AFA posts Part 2: The highlights of the booths

This is pretty much a gallery of all the cool and interesting stuff sold at AFA.


Giant K-ON wallscroll, $86 XD

Also for sale was an exclusive only at the AFA K-On towel wif the 4 original members. Anyone wanna cough up $127 for such a towel?

An awesome Mio print, 10 f%$^!^#G dollars

$10 each too


It’s not Japan-related until Gozilla shows up

Chibi Madoka

Chibi Homura

Weirdly enough at an anime convention, Star Wars

Oppai mousepads XD

A very nice Madoka wallscroll

We got scolded for trying to take a picture of this wallscroll. The guy blocked the camera with his handfan as we whipped out the camera. Sadly, the fast shutter already took 17pics in the time it took him to raise his hand

Rin X3

A lil Miku

Nope, the car ain't for sale


Remilia and Flandre prints

Miku append wif her very skimpy outfit. The outfit is probably why no one cosplayed as Miku Append

About Manfred Tham

Manfred can typically be found hiding from people behind his computer screen or a tall pint. However you can easily contact him in any given video game where he will either insult you or be really nice to you. In addition his nerdiness transcends the digital plane when he partakes in the arcane rituals of rolling dice in both table-top and board games. Disregarding the countless hours he has logged into games, Manfred loves nothing more than cooking food to satisfy his craving for Northern European cuisine or to sip away from the many bottles of whiskies he fondly defaults to. Manfred is also what is commonly known as a “metalhead” with a penchant for both symphonic and power metal. Manfred summarises his life philosophy with a quote by Samuel L.Jackson, but it has been redacted for being far too vulgar.
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