A call out to the blogosphere: Twelve Days of Anime

I miss CCY. I’ve been wondering what CCY’s been up to since m3.dasaku went down, and then it hit me- that would mean that no-one would be inviting people to start the 12 Days of Anime this year. That’d be a shame.  Here’s a introduction for the uninitiated. 

Basically, what anyone can do to participate is simple: post an article every day, all the way until Christmas. About what? Anything anime-related of course! Be it your favourite scenes, or conventions, or whatever else tickles your fancy – write about it! Share it with us! What better way for us anibloggers to partake in the spirit of sharing and merrymaking other than sharing our feelings in front of the virtual fireplace? (Hot chocolate not included.)

I hope you guys can get the word out there to all the previous participants in the event, and I really do hope that everyone can once again, participate in the 12 Days of Anime.

So come on, Aorii8Cprototype27Scamp,schneider,  TWWKLandonJanettedigiboydrmchsr0doctordazza,FawkesJubbzRPTheBigN,

JinxmefloraineCaranielChiidai1313bitmapchaos,Shinmaru 1 

,and all the anibloggers out there! Let us keep the tradition going!

Merry Christmas in advance, and we hope to see you participate!



1 Did I leave out anybody?

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21 Responses to A call out to the blogosphere: Twelve Days of Anime

  1. @fkeroge says:

    Wow, this sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to post an article here every day because of schoolwork. Oh well. Good luck to ya.

  2. Nopy says:

    I liked the idea when I first heard of it last year, but like last year, I don’t think I can manage a post per day for 12 days.

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  4. Pity, I’m not sure if I can post every day. I would do 1 every 2 days though ;D

  5. EcchiCatgirl says:

    i’m doing this, i saw it on a video (fightingfornippon) and he redirected me, since i will be doing it on my blog, to blogsphere which i hope is this.

    tell me the details, like if i have to put a list of like the video i saw.

  6. TWWK says:

    I look forward to your posts!

    I participate in a fashion, though my “12 Days” are a bit different – I post about one anime Christmas episode each day up through Christmas (and maybe a bonus one the day after).


  7. bobbierob says:

    A date-mixup on my end has put me in a rather strenuous position here, but no fear! This’ll be a great excuse to write about some things I have planned.

  8. Azure says:

    I’m intending to “chiong” out a “12 hours of X’mas” on the 25th of December itself.
    Just because I can, and because I’m lazy and does everything (including blogging) at the last possible minute.

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