12 Days of Anime: Day 11 – AFA 2011

AKA I go to the only anime convention I attend each year twice

Also the reason why I’m working right now

Like I’ve said before, “it’s a time when every anime-related item I could possibly want to buy within 2010 is gathered conveniently in one place. In other words a horridly effective way in making me spend an entire day and a huge amount of savings in one sitting.” Only thing that makes this year more serious is the fact that I went twice.

Twice? Crazy expensive, cheapskate Valence. This year I went with CyborgCommunist on both days along with a different friend each day. And in total, I’ve spent nearly 3 times the amount I’ve spent the first time I’ve went to AFA. In simpler terms, a lot.

Pictured: A lot

There was plenty different between this year and the previous. Firstly, this was my first time paying for the concert, which was free the first year we went. It was worth it though, to see Kalafina in real life (and to quote Communist: “[Having my] solar flare block the camera screen”). The bigger corridors and space allowed for more fun things, like looking for cosplayers and stalking celebrities.

Bonus points for guessing who that is

Once again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Click them to get linked.

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