12 days of Anime – Day 9: Visual appeal and Audio stimulus

Christmas themed Yuri pic. why not?

Did you click this post because of that rather interesting title? Well, sorry to disappoint but this probably won’t be very well done.

To many of us, I’m very sure the first thing we consider before reading a manga or watching an anime would be the visual aspect of it. It’s human to want to view something that is visually appealing right? Eye-candy is a very large part of consumerism. The better looking product would usually do better even if it is less efficient than another less visually appealing product. So it would be the same for media eh?

I think many of you would have figured out by now that my pics almost never relate to the text

How many times have you picked up a book in the bookshop just because the cover looked good? So anime and manga works something like that. I have been in situations where I would search up on a title just because I saw some screenshots of it that looked good to me. However, this of course doesn’t mean the show is good. Let’s use an example. I finished a manga called Blue by Kiriko Nananan recently. Visually, it was probably the worst manga I’ve ever read. The only thing that was alright was the body proportions. The faces were a bit funny and incredibly simplistic. At first, I couldn’t tell the 2 main characters apart since they were pretty identical.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about

But I continued to read and really enjoyed it. It’s a very deep and thought-provoking Yuri manga. But because it didn’t look good, I nearly dropped it (part of the reason I kept on reading was because I was incredibly bored. Like I am now) .

Dat Ass

But as I’ve said in a previous post, a show that looks good but has a rather mediocre plot can still be very enjoyable. To use an example (I’ve used this one a lot of times already XD), Guilty Crown!!! It’s undeniable it’s enjoyable even though is pretty damn shitty.

Well, I put them all up. Loli, Yuri and ass. Anything else you wanna see?

Another aspect of an anime that also draws me in is also the OP and ED. I really love my music. I can’t have total silence. I always gotta have some music playing, no matter what I’m doing. Even in the loo. So when I hear an anime with a very pleasant OP, I am actually compelled to continue watching it. If the OP is exceptionally good, I might not skip it when I watch an ep ;D Kamisama no Memochou was one such show. I would listen to the OP every ep.

However, I also get annoyed sometimes but incredibly out-of-place OPs. To use an example, when I was watching Mai-HiMe, I was actually incredibly amused by the rather upbeat OP playing when the scene beforehand was very morbid and dark. It was so out-of-place that it was funny.

Now, for a truly random pic!!!

Well, that was today’s rant. I hope you somewhat enjoyed.

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  2. Nopy says:

    The visual appeal of any media is important, even more so in anime because that’s what it was built up around. I admit that I watch some shows just because of nice character designs, even if the story may suck.

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