More is Less: Expectations and Enjoyment

The above tittle sounds like a slogan to some local policy… *shrugs*

I have no idea when this started but I’ve recently found myself increasingly disinterested in anime. Maybe not just anime: TV shows, books, cartoons too. So here’s an idea: Maybe I have watched too much anime, read too much books that I’m expecting too much from the industry. That in comparison to everything I’ve read and watched, nothing just seems to be good enough.

And because it doesn’t seem right to insert a break without a picture…

I have no appropriate suitable image to use so here's a drawing of Saber I did instead of writing this post. I want my share in shameless self advertisement too

I will tell you that Saber in a tux is the best thing in Fate/Zero.

[EDIT]: I lost my train of thought halfway through and was stuck at the same sentence for over a day so I pretty much had no idea what I was typing anymore..

This post was strangely inspired by something I heard over the local Chinese radio about how the DJ’s mom was satisfied with the local TV programs despite the fact that almost everyone else who’s seen proper TV knows that the shows running on the local TV stations are 80% rubbish.

I gave it a lot of thought. The DJ’s mom made a retort that because they only watch the local shows, to them, the shows on the local TV are already enough.

In other words, because we are exposed to a wider range of media, our exposure and expectations increases; expectations are now harder to meet and in turn, lesser enjoyment is gotten out of the viewing/reading experience.

All the time I hear people talking about how entertaining Katekyo Hitman Reborn is. And if anyone of you went to AFA, I bet you at least saw 5 Tsunayoshi Sawada-s walking around. I was pretty irked when one of my friends called me out for being all high and mighty so I actually sat through all 350+ chapters of the manga.

Just what is so interesting about the series? I was very puzzled; there were many missed moments of awesome and lots of plot holes. Why does everyone think that the characters are memetic sexgods? The art is arguably high tier but still; I didn’t get it. The OreImo anime could even be more interesting and I hated the anime. How can anyone even stand over hundreds of episodes of a whiny kid and his weird crazy chibi hitman mentor?

Then it hit me. Half the people who tell me they enjoyed series that I would vehemently swear is absolute rubbish don’t even watch or read anything else. And when I started recommending series that I hold high opinions on, most of them don’t even give it a try.

That was just a minor example (and an unpopular opinion but endless battle royale-s do get boring after 100 chapters) and my taste is up for debate (seeing as to how KHR is still running on JUMP… even if I have no idea what JUMP’s looking for in their manga anymore…)  but I realized that maybe I’m setting my expectations too high that the only show I even look forward to now is Penguindrum because I don’t have a single clue what the show is about anymore.

Ignorance is bliss. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy what they enjoy, even if what they enjoy is absolute shit and there are a sea of better things to watch and read? Maybe I should just stop being such an insufferable asshole and start enjoying myself instead of complaining for the sake of complaining like a true Singaporean. *this post took 48 hours to write; 24 hours spent being stuck at the same sentence and the rest of the time doing unimportant things*

I have no idea why i chose this GIF

On a side mention, it took me this long to even start writing anything because according to my ISP, my internet service was non existent for over a year which is pretty funny since it worked till 3 weeks ago; so I only just got to settle down and start throwing out all my school stuff along with hunting for a job (found a data entry one starting next week) and finally getting some sleep…

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13 Responses to More is Less: Expectations and Enjoyment

  1. moichispa says:

    Yeah that’s the main problem of people who has been following anime for a while. Being able to get fun with cliche-full shows is very very hard. You can try coming back watching some series not so original, comedies for example are the best ones for this because it might be enough if they’re just funny. But endless shonen are not a good idea at all you might be able to read them after a few moths or years or coming back to the “not so good anime” teraphy .

    Trying to figure what is about Mawaru is the greatest thing of this anime. But it may be a problem if it ends without giving a proper explanation.

    • Azure says:

      I just hope Ikuhara doesn’t suffer a creator’s breakdown and Penguindrum winds up like Evangelion…

  2. Nopy says:

    I used to tell people that what they were watching was average compared to other anime. After about 3 or 4 years, I realized that everyone has their own tastes and that I should be happy that there are more anime fans, regardless of which anime they’re watching.

  3. I watch a lot. And anyone who reads my blog knows that without fail, I end up complaining about at LEAST 50% of what I’m watching at any given time (usually closer to 80% though…I think…I’m not doing actual math for this).

    However, I’ll still concede to enjoying crap sometimes. If I’m in a bad mood I put on an episode of OreImou. Why? Because as much as I know it’s not a good series by any means…it makes me smile.

    I think some people are just content with things that can make them smile. And far be it for me to try changing their minds.

  4. Valence says:

    I think we complain as we watch more shows as we gain more grounds upon which we can compare the two shows in question and come up with what we like in each show, or what we don’t like in each show. Kinda like Pokemon where each successful battle nets you EXP and Money. (I know, forced example, but whatever.)

    The idea is that because we are exposed to a lot of media, slowly we form a rough idea of what we like, and what we don’t like. For one who only watchs local TV, local TV may be brilliant- but for the discerning audience with access to Cable TV and the INTERNET, tastes change, and so do opinions.

  5. Justin says:

    “seeing as to how KHR is still running on JUMP… even if I have no idea what JUMP’s looking for in their manga anymore…”

    JUMP is looking for work that makes them money^^

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  7. bobbierob says:

    I know exactly what you mean. As time progresses, and we are exposed to more genres and specific titles of anime and media, our expectations increase. A prime example of this is occurring right now:

    Back when I was just venturing into the fandom and whatnot (just 3 or 4 years ago) I picked up Shakugan no Shana and absolutely fell in love with it. I even sat through the apparently horrible second season, and moved on to the OVAs, despite hearing people’s cries about how the show has already died. With great anticipation I looked forward to the final third season.

    That was one year ago. Now that SNS Final is airing, I hate to admit it but I am somewhat disappointed. It feels like most of the second season’s events were forgettable, and I go into every new episode now bewildered as to what’s going on. For a lack of a better analogy, it just feels like the writers are pulling the plot out of their hats as we go on.

    Of course I know that they are following the light novels (I’m pretty sure…but not entirely). The characters are the same, the setting is the same, heck, the visuals and choreographed battles can even be considered /better/. They WHY am I feeling this disappointment? Exactly as you said with KHR. My expectations, and therefore level of enjoyment gleaned from certain shows, is much higher compared to 3 years ago. And to tell the truth, I think that is quite a tragic thing.

    • Azure says:

      I know exactly what you mean about SnS; I nearly fell asleep through the 2nd and 3rd episode and since then, I’ve pretty much forgotten about tit until now…

      I think its a sad thing too; though I think if there would actually be a show that can meet our high expectations (even just barely brush it) I’d be pretty happy.

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