12 Days of Anime: Day 5- Malaysia

Yes, I am

Now you're just fucking around with us, Valence

” Are you just gonna list all the countries you visited this year?”

No, what would make you think that?

“Once again, this has nothing to do with anime…”

“Why did you even take that photo, Valence?”

“Seriously this has nothing to do with anime. What are you gonna do next, post about ponies?”

Calm down, nonexistent reader! Let me explain. You know how Baka-Raptor (or some other blogger starting with B, my memory’s fading) once said that anime should be watched alone? Well, that simply wasn’t the case in Malaysia. I went to Kuala Lumpur in September with my father’s side of the family for a 3-day trip. Along the way, my brother and I ended buying anime DVDs – Marchen Awakens Romance for the nostalgia factor, Shiki and Sengoku Basara just to watch on a TV.

So in the evenings when there were no more plans for the day, my cousins and I would congregate in our hotel room’s living room to watch M.A.R on their big-screen TV. It was a rather nostalgic experience since the last time I watched M.A.R , it was- you guessed it – with my relatives in a living room. It used to air on Cable, so we got to watch one Chinese dubbed episode every evening.

Marathoning M.A.R with relatives feels great. Not only was it for the nostalgia factor, M.A.R being a memorable part of my childhood, the feeling of watching with relatives feels great as well. All those snide remarks and musings that would have simply vanished within the confines of our own minds are set loose to rebound about the couches. I must admit that the subtitles were in bad quality, but that only made our experience funnier (funner?) as we kept making fun of the subtitles.

I suppose that experience led to us watching anime together when we could. Yesterday was my great-grandfather’s death anniversary (I kid you not), and after all the proceedings were over, with the adults outside in the living room chatting, we marathoned Shiki in my room. Really, it brings about this feel that you simply can’t get from watching anime alone.

Now, why did I bring that figurine with me abroad? To be honest, I always bring a figurine or two overseas when I can, so I could take photos. Unfortunately, those relatives were only intent on going about from shopping district to shopping district, without even being able to step foot in the famous Petronas Towers, which we even stayed next to for Christ’s sakes.

Those sweets taste great. Also, figurines in clear coffin in background

Actually, we do. Sincerely, Your Relatives

I'm amazed my relatives don't detest me yet.

Spoiler alert: I failed anyway.

Okay, I studied while overseas, how nerdy.

Anyway, although I didn’t manage to take too many photos with the figurines, I went with 4, and I went home with 5. That figurine alone made the trip one of the most memorable anime-related moments for me.

A lot.

I love this figure a lot

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14 Responses to 12 Days of Anime: Day 5- Malaysia

  1. kluxorious says:

    Petronas Tower huh? I’m Malaysian and I’ve only been to the shopping complex and not the twin tower itself. Maybe I take it for granted. Anyway, what a waste if all you did was visiting one shopping complex to the other because we have lots of quite exotic and cultural places in Malaysia.

    I used to bring my figures around too but then carrying your DSLR everywhere was quite troublesome and one or two of my figures met an accident while filming. That made me stopped unless I intended to do an outdoor photo shoot with them.

    As for watching anime with people, it is certainly a good experience if you watched it with someone who understand anime and has passion for it the same if not more than yourself. Otherwise I rather watch anime alone inside my room.

    • Valence says:

      I know right? My Dad and I were like, annoyed that the elder relatives just wanted to go from station to station looking for things to buy. The closest we got to culture was the street markets/ bazaar and that was still another shopping trip. My dad wanted to visit some of the more , should I say, ‘natural’ places, i.e. some of the caves in Malaysia but the elder relatives didn’t want to, so what could we do?

      I brought them about in that small clear container in my bag. I don’t plan on bringing that PVC out: although figmas are easy to transport – I’ve done that before.

      My cousins and I love anime. My cousins love shonen, and my aunt loves all the romancy types. I watch everything, and my brother follows suit. It’s a great arrangement.

      Although I guess it would suck to watch anime with someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

  2. Azure says:

    Should have stayed for Comic Fiesta, then it’ll really be anime related.

  3. upgrade to twitter accout 🙂 i have a nice avatar now <.<
    i watch anime with my siblings. its about saving the so called "unlimited download limit". but even if i could watch anime alone, its nicer with someone else. its about havng a nice social time with my family insteasd just being family because we're related.

    • Valence says:

      Imma be following you 🙂

      I don’t watch with my sibling nowadays, he’s just too lazy to sit still. He’d rather play his silly Korean MMORPGS…

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  6. Alx2oy says:

    I totally know how that feels..my family ends up shopping most of the time whenever we visit Malaysia .____.

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