably, not grow any larger than it is now. A lack of a proper domain and network means that AOIA will remain the most hipster team anime gaming visual novel yuri satire humour parody review editorial episodic random blog in the X-blogosphere. But to quote my post, last year:

It’s fun to be part of the blogosphere. Like I said, it feels like a family – like a huge bunch of friends just decided to crash your house one day, and yet you enjoy it. Another good thing about the blogosphere is its initiatives. Its memes, its sense of humour, the constant debates between fans a la OreImo style, and of course, events and groups. From the likes of the figure-loving WLNF to the moe-loving Moe Coalition, and of course, to this very initiative you’re reading about this many moment – the aniblogosphere involves the blogger in this world of fandom, and I like it.

Similarly, it’s fun to just be part of a team blog. It’s filled with initiatives, and it’s like making actual friends over the internet. I enjoyed sending everyone emails, writing team posts together and discussing what to write about at times. I enjoyed little conversations on Formspring, Twitter, Tumblr and of course, WordPress, and I enjoyed every moment of it. There’s possibly nothing in the world that I could possibly trade to gain this experience, and  although I still question why I let Carillus so easily join the blog after his Iku thrashed me, I don’t regret a single thing.

That’s it – the ultimate, anime-related moment that happened to me this year, was AOIA becoming a team blog.

Let’s wrap this up, deejay.





*fumbles for script*


This sums up my second 12 Days of Anime event. I hope that you enjoyed it more than I did, since I had to rush out so many posts, and with that horrible math screwup, it was like it came out of a comedy. Anyway, I hope all the bloggers out there who took part learned something about themselves or some sappy shit like that. I just hope all of them had fun.

And it’s time to address our beloved basement-dwelling internet lurker – YOU!

Yes, it’s time for me and you to get social again. (We can’t get presents if we lock ourselves up, right?) So go out there and spread the christmas cheer. Smile more. Say hi to everyone you meet. Ask them all for presents. Sock them if they don’t give you any. (Alternatively, turn into a giant hulking dragon and destroy your local town.) Antisocial me’s helping to host a party again today, and I hope you’ll go to one too! Merry christmas everyone!

DJ, sign off.


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  1. Azuree says:

    Your post just made me feel sappy and utterly embarassed; I meant that in a good way (and I considered a tsundere reply but whatever…)

    It just occurred to me that I should have offered to draw people stuff for x’mas… and I still owe cyborgcommunist a touhou drawing I never got about to scanning…

  2. Yi says:

    I think I’ve been reading this blog for a long time, and it was definitely interesting to see more and more bloggers join, many of whom I knew before they became part of AoiA. Love the team! ^ ^

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