12 Days of Anime: Day 5 – Let’s have some Yuri

Well, if you do happen to have accidentally visited my blog by clicking on some link here, you might have seen  my Yuri FanFic, Forbidden Lilies. And I finally have part 4 ready. Well, it was ready a month ago but my editor only finished it 2 days ago. Then he took his time to send it to me due to his…computer access issues (he’s not allowed to use it :P). So for day 5, It’s going to be Yuri from me, something I’m rather passionate about.


Part 4

Niko rushed through her assigned work, continuously glancing back and forth from the clock to her computer screen. Niko really did not want to be late for her lunch appointment with her beloved Aria. Sighing, she continued typing furiously as the time passed.

Niko stretched her stiff arms as she walked out of her office building, barely having been able to complete her assignment in time for lunch. With a smile on her face and a spring in her step, she headed towards her and Aria’s usual haunt. Just then, she received a text from Aria. Niko hurriedly opened the message and read it. It seemed that Aria wanted to eat somewhere else and had sent Niko the address. A quick internet search revealed that the place which Aria intended to have lunch with Niko was a particular Italian restaurant not two blocks away; well-known for its rustic ambience and simple food.“Oh, what is Aria up to?” thought Niko as she hailed a cab.

Aria grinned as she flipped her phone shut and looked around the booth they were led to at the restaurant. She had reserved the table for her and Niko earlier while she was on the way to work. Aria had wanted to have a serious talk with Niko and had decided that a more relaxed atmosphere would better ease the talk over. Now that the invitation was sent, she could only await Niko’s arrival.

Niko was pleasantly surprised when the cab finally pulled up at the restaurant. It was a rather small brick house, located in a quiet corner of the shopping district. Niko found its retro décor rather soothing; it put a smile on her face. It also didn’t take long to find Aria amidst the few tables inside. Her platinum blonde hair easily stood out in a crowd. Aria had also spotted her and was waving excitedly at her, a warm smile beaming on her face. Aria yelled out an excited “Hello Niko!!!” and seated herself in the booth. “Niko!” Aria gushed as Niko herself realized that she was speaking rather too loud in her excitement; clapping a hand to her mouth, embarrassed. It would be quite rude to disturb the other customers. When Niko removed her hand, Aria had blushed slightly; and Niko was reminded again how adorable Aria was.

Niko decided to call for the menu to distract herself from her urge to embrace her Aria right then. As she read the menu, Niko suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be controlling her urges for Aria’s sake. It could not be helped; the only way to curb her desire was to refrain from coming into close contact with Aria, and this saddened Niko as this meant she could not hug or kiss Aria as often.

On the other end, Aria’s heart was pounding as she tried to control her nervousness. She knew that she had never talked to anyone about such feelings before, but it was necessary. Aria peeped over the top of her menu and she could see Niko looking at the menu, her ponytail of crimson hair bobbing slightly whenever she moved her head. Aria could also faintly smell the sweet floral scent of the perfume that she had given to Niko as a birthday present. Just then, Niko looked up from her menu and locked eyes with Aria. Aria hid her face behind the menu again shyly and reddened again, hearing Niko chuckle to herself.

It was mostly awkward silence between them after that, which was only broken by small talk as Niko and Aria waited for their food to arrive. The waiter brought it over a short while after they ordered along with a bottle of wine. Niko thought it was curious; Aria rarely drank any alcohol, but this was an Italian restaurant after all. Niko dug into her pasta as Aria delicately began to cut her salmon steak. Niko was just about to lift a forkful of pasta into her mouth when Aria suddenly spoke: “Umm, Niko?” Niko looked up and wiped her mouth with a napkin before replying “Yes?” Aria quickly looked away from Niko’s face as she said “I actually wanted to talk with you about   the way you touch me when we’re alone…” Niko’s could barely believe what she was hearing. Thoughts raced through her mind. Where was Aria going with this? Had her actions been bothering Aria too? Niko dreaded where Aria might be going with the discussion, but at the same time she yearned to hear what Aria had to say.

Aria was trying her best not to be too embarrassed and to speak her mind, but she kept fumbling over her words or could not bring herself to end the sentence. Every time she looked up at Niko’s face, she would find herself once again at a loss for words. Aria shook her head to clear her thoughts, and decided to start all over again. Aria looked straight into Niko’s eyes and firmly said “Niko, I wanted to talk about your actions recently, well…” but her voice trailed off again as she lost herself hopelessly in Niko’s beautiful eyes. Aria sighed, “Never mind Niko, its nothing important. Let’s just enjoy our lunch ok?” before managing a weak smile. Aria decided gave up, she simply could not bring herself to confess to Niko. She would have to try again some other time. It really troubled her; she really wanted Niko to hug and console her there and then.

Niko was now worried; what did Aria mean to say? She ached to reach out and comfort Aria, but she suppressed that urge. Reluctant to end the conversation right there, Niko managed an “Ok.” before returning to her meal, which now seemed tasteless.

They both left the restaurant with an odd silence between them. Niko was really concerned about Aria’s feelings on her advances, but ended up deciding that it would not help to press the matter. However, Niko could not push those thoughts out of her head. Was she uncomfortable with what she had done? Walking out, Aria finally broke the silence between them in a timid voice: “Niko…”

Niko turned her head around, and was met with a passionate kiss. Parting from their embrace a few moments later, both boarded the cab that Niko had hailed down; and they sat in silent thought, their emotions and thoughts in turmoil.


Well, that was part 4. Of course, if you want to read the rest of it, it’s right here.


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