AFA posts Part 4: The concerts

The concerts were probably the main highlights of the AFA. They invited quite a few guests to perform for us. For $48, we got access to the whole event and standing “seats” for the concerts (I’m told by Valence that you didn’t have to pay for previous year’s concerts?). For an extra $100, you could also get a plastic chair, lightsticks and 2o or so meters closer to the stage. As well as posters and a chance to get autographs from the performers (A fact we were disappointed to find out. We all wanted to get Kalafina’s autographs).

Sorry to disappoint, but it was next to impossible to take pictures during the concerts

The first performer for day 2 was Sea*A. My friend says he wasn’t looking forward to them. Something about their Singaporean accents while singing Japanese seems to irk him. Well, they were interesting to listen to listen to in my opinion. Not that I’ll listen to all their songs.

Next was Ichiro Mizuki. His concert left a huge impact on me. On my bowels and gut in particular. I think they might have turned the bass a tad bit too F%^#&%@G high. I had an epic stomachache after each song. But hey, he was pretty hardcore. He sang for the longest of all the performers. At his age too. His songs were mostly all those for action animes and stuff but they were still entertaining to listen too. Mostly, I appreciated his badassery to sing for almost an entire hour with only 3 short breaks (where he was still talking).

Then came the highlight for the day. LiSa. The crowd went bonkers when she showed up. Then she started singing the Fate/Zero OP and we lost it. Me and SleepySlacker was sitting on the fence at this point in time and the view was awesome. We could see the whole stage and both the large screens next to the screen. Also, since we were sitting just below some of the cameras, LiSa surely saw these 2 idiots every time she looked at said cameras. Her next song was the Angel Beats ED which left her crying and SleepySlacker ecstatic. I greatly enjoyed it too. By far her performance was the most epic for that day.

We left immediately after listening to a portion of Flow’s first song. Both of us didn’t want to listen to a Super Visual boy band. That and our ride showed up.

Day 3’s concerts were as an overall more enjoyable despite the fact we couldn’t sit on the fence again. Listening to Milky Holmes perform was a new experience. I haven’t before heard a song that could hurt my ears so badly with the high pitch voice while still sounding decent at the same time. Once again, being poorly informed on everything, I was told that 1 of Milky Holmes’s member was missing. The next concert was Kanako Ito and Chiyomaru Shikura followed by Angela. I enjoyed Angela more. The bit where they were streaming live to Nico Nico Douga was hilariously entertaining.

Next up was what we all were looking forward too. Just like wtih LiSa, the crowed went bananas when Kalafina got on stage. The first song they sang was Magia which greatly satisfied Valance’s companion for that day. Oblivious was next and I forgot the order for the rest but it had Lacrimosa and Sprinter in it. The best part was when they actually spoke. I was amused to no end when they sounded so different when talking than they did while singing.

A quote from Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour "Brighter than the morning Sun"

May’n concert was last so they had to leave with the biggest bang. So they pumped up the volume and turned on the lights of epilepsy. We were left blind and deaf after each song. I couldn’t even get the name for any songs. The lights were giving us seizures and fits. If you buy the concert DVD, you might be able hear me yell “MOTHER OF GOD” at one part when the lights went berserk.

The thing we were doing throughout all the concerts was interpreting their English. Not to make fun of them in any way but it was highly amusing to hear each others interpretations.

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8 Responses to AFA posts Part 4: The concerts

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  2. trewdys says:

    I went to the Sunday concert. Kanako Itou came before Milky Holmes. Must be the epilepsy.

    • Valence says:

      Anyone knows why the blue girl from Milky Holmes was absent?

      Also I think they suffer from some existential dread knowing that all their fame comes from them acting like 10-year-olds when they look much older than that.

      • Valence says:

        it’s like every time they do their cute little dances they’re secretly chanting ‘kill me now, kill me now’ while struggling to keep up a smiling face.

      • Valence says:

        it’s like every time they do their cute little dances they’re secretly chanting ‘kill me now, kill me now’ while struggling to keep up a smiling face.

  3. Fabrice says:

    Crap i was close to you!

    Well i was vip and little bit closer to the standing area..

  4. Alx2oy says:

    FLOW’s performance was really good, you should have stayed ’til the end.

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