AFA posts Part 3: The Cosplayers

Another gallery of all the cosplayers we took a picture. SleepySlacker has a fetish of some sort for candid pics so most of these are. The pictures were all taken by SleepySlacker. Click Here for more pictures

From the back, the girls of K-ON. Don't ask us why this angle

Truth to be told, I have no idea what they're supposed to be

I also have no idea WTF is going but hey, giant mayonnaise bottle

I got blackmailed into having this pic taken

Tiger and Bunny

Once again. I have no clue

Modern Art. If not, I do not have the faintest idea

A very nice Mio

Rin. Or was it Len

Costumes completely unrelated to anime were also present

The only Penguindrum cosplay. And a good one too

Trap Miku

My favourite cosplay so far. A very good Azusa.

I also took the liberty to censor a chunk out of SleepySlacker’s face. We’re all looking at Azusa, not him ;D

The angle....XD

Cue sexual innuendos

I was also blackmailed into this one. I wore the mask I bought this time


I forgot who they were cosplaying as

OMG, its QB

Personally, this cosplayer creeped me out

Mami and Rin


Most of the girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Homu Homu

Maid circle


lil cosplayer

Mio. From above this time

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9 Responses to AFA posts Part 3: The Cosplayers

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  2. Duqs says:

    So what was the most series that was being cosplayed during AFA? last year i think i saw tons of mikus and touhous

  3. Ho Ji Jin says:

    HAHA TRAP MIKU i saw that too. the mordern art thing guy was lulz

  4. Valence says:

    Alright, I’m serious about going as a drunk the next time I go to an anime convention.

  5. Fabrice says:

    Still cant believe i didnt see you >.<

    btw did you see a person wearing a suit walking around?
    thats me..failed cosplay as Ichinomiya Kou

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