Twitter Length Disorientated Reaction to 24 episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum

It wouldn't make any difference even if I watched all 24 episodes with a bra over my eyes because I still have no idea what happened.

“WTF was that, I had no idea what happened and what this has to do with penguins but it was FABULOUS MAX”

103 Characters.

Or even shorter:



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10 Responses to Twitter Length Disorientated Reaction to 24 episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum

  1. Wow, I’m now looking forward to watching this episode tomorrow

  2. moichispa says:

    Isn’t it electrifying?

  3. @fkeroge says:

    I dropped Penguindrum. That is all.

    • Azure says:

      I kind of feel like I should have realized that Ikuhara was trolling us all along or something but I watched on anyway. On the surface, it WAS entertaining.

  4. It was a good series to watch but the only questions i have are:

    Where did the penguins come from?
    Where can i get one of them?

  5. Nopy says:

    I wrote an explanatory post on my blog after my review, maybe it’ll help you understand the series now that you’ve finished it. I thought it was brilliant and well thought-out.

  6. Valence says:

    Holy shit, someone remembered the TLDR column.

    (Absolutely not a way to slack by writing super-short posts)

    • Azuree says:

      It occurred to me that I haven’t written one yet and my thoughts about penguindrum ARE Twitter length.

      No, it definitely is not for slacking, definitely.

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