12 Days of Anime – Days 3 and 4: On Bishoujos

Today’s post was kindly sponsored by absolute boredom and a lack of ideas. Enjoy

Well, as stated above, I already ran out of ideas for a post. So thanks to a game of eeny-meeny-miny-mo in my head, I will be writing about my favourite characters, be they from a manga, anime or a game, as long as I had any form of media with them in it this year, I’m going to consider them. All bishoujos; of course, for your viewing pleasure. I will be choosing my characters in terms of trait I like too.

First up, Best Eye Candy!! : Inori Yuzuriha

Yes, Inori. From everywhere most disappointing anime of the season, Guilty Crown!!! Why Inori? Well, its eye-candy. You have eyes, you can see the pictures. Also, I actually rather like Inori’s character. Yeah, it’s a bit one-dimensional at times but I do like it.

Runner-up for Eye Candy: Lingyin Huang (Rin)

Yes, Rin, from that rather crappy mecha show Infinite Stratos. I did write a post of the similarities between Guilty Crown and Infinite Stratos but I just chose her because she looks cute (c’mon twintails!). The end.

Next, we have Massive Moe blob : Nagisa Furukawa

Yes, I know some people find her personality disagreeable. She’s too weak and feeble and can’t make up her mind. But I like her because she tries! Determination! (disputable point of course since she does give up quite a bit but her character advancement did make her more determined) She’s caring too. Overall, a massive moe blob and everybody wants one.

Most Interesting character: Izayoi Sakuya

Interesting? How so? Well, interesting in any way that somehow pertains to me I suppose. She has a thing for knives, like me. And her overall look is rather good too. I also love the way doujins show her personality. Slightly tsundere with a streak of violence yet still caring. She’s jsut awkward with her emotions. Which is rather similar to me too…..

Hilarity: Nene Ando

That redheaded class Chairman from Hyakko. And she is the funniest boshoujo I’ve seen thus far. Really entertaining and I can’t stop laughing when she shows up.

Most adroable: Fu Sawatari (Potte)

If you did watch Tamayura Hitotose, you will understand the choice. Just too adorable.

Most original character: Ayase Chihaya

Chihaya is currently the most original female character i’ve seen like a while. She doesn’t fall into any of the niche female anime characters and her personality feels completely realistic and dynamic. It’s really refreshing to see her 😛

Well, that’s the end. I ran out of characters. I could put “I would chase her to the ends of the Earth if she was 3D” but I’d rather not. And the answer for that will probably be Sana Inui.

P.S This post is actually a day late. It was supposed to be completed yesterday but it wasn’t. Mostly because I was out doing project work.

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5 Responses to 12 Days of Anime – Days 3 and 4: On Bishoujos

  1. Yerocha says:

    Why are all good shojo described as “refreshing”? I’ve seen it too often to be a coincidence. Of course I completely agree with Chihaya’s position here. I never really thought about her in terms of originality, but maybe that just means it worked.

  2. bobbierob says:

    Not too big on Huang Linyin, but I gotta say I used to be (and still /kind of/ am) head-over-heels for Nagisa. Yes her character is blatantly flawed, but the moeblobiness just blots all that out. And that drama, all that drama that surrounds her.

    But you know who takes the cake?! POTTE. OMG HNNNGGGGHHHH, nanode. Not to mention Tamayura is one of the best shows to air in 2011, 2010, 200- ever.

  3. Nopy says:

    Tsugumi > Inori

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