12 Days of Anime- Day 2: Of hiatuses and early New Year resolutions

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When I just joined the aniblogosphere, I was full of energy.I literally posted every day. Every single day, a post on AOIA, when I was still the only writer and my only reader was Fabrice and the now defunct scarletdevilmansion. Sometimes even 2 posts per day, if I felt like it. The highest view count per day was say, around 100 maybe, so young-blogger-Valence always thought that more posts = more readers

But recently,I’ve lost steam. In months past I often contemplated about the possibility of quitting the blogosphere altogether. The lack of comments , the only thing keeping me going, was depressing, coupled with increasing demands from school and other preoccupations like gaming and well, actual occupations, all led to me having less time to watch anime and blog altogether. I actually stopped watching anime altogether for quite some time now, frankly. My liking for marathoning anime rather than watching it on a week-by-week sequence – coupled with procrastination , work, and games, led to me having much less time blogging and watching anime.

I even spent time trying to emulate my old posts with plenty of comments. Yes, I am that pathetic. I tried to see how other bloggers wrote, and got nothing out of it. Blogging slowly turned into a chore. I even tried to find materials on or just anime which were popular and could easily form discussions, rather than what I liked. It was as though I just stopped being a fan altogether. I was depressed. And when everything I worked so hard for came to fail anyway, I felt all the more depressed.

Back to the present.

And so I was discussing anime with my good friend at work today, when he commented about him torrenting the whole of Ghost in the Shell, with it being a freeleech torrent for the week at BakaBT. He then told me to download it, upon which I frankly told him that I was simply too lazy. He made fun of me for it:

“How can an anime blogger – not watch anime?”

This, my friends, was one of the 12 greatest anime-related things that happened to me this year- because it was a solid wake-up call. An aniblogger – who doesn’t watch anime, and spends more time playing TF2 and doing other stupid things like sleep? What’s sleep? Back when I had energy, I had never considered sleep at all! What am I doing, still typing this and loading up Steam? What ever happened to the joys of watching anime? That laughter, adrenalin, or whatever else emotion there could be?

And that was it: I resolved to watch more anime. As easy as that. No targets, no specific group of anime, no pretentious readings where I could use to study anime with. No studying of anime. Anime must, for me, remain a fully casual and entertaining activity– an activity spurred solely for my love for it, not my love for attention and readership. It’s back to the good old days for me.

Right now, I’m already preparing to torrent Ghost in the Shell for some good old-fashioned fun….but perhaps after another round of CP_Dustbowl.

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9 Responses to 12 Days of Anime- Day 2: Of hiatuses and early New Year resolutions

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  2. kluxorious says:

    congratulations, you have finally realized what’s important. I see many bloggers complain about the lack of hits/readership/comments when it wasn’t supposed to about that but more about YOU ENJOYING YOUR ANIME AND SHARED YOUR OPINION ABOUT SAID ANIME without any expectation. At least that’s how I’ve been doing it and I just hit 500K couple of days ago.

  3. moichispa says:

    Everybody gets a moment when they realise that they have become bloggers rather than anime fans. Some of them drop everything and forget about anime and other try to go back watching anime again just for enjoying it.

    I’m glad you picked the second option.

  4. balloonthief says:

    I actually took a two or three month break from anime which ended about a month ago. I think I was just watching too many series. I got a little overloaded. And ironically I was also playing tf2 which can be such a fun time waster. Anyway… might I suggest not marathoning your first series back. That helped me out.

  5. You really play too much Team Fortress 2. On Steam, you’re in that game most of the time.
    But its refreshing so have small epiphanies eh?
    Congrats anyway; on your New Years resolution

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  7. Nopy says:

    Your friend makes a good point, anime bloggers should watch anime. A hint to get more traffic: network. Like school, work, or just about anything in life, you’ll need to network with your peers to get attention.

    • Valence says:

      Yep, networking. I haven’t been keeping up with other blogs lately, mostly due to work commitments. Thank god the job ends before January.

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