12 Days of Anime- Day 1: Maria-holic + Alive

AOIA’s probably too hipster to get all those bloggers to rejoin the 12 Days of Anime event held last year. F-fine, we’ll j-j-j-just have to w…w..walk into Mordor alone. W-w-w-ho n..needs you gu-guys anyway?

Anyway, back to Maria Holic: Alive. At this point, this thought is probably running through someone’s mind:

Wait a minute, Valence you fickle bitch! Who was the one who said that the first season sucked?

B-b-b-ut, it’s Shinbo directed!

Yes, I am a fickle bitch bastard. And yes, I did watch it – and I liked it, although I must admit that I watched it solely based on the fact that the super LQ videos could easily be converted into iPhone size so I could watch them on my trip to Malaysia earlier this year. But then again, I had an epiphany: I realized what kept me from enjoying the first season as much as I should have.

You see, perhaps it was the mix of the arduous and tiring bus trip across the Causeway, or the multitude of cups of cheap coffee served every hour, but I just awakened to the fact that Maria Holic was: a parody.

No, not in the way you’d imagine it to be.

I had always known it to be a parody. I went into Season 1 with that in mind, and still I found Season 1 completely uninteresting and, well, not entertaining at all. I was asking too much of Maria Holic. I demanded answers to plotlines and realistic characters. All of this – for what? Our ‘heroine’ wants to find her true lesbian love and also molest her classmates, while the ‘pretty’ one is actually a crossdressing boy who’s doing it for, well, just because he likes it since they were never required to follow their grandmother’s will anyway.

As a sketch-like show, Maria Holic: Alive consistently had new scenes which allowed for different gags each week. One week, we had Kanako navigate through a booby-trapped house ala gameshow format. One week, we had her fail all her tests and come out of studying to find that everything had changed. But you know what really made me like season 2 more than Season 1?

The ending.

Yes, I’m a sucker for cheesy endings like this one. But please, hear me out first.

How did Season 2 end? Kanako was having her birthday, but like most anime girls, she probably expected her friends to throw her a party – but none came, or as she thought. In the last scene of Season 2, she finds all of them in the Church preparing her birthday, and Mariya gives her a kiss, causing her to break out in hives. Cheesy, right? So a bunch of people come together to celebrate her birthday. What’s so remarkable about that?

The thing is, I emphatize with Kanako.She’s always the butt of the joke, in more ways than one. Her getting kneedeep into shit is a running gag. In fact, it’s probably the plot of each episode. Kanako gets into something -> Hijinks ensue -> Kanako ends up kneedeep in shit. She never wins. She’ll probably never find her ‘yuri love’ too.  What I liked in Season 2, was that for once, Kanako is happy – at last something’s going right.

In everyone’s life, we often run into periods where we just feel down and out,like nothing’s going right at all. Everything you do seems to fail, and everything you did seems pointless. I guess it must be depressing to have to suffer through that week after week, right Kanako?

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7 Responses to 12 Days of Anime- Day 1: Maria-holic + Alive

  1. CTheHash says:

    Crap, reading the review made me ;_;
    Now I feel like I should watch this so that I could see the ending

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  3. foshizzel says:

    I loved Maria Holic! Both seasons were great, well season two did drag on a bit more for me…but still I laughed! And that is a great reason to love Maria Holic just for the laughs and random parodies.

  4. EcchiCatgirl says:

    i was also not a fan of the first season but then when i watched the second season, i thought it was much better. By season 2 i had seen more of Shaft’s work so i could appreciate it much more

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