12 Days of Anime: Day 3 – The Third Letter of the Alphabet

I didn’t either.

For a trainwreck of a show, I must admit that [C]: The blahblahblah of Soul and Possibility thingamajig, was in fact, one the of the 12 greatest anime related things to happen to me this year. No, it wasn’t good plot-wise, neither was it anything exactly ‘fresh’. Not even the ability to make goatgirls appealing to both genders made the show any better in my eyes. In my eyes,  less than stellar shows come from two categories. One of these kinds of shows have a crappy start, but slowly moves towards becoming better, with its only fault being its poor opening. The latter starts spectacularly, but crashes into a metre-deep pile of crap. [C] sits in that pile of crap.

SO why did I find [C], one of the best anime-related things to happen to me this year? It can’t be because today was Day 3 of 12 and I just wanted to use the third letter of the alphabet as my title, right? (On second thought, it totally could have been this way.) Remember Day 2 of 12? That whole hullabaloo on ‘blahblahblah, watching more anime’ and the sappy bit about trying to be more of a fan rather than a slave to the system thing? [C] was a show that, like Maria Holic, was best without nitpicking and heavy criticism.

[C] is to anime as Michael Bay is to Hollywood. Both are loathed by critics, but are always crowd pullers. [C] distracts with its fancy 3D CGI, its fight scenes and foreign economic terms thrown throughout the screen as audiences just sit in slack-jawed awe. Michael Bay distracts by blowing shit up.

Case(s) in point.

All in all, both had this kind of characteristic that entertains. Not anything too deep, or philosophical. In fact, not very well thought out either. The recent Transformers movies had a whole ‘conspiracy’ feel behind each episode, and Masakaki had Kyuubey vibes all over that fucker. Smile some more.

Valence, why are you so tsundere for these shows? First Maria Holic, now [C] – both shows you claim you hated, yet included in your top 12 anime moments. Are you really that desperate? Did you not even have 12 anime moments?

Now, now, I admit: I do hate [C]. Yes. I used to love it, then I hated it with a burning passion. From its urge to save Japan regardless of the cost to its unexplained plotlines, it made my blood boil.

Nevertheless, it reminded me of the times when shows like Naruto and Bleach still seemed interesting. The adrenalin , the thrill of watching gargantuan beasts duke it out for no reason other than sport, the shouting of vague, economicky terms as all hell breaks loose- the good old feeling of watching a shonen anime, for no other reasons. Not to criticize it, not to tackle it or question its plot development, just to sit in front of the screen with drink in hand, slack-jawed.

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9 Responses to 12 Days of Anime: Day 3 – The Third Letter of the Alphabet

  1. kluxorious says:

    so the plot remained muddle from start to finish?

  2. TRazor says:

    Everything I liked about [C] in one video:

  3. Nopy says:

    I was disappointed in C, mainly because I was expecting a deep plot.

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