AFA posts Part 5: Parting words and purchases

Well, as my conclusion, I might be able to go to AFA next year. Hopefully, me and SleepySlacker’s “O” levels will be over before AFA 2012. If not, at least we came this year. It was a brand new experience to both of us new anime enthusiast. I also have never attended a convention before so almost everything at AFA was new to me.

Sketches people drew

The exposure was gratifying as well as the interaction. It was a pleasure to meet Valence in real life and converse with him. He’s not as socially awkward as he makes himself seem. And everyone thinks I sound British on our first meeting. I’m not sure if I do but I suppose I do sound a tad bit more “British” than most. Also, I also decided to meet wif ND_Nanodesu on day 3 as well as Valence. It took a really long time before we found each other in the huge mob of people.

We weren't allowed to take pics. Not that we cared

For both days at AFA, I definitely wasn’t eating properly so its amazing I was still standing after day 3. I had beef patties for breakfast for both days and Burger King for lunch on both days. Dinner was skipped in favour of the concerts for both days.

And what’s the fun of going to all those booths if we didn’t buy anything. So here’s all the stuff I bought. In total, I spent about $200 at AFA. Next yeat, if I am indeed going, I really have to save more cash.

My purchases:

Was gonna get this

Got this instead. Saddam's mask from Army of Two

This much stuff

And this Taka Tony poster X3

Got this print as a gift for my friend. He likes catgirls

3 Black Rock Shooter A3 prints – $10

Sakuya T-shirt – $25

Saddam’s Mask – $50

Taka Tony Shining Hearts poster – $15

Catgirl print – $4

Gifts for my sister – $28

Fun I had at AFA – F*#&%^G PRICELESS


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