Shrimp Mayo and Lilies (Ebisu and Hotei-sain review)

Well, most of you readers would have realized by now that I enjoy Yuri. A lot. Very much like @fkeroge. However, recently I’ve been in a bit of a “depression” due to the lack of Yuri mangas I could read. Simply put, I needed my Yuri fix. So when Anya was tweeting about a Yuri manga, I jumped straight into it. Screw the fact that I had to wake up early the next day.

What I read was, in my opinion, 5 chapters of pure Yuri goodness. It was gold!! The name of it was Ebisu and Hotei-sain, a heart-warming tale of 2 female office workers and their interactions. Warning though, the ending is satisfactory (very much indeed) but you will want more and to know what happens after. Because one just cannot bear to let it end after 5 chapters. The extra story doesn’t help either in that aspect.

Ebius was a worker on the fast track of management in a company until one day, she suddenly transferred  to the small branch office Hotei works at. Hotei starts out greatly disliking Ebisu because of her cold and callus attitude and also at the fact she extremely good at her job. From there, its a roller-coaster ride (a very short one though….) of angst, insecurities, feelings and sweet Yuri.

The artwork of Ebisu and Hotei-san is excellent. By far, it’s one of the best looking Yuri mangas I’ve read. I love the character design of both Ebisu and Hotei. The emotions were portrayed real well too. A great job by the mangaka ^.^

That's the closest you get to a kiss scene btw -.-

However, its the story that is just sheer awesome. In my opinion, it just encompasses the whole idea of what Yuri is supposed to be. The vulnerability, the insecurities and mixed feelings and all that other good stuff we love (Including the hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghs). For 5 chapters, the story’s pace was perfect and there was no part of the plot that didn’t fit in with the rest. The characters were also built up really well. I actually get kinda irritated at Yuri manga where the girls feel very 1 dimensional and you can perfectly predict what they are going to say or do.

My overall opinion of it is: “drop what your reading now, pick this up and read it or I’ll go to your house and eat your pet” If there are no pets available, I’ll just have to slap you. It’s really worth it to read this. I do think that this manga does have all the aspects of what Yuri is supposed to be.


P.S This post was originally meant to have a short bit about why I like Yuri. It kinda started as a joke with @dkeroge and Azure to wrte why we like Yuri but none of us could think of anything to write except “we like the hnnnnnnnnngh”

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  1. Booto says:

    Thanks for recommending this one. I like yuri/shoujo ai manga where there isn’t a lot of drama and ends in positive way.

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