Tigers, Foxes and Orges (Hyakko anime review)

To plainly put it, I was not looking forward to watching Hyakko. It was on my MAL just because I wanted to see for myself what others have told me was “the better school life anime” (compared to K-On it seems). Sooooo, it took me forever to start watching. About 3 months actually. I finally got down to watching Hyakko last night. It was 12 mdinight. I was not in the least sleepy. My parents weren’t home, my sis was asleep. That meant no one to irritate me. So I commenced with the Hyakko marathon. I watched episodes 1 to 9 all the way till 4am. Then I finished it the next day in the afternoon.


And my conclusion is simply, they’re right. I really enjoyed Hyakko. It is probably the first anime that made me literally laugh out loud (I was sitting on the couch just clapping my hands like a retarded seal because no sound was coming out of my mouth).

Flying Tigers

Pardon my dirty mind XD

I suppose it can be classified as an “old” show (Although 2008 wasn’t that long ago). Hyakko is about the life of some students at Kamizono High School, an unnecessarily large school compound that consists of an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. Mostly, the anime focuses on the high school students of Year 1 Class 6.


The large moe-blob

Suzu~! Again

Ok, firstly, following my usual format for this, let’s talk about animation. Well, the animation is not exactly superb. There were parts where it was extremely choppy and also parts where they cheaped out on animating even the flappy mouths so conversations were being made with no mouth movement. However, the character designs were pretty damn good. All of them looked unique and moved according to their personality. The “action” scenes were also done pretty decently. And since I’m not a sticker for animation, Hyakko still looked really good to me.

Pantsu peek!!

I laughed a little too hard at this part. I might have woken up the nieghbours

The creepy senpai who sells pics of students

Well, now on storyline. Well, it is slice of life. They really isn’t much of a “plot” in the traditional sense with the problem, climax, solution and all that good stuff. Mostly, media under this genre focuses on character interaction. (Although there is of course a bit of plot but mostly at the end). Well, as mentioned above, the characters are all unique, especially in the way they act. The character interactions were all believable (to anime standards of course where there’s always some mildly ridiculous situation) and extremely hilarious. For such shows, I like to think that the animation is not so important as compared to the build up of the character. In my opinion, the on screen character is to serve as a baseline so that your imagination can fill in the rest from the stimulus received from the show.

Dodge that punch like a BOSS

Poor Ayumi. Everyone wants to see her pantsu

I apologize for being unable to properly explain all this stuff in words aptly but this is one of those
shows where you have to watch it see get what I’m ranting about.

Baka XD

Well, I am however, going to do 1 thing now. I’ve seen, read and heard about Hyakko in quite a few places, but its usually used a comparison point to another anime. Of course, I’m talking about K-On. However, I’ve been mostly seeing people stating that Hyakko is better than K-On. So I’m gonna give my 2 cents.


Both were aired at almost the same time but Hyakko was aired first. However, K-On was the more popular of the 2. Not a whole bunch of people have heard of Hyakko but I’m willing to bet my family jewels 90% of people have heard of K-On. I suppose it comes down to advertising why K-On had better sales. Both were also based of a manga. I can’t comment on this bit since I didn’t read either. Both Hyakko and K-On also mostly focuses on the girls although Hyakko has a bigger cast that also includes guys. In K-On, almost no men exist.

Suzu the moe glutton

Casualties from dodgeball 😛

However, in terms of which is “the better school life anime”, I would pick Hyakko over K-On. Simply because Hyakko is only supposed to be that. One of K-On’s main focus is of course the aspect of them being a light music club and creating music together. Also, as a school life anime, K-On seems to have too little characters. Sure, there are some side characters but we hardly see them (Including the fan favourite, Himeko. How many of you know who’s Himeko?) In Hyakko, they have a lot of characters. However, since they’re all unique, I didn’t mix any of them up.

I don't think I need to explain why I chose this pic right?

So I’ll conclude with this. If you want a school life anime, go watch Hyakko. However, if you want a school life anime with another genre besides school life, watch K-On. For best results, you can STFU (Stop Trolling For Unicorns) and watch both like me. Now, I’m  going to force LessThanFree and SleepySlacker to watch Hyakko.


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11 Responses to Tigers, Foxes and Orges (Hyakko anime review)

  1. Karry says:

    Orgies ? Havent seen those in Hyakko, are you sure that’s what you watched ?

    Also, anime fortunately skips the majority of badly done DRAMAAAAA of the manga. Seriously, all the sad stuff about homeless girls and “suffering”…its not empathy inducing.

  2. kluxorious says:

    One of the most underrated show in my opinion. I love this to bits and wish the manga will update more frequently than… twice a year? That was pretty frustrating.

    Besides the “slice of life” genre, Hyakko is nothing like K-ON and it pissed me off when people started comparing these two. For comparison, I rather they picked Kannagi which probably better since they have almost the same kind of “plot” and both are a much better show than that trash K-ON.

    Torako and her siblings are hilarious. They are definitely the lives of the party. But I’ll hand over the most adorable character to Shishimaru. He’s definitely blinded by love when it comes to Torako. Hehe gotta love him.

    • Awwww, come on…not Suzu??? X3

      But yes, I wonder why people compare K-On and Hyakko since they are very different. And yes, its also very underrated. I did mention that \(^.^ )

  3. Nopy says:

    Looking back at my old posts, when I talked about the first episode of K-ON back in 2009, I mentioned that it had the same feel as Hyakko. Having completed both Hyakko and the first season of K-ON, I don’t see how people can compare the two beyond first impressions. Hyakko was more along the lines of Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star, while K-ON is something else entirely.

    I didn’t find the series as appealing as you make it out to be though. Maybe I had just seen too many slice-of-life comedies by 2008 to care anymore. It’s by no means bad, but I’ll probably forget about it in another few years.

  4. Overlord-G says:

    It’s sad this show didn’t get more attention than it deserved. Still, can’t deny the 12 episodes of pure goodness it offered. I miss Nene and Suzu.

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