X Days of Anime – Day A: When should we judge what we watch?

Case in point.

We anibloggers like to do episodics and other kinds of periodical reviews of anime that we watch. In these reviews, we cannot help but give our opinions the content of the show in question after watching it, which basically what a review is. But I ask you: isn’t it pointless for us to start thinking about a show after we have watched it?

I’ll give an example: Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I read many, many blogs every week, when it was still airing, that discuss Madoka Magica so religiously that I found most of them to get to the point of being trite and ridiculous, in terms of speculation, assumptions and plain fanboying/fangirling. It has gone on like this for the entire series starting from that infamous episode 3. However, after the show ended, people started to get more “level-headed” and tried to review the show holding back on the praise and stuff. You will rarely find a full review of Madoka that has the spirit of those ecstasy-loaded episodics. Most of them just try their best to find flaws as not to sound like those “hated” Madoka fans, and it shows on their writing. (I think I’ll write more about this in another post.)

The point is, the blogosphere miss the point when people do retrospectives. It like judging the meal a day after eating it. The experience that comes from eating the food will be absent when you just think about it the next day, and it cheapens the overall value of the meal. Get what I’m saying here?

Anime that entertains will sell, no matter where the entertainment value comes from. Success built upon the very basics of storytelling, characters, action, romance, sex and/or moments of tension and unease in the part of the audience is success in entertainment still. Though it is quite one-sided that we don’t see the flaws in what we watch, it is proof that we enjoy what we see on our screens, and that, I think, is the most important thing about anime, or entertainment in general.

However, the question still remains: when should we judge what we watch?

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4 Responses to X Days of Anime – Day A: When should we judge what we watch?

  1. Cytrus says:

    I very much enjoy my weekly dose of Guilty Crown because I’m tired on Fridays and in need of some brainless action anime. When it is all over, I will forget about the show immediately and move onto something else. I won’t be recommending the thing to many people, though. “Watered-down Geass except with Shinji Ikari as main character” doesn’t sound too convincing, and that’s all I can say about the show.

    Titles like Hourou Musuko and Madoka had me excited every week in the same way, except now that they are over I can still sit down and discuss their message and qualities with anyone without feeling I’m wasting my time.

    There are many levels to entertainment, and people realize that a show can independently fail or succeed at each of those levels. That’s why we have preferences for when and how we review/analyze stuff – when it airs, when it’s finished, after each arc…

    And I’d say everyone has the right to take the perspective they like. It would be great if we also kept in mind that, as your post points out, every perspective also brings its limits, so there are no better/worse moments for a review.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Yeah, I watched a few episodes of Guilty Crown but as per usual, I dropped it at around episode 3 because well, I have better things to do.

      Well, it should be obvious by now that Madoka is one of my all time favorites, simply because I had fun while watching it, and not after. Well, I did have fun reading through all the suggested possibilities and other speculations after each episode, but the thing is, it’s the watching experience that made me love it. It had a simple story and an excellent presentation (not to mention that I enjoy discussing it with the people I forced to watch it).

      I see what you’re saying here, but as the aniblogosphere is now, episodic reviews are very common, and some shows just aren’t meant to be reviewed that way.

      Or maybe that’s just in the writing style that the author employed.

  2. I don’t know whether I should be thankful I watched this later on in the year or that I missed all these hardcore fan blogs. It was a good series but I won’t say it’s the best because if it’s the best, nothing can surpass it. I am excited for the movie, i give it 3 years before it comes out and gets subbed.

    • @fkeroge says:

      Madoka isn’t necessarily the best that anime has to offer, but it handles the things it does concisely without wasting any time at all. It just… told a story through animation, and I’m sure everyone loves a good story.

      It’s no secret that I’m a Madoka fan even in real life, much to the surprise of many people. I got the usual “you rave about kids’ shows?” from my friends, but once I convinced them to try it out, they loved it, 100%. That’s how it went for the 9 people I forced to watch Madoka. That, I think, speaks volumes.

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